Lazywall, the Moroccan rock trio, is a musical force to be reckoned with, blending oriental rock/metal elements with a tantalizing mix of traditional Arabic time signatures, instruments, and powerful alt-rock vibes. Singing in Arabic, the band fearlessly tackles pressing issues like climate change, social injustice, integration, and corruption, exuding a visceral intensity that transcends language barriers and unifies cultures.

Their track “Ghadin Nod,” which means “I Will Rise” in Moroccan Arabic, encapsulates the resilience born out of years lost to oppression. Despite the depths the pandemic plunged us into, Lazywall firmly believed in their inevitable resurgence, like a phoenix soaring back to life.

Lazywall rock band, photogaphed in and in ront of Kasbah’s in Southern Morocco. Photo by Alan Keohane

Comparisons to Rise Against and Shinedown highlight the band’s ability to curate explosive bursts of energy that captivate and enthral listeners. They’re on the precipice of reaching nirvana if their ascent continues, as praised by A&R Factory.

Founded by brothers Nao, Youssef, and Monz in Reading, England, Lazywall embarked on a musical journey influenced by legends such as Led Zeppelin, Audioslave, System Of A Down, Bob Dylan, and Van Morrison. Their mission? To explore drop D tunings and roots music while seamlessly fusing the oud’s soulful melodies with the raw power of the rock guitar, forging a new cultural and musical bridge between the Orient and the Occident.

With a record deal with Warner Spain, facilitated by the brothers’ dual Moroccan and Spanish nationality, Lazywall journeyed to Chicago to record their debut EP, “Primal Tapes,” under the guidance of the revered Steve Albini. The band’s rise continued with electrifying performances at SXSW and numerous European festivals. Notably, they became the first-ever rock band to grace Moroccan TV screens. While their English language records garnered praise, it was a performance in front of 50,000 compatriots at the Festival of Casablanca that illuminated the missing link in their sound: the language.

Driven by a desire to tackle important social issues, Lazywall embarked on a creative path of writing songs in Arabic. Avoiding political discourse and respecting the personal nature of religion, they found their voice in confronting challenging topics such as forced underage marriages. Their music serves as a powerful platform to shed light on these issues, regardless of the language in which they are sung.

Lazywall’s fusion of cultural influences, potent lyricism, and unwavering commitment to their craft make them a truly exceptional force in the rock music scene. As they continue to rise and evolve, Lazywall’s unique sound is destined to captivate audiences worldwide.

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Hailing from Calgary, Canada, The Dust Collectors have been making waves with their folk-rock sound, and this year has been a whirlwind of activity for the band. Following the success of two EP releases, they are now thrilled to unveil their highly anticipated debut full-length album, “Outside In.” Set to release on Friday, May 26, 2023, this album will be available on vinyl and various streaming platforms courtesy of Neon Moon Records.

With their seamless fusion of rock, folk, and country influences, The Dust Collectors have crafted an album that captivates from the first note. “Outside In” beckons listeners with toe-tapping rhythms that quickly give way to vivid storytelling and breathtaking four-part harmonies.

The Dust Collectors

The album kicks off with the pedal-to-the-metal energy of “Shoulder Season,” an enthralling country track tailor-made for open-road adventures. The band takes a darker turn with the outlaw country ballad “Murder, I Wrote,” spinning a straightforward tale of love lost and buried secrets. Adding an East Coast flavor, “Take A Dive” draws inspiration from sea shanties, creating a captivating and immersive experience. Tracks like “Waiting Game” and “Bullshit & Lies” showcase the band’s proficiency in delivering heavy rock beats and scorching electric guitar riffs. Meanwhile, songs like “Flush & Plumb,” “Old No. 9 Train,” and “Bad Talk” transport listeners to the world of classic country grooves, inviting them to dance along.

The Dust Collectors’ journey is a testament to the idea that sometimes, what you seek is right in front of you all along. After years of individual pursuits in various bands, the four-piece outfit naturally came together, swiftly transitioning from impromptu jam sessions in a garage to dedicated songwriting. By winter 2018, they were already recording their first EP, “Demos,” and performing in and around Calgary.

The band’s songwriting process thrives on collaboration, with each member bringing their unique influences to the table. The result is a tantalizing blend of country, folk, and rock that evokes the bittersweet nostalgia reminiscent of iconic collectives like The Band and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. What truly sets The Dust Collectors apart is their commitment to vocal harmony—each member shares lead-singer duties, resulting in seamless four-part harmonies that have become the defining hallmark of their ever-expanding repertoire of original songs.

Critics have been captivated by the band’s prowess in storytelling, describing their music as witty and enthralling. The Dust Collectors’ songs delve into personal experiences, everyday life, and existential contemplation, captivating listeners from the very first second.

The Dust Collectors have arrived, and with “Outside In,” they invite us into their rich musical tapestry, weaving tales that resonate deeply within our souls.

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A Tribute to Elvin Jones featuring Ari Joshua, Billy Martin, John Medeski, & Jason Fraticelli

Woodstock, NY – Prepare to be immersed in a captivating musical experience as Let’s Do It Right Now, a collaboration between jazz virtuosos Ari Joshua, Billy Martin, John Medeski, and Jason Fraticelli, is set to release on May 26th, 2023. This remarkable composition pays homage to the late and legendary drummer Elvin Jones, capturing the essence of his spirit and artistry.

Recorded in a picturesque barn-turned-recording facility situated on a 17-acre farm just outside of Woodstock, New York, Let’s Do It Right Now showcases the incredible craftsmanship and musical alchemy of the ensemble. The melodic prowess of Ari Joshua’s electric guitar, Billy Martin’s rhythmic wizardry on drums, John Medeski’s keyboard virtuosity, and Jason Fraticelli’s mastery of the upright bass combine to create a sonic landscape that is both traditional and refreshingly innovative.

With the assistance of mixing engineer Eric Eagle, Ari Joshua adds layers of manipulated analog tape, producing a mesmerizing dichotomy of sounds. Each note, rhythm, and harmony in this heartfelt tribute exemplifies a delicate balance between familiarity and creativity. While the music pays homage to the nostalgia of 20th-century jazz, it invigorates the listener with a contemporary essence.

Ari Joshua shared, “I met Elvin Jones at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Fest in the mid-’90s, and as I asked him for a photograph with my disposable camera, he eagerly exclaimed, ‘Ahhhhhhhh… Let’s Do It Right Now!’ Elvin had a way of being so in the moment. Billy Martin and John Medeski have always been high on my list of artists to create with, and after working closely with them, it reconfirmed why. Their sense of urgency and authenticity resonated with me. A rich artistic reservoir that you can access in the moment is a true manifestation of creation. Sometimes, it’s the perfect timing and place, and sometimes even the imperfections lead us to what’s real, making an artist’s greatest art.”

Let’s Do It Right Now, brought to you by Music Factory Records, is an extraordinary testament to the power of collaboration and the enduring influence of musical legends. It is a transformative musical journey that encapsulates the spirit of Elvin Jones and the boundless creativity of Ari Joshua, Billy Martin, John Medeski, and Jason Fraticelli.

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Exciting Debut EP ‘Surfacing’ Showcases Inspirational Songs

Calgary, Canada – Bursting onto the music scene, the Ultrasonic Zebras from Calgary are thrilled to announce the release of their highly anticipated EP, Surfacing. This dynamic collection features four singles that skillfully blend various musical influences and genres, drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources.

Ultrasonic Zebras

Crafted by the esteemed Velveteen Music studio, recipients of the renowned Juno Award, the EP presents polished and captivating songs that boast a unique blend of musical diversity and character, inviting listeners to experience the world through a fresh lens. With an unwavering commitment to engaging their fans and pushing musical boundaries, the Ultrasonic Zebras’ EP serves as a testament to their passion for experimentation.

The EP features a collection of tracks including ‘She Said,’ ‘(Once You Were A) Superstar,’ ‘Side of the Road,’ and ‘Some Kind of Sympathy,’ each offering a distinct and captivating musical tapestry.

The Zebras express their intent, stating, “Surfacing encompasses the essence of human experience. We strongly believe that music should resonate and connect with people. We have poured our hearts and souls into this EP, hoping to leave listeners filled with hope, joy, and resilience.”

Since their inception in 2017, the Ultrasonic Zebras have captivated audiences at various venues, from bars and nightclubs to outdoor shows and charity events. Fueled by their deep love for music, the band continues to wow listeners with their constant musical growth and their ability to seamlessly incorporate multiple instruments into their performances.

Surfacing is a testament to the Ultrasonic Zebras’ unwavering commitment to creating transformative music that inspires and uplifts. Immerse yourself in the EP’s captivating soundscape and embark on a musical journey that will leave you with a fresh perspective on the world.

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