Georgia’s musical gem, Katie Belle, has unveiled a shimmering jewel in the form of her latest release, “Symptoms,” which graced the airwaves on July 25th, 2023. With a songwriting legacy spanning over nine years and an impressive collection of Independent music awards adorning her artistic journey, Katie Belle stands tall as an artist who has not only matured but blossomed into an exquisite talent, as demonstrated by this latest offering. From the initial chords, “Symptoms” casts an enchanting spell, with a syncopated acoustic guitar riff that serves as an irresistible invitation to the musical journey ahead. Katie Belle’s vocal prowess enters the soundscape with captivating allure, embracing listeners in its emotional grasp. Behind the scenes, the production of “Symptoms” unfolds as a masterwork of artistry. Collaborating with Fabio Campedelli and Dominique Vellutato, the song is an orchestration of sonic elements that seamlessly marries with Katie Belle’s powerful vocals, creating a harmonious resonance that captures the essence of the track.

Katie Belle

Katie Belle’s signature contemporary pop style is brilliantly showcased in “Symptoms,” where modern sensibilities meet timeless professionalism. The song’s infectious nature is elevated by an intricately crafted synth-driven composition, adding layers of sonic depth to the overall experience. With a career marked by accolades, Katie Belle’s dedication and talent shine vibrantly in this piece. “Symptoms” doesn’t merely deliver musical brilliance; it showcases the rhythmic splendor of Katie Belle’s vocals, radiating confidence and skillful control. The musical arrangement, a masterpiece in its own right, melds electronic elements seamlessly with Belle’s vocals. This creative fusion, nurtured by Fabio Campedelli’s artistry, aligns perfectly with the lyrical themes, echoing echoes of the likes of Finneas and Calvin Harris.

As an artist, Katie Belle is a rising star, and “Symptoms” is a testament to her growth and determination. The track harmoniously blends her unique qualities—raspy vocals, low-range warmth, and a fusion of indie pop and EDM nuances. Beyond the glamour of the pop world, Belle’s professionalism and dedication speak volumes. A further testament to her journey, the song follows her earlier, well-received release in the spring of 2023, “The Best You’ll Ever Have.”

“Symptoms” isn’t just a song; it’s a symphony of emotions, talent, and innovation that solidifies Katie Belle’s presence in the ever-evolving landscape of pop music. The single encapsulates her artistry, leaving an indelible mark on the listener and reaffirming her stature as a luminary in the realm of contemporary pop.

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“Nothing Right” emerges as the riveting second track from our album “The Scapegoat’s Agony,” following the debut single “Jesus’ Tears.” An allusion to Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot,” the album title foreshadows the unnamed antihero’s tumultuous emotional odyssey.The synopsis for “Nothing Right” reveals the antihero’s visceral outburst of despair and incredulity, encapsulating his agonizing reflection on a lamentable existence.

Coma Beach, hailing from Würzburg, Germany, carves a distinct niche with their debut album. The thematic pillars of shock, chaos, pain, rage, and isolation underpin their music, evoking a powerful sense of unease. Their influences span a spectrum from Sex Pistols to Joy Division, marrying punk rock with alternative rock seamlessly. Comprising B. Kafka (vocals), Captain A. Fear (guitar), M. Lecter (drums), U. Terror (bass), and M. Blunt (rhythm guitar), Coma Beach draws inspiration from literary giants. The album echoes existentialism akin to Beckett’s works, the satirical lens of Douglas Adams, the tragic conflicts of Shakespeare’s characters, and Schopenhauer’s metaphysical pessimism.

“The Scapegoat’s Agony” isn’t merely an album; it’s a voyage through emotions, rendered through a musical blend that defies convention. In a world of musical homogeneity, Coma Beach’s brave exploration sets them apart, offering listeners a captivating and enigmatic experience.

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The consensus from ReverbNation Crowd Reviewers is resounding—Forgotten Garden’s “Francesca” stands out with an unconventional and invigorating sound, boldly diverging from mainstream norms. This track, a compelling addition to Forgotten Garden’s forthcoming album “The Scapegoat’s Agony,” strikes chords of relatability across a diverse audience, thanks to its heartfelt and introspective lyrics.

Forgotten Garden

In the realm of Dark Indie, duo Forgotten Garden, helmed by Inês Rebelo (vocals) and Danny Elliott (guitars, keyboards), weave a spellbinding fusion of haunting melodies and contemplative verses. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as The Cure and Joy Division, their musical tapestry exudes a blend of Lana Del Rey’s allure intertwined with The Cure’s shadowy aesthetics.

“Francesca” narrates the story of a woman ensnared by the demands of her domineering mother, yearning for the life she once led. Inês’s evocative vocals channel her emotional turmoil. Matt Snowden’s drums and Mel D’s bass create intricate textures, while Danny’s guitars and synth contribute layers of depth.

As the release date approaches—August 24th, 2023—listeners can anticipate being transported into Forgotten Garden’s immersive soundscapes. “Francesca” exemplifies the potency of music to evoke emotions, bridging gaps and captivating hearts.

Amidst excitement for their upcoming album “The Scapegoat’s Agony,” this single unveils a glimpse of their introspective and evocative artistry. Rooted in literary influences and guided by a distinctive musical vision, Forgotten Garden epitomizes how indie music can evolve into profound artistic expression.


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Originating from the sun-soaked Florida scenery, The Sons of James, a closely-knit skate punk group, have cultivated an unwavering bond since their formation in 2017.

Now, as 2023 unveils its vibrant tapestry, The Sons of James stand at the threshold of a fresh sonic adventure – “All They Told You.” With the captivating vocal virtuosity of Matt Shelly gracing their lineup, this release embodies not merely a new chapter, but a powerful testimony to growth and creativity.

The Sons of James

Expanding on the triumphant reception of ‘The Real Me,’ their latest creation resonates profoundly, echoing the emotions of their dedicated enthusiasts while beckoning new souls to join their journey. Through evocative verses, The Sons of James cast a penetrating light on the societal norms dictating our lives, daringly asserting the presence of alternative paths for those with perceptive hearts.

The composition’s melodious threads elegantly intertwine with spirited and defiant guitar riffs, birthing an intoxicating symphony that transcends the ordinary, urging the audience to not only listen, but to also feel and experience.

Beyond being just a song, “All They Told You” extends an invitation to break free, to embrace the mystery lying outside conformity, and to revel in the deep connection that only music can forge.

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