Embark on a chilling journey into the abyss of dark rock with Amnesiak as they unveil the ominous music video for “Harm’s Way,” a track from their self-titled EP. Directed by the UK Music Video Awards ‘Best Director’ nominee Kassandra Powell, the video delves into the tragic narrative of a woman stalked, sexually abused, and killed—an eerie reflection of the haunting concept behind Amnesiak’s EP.


The band shares insights into the song, stating, “Dark, horror, and misty memories through ghostly voices and gloomy music. Dedicated to a woman sexually abused and killed by a stalker, we wanted to make a video about this track to recall the concept behind our EP Amnesiak. The dramatic story repeats each time a life of an innocent is taken away by a murderer. Any person taken away from this world is a drama not to be ignored, and it doesn’t matter when and how it happens.”

The video, crafted by director Kassandra Powell, immerses viewers in a dark and gloomy storyline, mirroring the EP’s thematic depth. With Platinum & Gold award-winning Sound Engineer Maor Appelbaum overseeing mastering, and featuring talents like Mark Gemini Thwaite and Matthew Setzer, Amnesiak ensures a sonic experience of the highest quality. Amnesiak, born out of the 2020 lockdown and founded by Grace Wilson and Francesco Fonte, has swiftly risen in the realm of dark alternative rock. With impactful releases like “Worms Of The Mind” and the self-titled EP, complemented by evocative music videos, Amnesiak establishes itself as a formidable presence in the music landscape. This marks just the beginning of Amnesiak’s journey.

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Mick J. Clark, the celebrated singer/songwriter known for his chart-topping hits, is bringing the festive cheer with his latest release, “It’s Christmas Party Time.” As the holiday season approaches, Mick J. Clark is no stranger to delivering the perfect soundtrack for the festivities. With a remarkable track record boasting over 1,000,000 Spotify streams, Mick J. Clark has left an indelible mark on the music scene. Notably, his track “We Know It’s True” soared to No. 3 in the UK and No. 2 in the USA iTunes Top 100 Rock Songs in June 2020, solidifying his global appeal.Clark’s success extends beyond individual tracks, with his contributions to the ‘Goa Chillout Zone Vol 9’ album, which clinched the No. 1 spot on the iTunes Electronic Chart.

Mick J. Clark

His diverse musical repertoire includes genres like Pop, Rock, Ballads, R&B, Dance, Latin, and Country, showcased in his recently released ‘Box Set Song Catalogue’ featuring 60 songs, including three delightful Christmas tunes. Not just a chart-topper, Mick J. Clark’s impact resonates on the airwaves, with regular plays on prestigious radio stations like BBC Surrey and BBC Sheffield. Additionally, his thought-provoking tracks, such as the ‘Empowering Song for Children’ titled “Me My Body And I” and the ‘Anti Smoking/Drugs’ anthem “You Don’t Look Cool,” have garnered recognition from the Croydon Education Department, making their way into schools to promote positive messages.

As the holiday spirit takes hold, Mick J. Clark’s ‘Micks Christmas Mix’ EP, featuring three Christmas songs, has already accumulated over 300,000 Spotify streams, further solidifying his reputation as a musical force to be reckoned with. So, let Mick J. Clark be the soundtrack to your festive season, and let the Christmas celebrations begin with “It’s Christmas Party Time.”

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In her latest musical endeavor, the multi-talented Amanda Holley beckons the world to “PRESS PLAY,” unleashing a vibrant uptempo R&B/Pop anthem that resonates with love and soul. As a bi-racial artist boasting a remarkable five-octave range, Holley has established herself as a singer, songwriter, musician, and proud Grammy Member. Her recent release, “RIDE OR DIE,” is making waves, having been considered for prestigious Grammy awards in the categories of Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Song.

Amanda Holley

Holley’s musical offering is a soulful surrender to the world, inviting listeners to join her in escaping into the ethereal energy of music—the universal language that knows no boundaries. With sweet riffs, experimental cadences, and a scat in the breakdown, Holley pays homage to her musical predecessors while ushering in her wholly original sound. Collaborating with XXL Freshman Class Producer Korey Laws (OHKAYLAWS) and Grammy-nominated vocal producer Michael Prochilo (RichRoyce), Holley’s “PRESS PLAY” seamlessly fuses rhythmic elements, moody chords, and pop synths over a trap beat. The result is a nostalgic yet innovative delivery that captivates listeners, drawing them into deep vibrations and luring them to the dance floor. “PRESS PLAY” is not merely a musical composition; it’s an emotional and internal statement with melody, vocal arrangement, and lyrics crafted by Holley. It serves as a powerful message to the world, urging unity through song and encouraging people to let music lift them above the chaos of today. Holley reflects, “‘PRESS PLAY’ came to me on a dark night of the soul. The melody and lyrics pulled me out of my pain and lifted me into a sweeter energy—one I can’t wait to share with each and every one of you!”

Beyond her musical prowess, Holley, a self-taught musician since age two, has graced countless venues and events, including Fashion Week in NY & LA, the United Nations, Coachella, Carnegie Hall, W Times Sq, and Hollywood, among others. Her poetic voice, published by Columbia Press during her teen years, has also found a place in multiple motion picture soundtracks, including “Sharon 123” on Showtime. A true artist in every sense, Amanda Holley is currently working on her highly anticipated “HolleyGraphic” EP, collaborating with Grammy and Oscar-winning producers. An actor as well, Holley has appeared in numerous Off-Broadway shows and is set to star in a new reality TV show. Born from music and resilient in the face of challenges, Amanda Holley’s “PRESS PLAY” stands as one of the hit singles from the upcoming EP, available on all platforms worldwide.

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In a poignant departure from his previous roles as a junior doctor, money market trader, and surgeon, Tim Camrose is stepping into the spotlight as a musician, unveiling a deeply personal chapter of his life with the release of his new EP, “Empty Roads,” scheduled for release on 28/11/23. The contemporary rock journey showcases Camrose’s diverse musical talents, weaving through genres from guitar-driven anthems to soulful saxophone-infused ballads. The EP’s title track, “Empty Roads,” draws inspiration from Camrose’s profound love for his hometown, London. The sax riff that emerged during a stroll through the city streets serves as the foundation for this restless love song, featuring remarkable horn work that adds layers of emotion and depth.

Tim Camrose

One of the singles, “I Didn’t Say,” takes a poignant turn as it reimagines a track from Camrose’s debut album. Rooted in deep grief and personal forgiveness, this ballad is a tribute to his parents, who tragically passed away within months of each other during Camrose’s youth. Tim reflects on the song, stating, “This is a song in their memory about not punishing myself for things I didn’t say when they were alive, and I appreciate what they did for me now that I am older and wiser.” The EP’s final single, “Scared Anymore,” serves as a heartfelt tribute to Tim’s brother, who passed away last year. Though not explicitly about him, the song captures the emotions and reflections sparked by thoughts of his brother.

“Empty Roads” not only delves into specific moments in Tim Camrose’s life but also explores universal themes of love, grief, discovery, and the concept of home. Scheduled for release on 28/11/23, the EP promises to resonate with audiences from all walks of life. As Tim Camrose embarks on this musical journey, “Empty Roads” stands as a testament to his unique perspective and the universality of the human experience.

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