Adam Wedd, a seasoned performer with over 1000 shows under his belt, has left his mark across the UK, Italy, Poland, New York, Texas, Chicago, and the Netherlands. His enchanting sound has resonated on 300 radio stations globally, including notable platforms like BBC, Absolute Radio, and Radio Jackie. The magic of his fusion of genres has even graced the screens on 2 TV shows.

Adam Wedd

From selling out shows at London’s iconic St Pancras Old Church to conquering the stages of Rockwood Music Hall in New York, Adam Wedd’s musical journey is one of resounding success. Notably, he’s inked a deal with James Brown’s management entity, ‘Superfrank.’ Now, his EP titled ‘Pop goes the indie kid’ is poised to set a new milestone in his career.

Hailed as “The best song Leonard Cohen never wrote” by Martin Ware (Tina Turner, Heaven 17, Human League), Adam’s unique blend of styles and mesmerizing voice has garnered praise from industry insiders like Danny O’Donohue of The Script. As he embarks on his Los Angeles debut at the illustrious Hotel Cafe, music enthusiasts have the chance to witness the essence of Adam Wedd’s craft firsthand.

In the heart of his latest EP, ‘Pop goes the indie kid,’ Adam showcases his finest work to date. The culmination of his journey is encapsulated in this body of work, promising an exhilarating musical experience for all who partake. Get ready to immerse yourself in Adam Wedd’s world, where music becomes a journey of emotions, stories, and pure talent.

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Imagine a musical realm where the evocative narratives of Mumford and Sons blend harmoniously with the soulful tunes of The Lumineers. Hailing from Texas, indie-rock artist Mark Winters is the architect of this captivating sonic landscape.

Mark Winters

Beyond his musical identity, Mark Winters is a lyricist, a devoted family man, and even a rocket scientist. Drawing influence from luminaries like John Mayer, Tom Petty, and Jason Mraz, Mark fuses his creative inspirations with scientific precision. This fusion results in his signature sound, characterized by spirited guitar riffs and profound lyrics that uplift, inspire, and console.

Whether performing as a solo artist, in a duo, or alongside his band, Mark Winters and the Jetliners, his musical journey centers on human connection. By intertwining music and emotive poetry, he crafts a resonance that elevates spirits and touches hearts.

Hailed by Indie Band Guru as “infectiously catchy,” and praised by Indie Spoonful for his optimistic spirit and guitar prowess, Mark’s musical repertoire speaks volumes. From singles like “Be There” and “Signal” to albums such as “Slipstream” and “Boundary Layer,” his music has garnered over a million global streams, alongside a dedicated social media following.

Mark Winters’ musical expedition encapsulates shared emotions and collective experiences, reflecting the profound ties that music fosters. It’s a voyage through life’s peaks and valleys, a tapestry of melodies that reverberate deeply within. As he continues to infuse his compositions with boundless creativity and positivity, audiences are invited to partake in this melodious journey with Mark Winters—a rocket scientist whose true voyage is etched in his lyrics and harmonies.

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Get ready to immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms of MARQelectronica’s latest track, “Never Go Away.” With its captivating blend of thumping bass, deep house drums, and atmospheric piano stabs, this dance/electro banger is set to make waves in the music scene. The song’s chorus is a hook-laden masterpiece that lingers long after the track fades.


Scheduled for release on August 26th, 2023, “Never Go Away” carries a powerful message beneath its vibrant beats. Touching on themes of insecurities and abuse within relationships, the track dives deep into a world of emotional complexity while keeping your feet firmly on the dancefloor.

To celebrate the launch of this impactful creation, MARQelectronica invites you to the Launch Party at Charlies Bar in South Shields on August 25th, 2023, at 8pm. This event promises to be an unforgettable night of music and camaraderie.

MARQelectronica’s musical journey began during the lockdown, evolving from a solo covers artist to a force in the electronic music realm. With over 192,064 streams on Spotify and a growing Soundcloud following, MARQelectronica’s unique fusion of beats and depth has struck a chord with listeners.

Drawing inspiration from real-life observations, “Never Go Away” sheds light on the dynamics of controlling and insecure relationships. Through this track, MARQelectronica amplifies the voices of those navigating the complexities of one-sided connections.

Having previously collaborated with renowned talents like Simon Ellis and local producing powerhouse Harbourmaster, MARQelectronica’s musical evolution has been nothing short of remarkable. With a critically acclaimed album and a series of successful singles already under their belt, MARQelectronica’s future shines bright as they continue to craft powerful music that resonates with audiences.

As MARQelectronica expands their artistic horizons and collaborates with “The Last of the Fallen Angels,” their journey towards establishing a brand and a flourishing career is in full swing. With “Never Go Away,” MARQelectronica invites us to experience a blend of energetic beats and thought-provoking depth—a sonic journey that’s not to be missed.

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