Avaraj’s “Precious Memories EP” is a profoundly moving musical odyssey, delving into the intricate layers of dementia with emotional depth and musical finesse. The project unfolds as a heartfelt tribute to the artist’s MawMaw, whose battle with Alzheimer’s serves as the poignant muse for this soul-stirring release.


The EP opens with “Precious Memories Intro,” a spoken word piece that unexpectedly became a vital part of the collection. Originally not intended for release, the track provides a touching glimpse into Avaraj’s journey of acceptance and reflection. Backed by a gentle piano melody and the haunting resonance of a violin, the artist’s performance is a powerful invocation of the emotional turbulence that accompanies the experience of witnessing a loved one succumb to dementia. The subsequent track, “Before You,” offers a nuanced perspective from within the mind of the individual navigating the stages of dementia. Avaraj’s impassioned vocals artfully convey the initial calm but melancholic thoughts, the growing burden, and the eventual panic as mental clarity slips away. The track’s emotional intensity is accentuated by a musical arrangement that mirrors the ebb and flow of cognitive decline.

In “What Would Change,” Avaraj explores the hypothetical influence of a departed loved one on the challenges posed by dementia. Set against a backdrop of old-school R&B, the artist artfully contemplates the potential support that might have eased the burden, creating a reflective and thought-provoking musical narrative. “Never Fade,” a soulful anthem of acceptance, stands as a testament to Avaraj’s unwavering love despite the changes brought about by dementia. The track’s mellifluous guitar foundation provides a serene backdrop for the artist’s velvety vocals, creating a sonic landscape that captures the essence of enduring affection and refusal to let love diminish with the passage of time. Avaraj’s “Precious Memories EP” is not merely a collection of songs; it is a cathartic exploration of the human experience in the face of profound loss. Through her evocative storytelling and masterful musicality, Avaraj invites listeners into a realm of empathy and understanding, where the universal themes of love, acceptance, and memory take center stage.

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