Introducing Genuine Leather, the lo-fi synthpop artist hailing from Austin, Texas, set to release his highly anticipated EP, “Genuine Pleasure,” on September 29, 2023. As the third single from the EP, “Tear It Down” has already begun to make waves, following the positive reception of Genuine Leather’s previous two singles.

Genuine Leather

Critics have praised the artist’s versatility and willingness to experiment with sounds, with “Promises” described as an infectious dance-pop gem showcasing captivating hooks. Drawing inspiration from a range of musical styles, Genuine Leather seamlessly blends elements from artists like Wilco, Tears for Fears, and Tame Impala. The infectious 80s pop vibe of “Even If I Could” has also garnered attention, aligning the artist with the likes of White Lies, Editors, and CHVRCHES.

With regular rotation on Amazing Radio in both the UK and the US, Genuine Leather’s popularity continues to soar. While the artist has been releasing music independently for nearly a decade, signing with The Animal Farm has elevated the production and marketing of this new batch of songs. The upcoming EP release and plans for new material next year have prompted Genuine Leather to expand his team.

Genuine Leather’s latest single, “Tear It Down,” set to release on June 9, 2023, encapsulates the desire to break free when faced with adversity in relationships. The track combines an arpeggiated lead synth, a gritty bass line, and a guitar/bass doubled riff in the bridge, adding layers of tension and departure.

As the release date approaches, Genuine Leather’s fanbase continues to grow, with more than 6,500 monthly listeners and positive press for his singles. With the support of The Animal Farm label, Genuine Leather’s unique blend of groovy, funky, and synth-laden artistry is poised to captivate audiences worldwide


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Introducing Xphorik, an electronic music artist known for crafting ethereal and uplifting compositions that transport listeners to realms beyond imagination. Their latest EP, “Carpe Diem,” delves into the intricate journey of an individual grappling with mental health challenges, triumphing over personal limitations, and rediscovering their true self.


With pulsating beats and evocative melodies, “Carpe Diem” serves as a beacon of strength and optimism amidst adversity. Each track on the EP conveys a powerful message of resilience and growth, encouraging listeners to confront obstacles head-on and learn from past missteps. Take, for instance, the transformative journey depicted in “Roads,” an introspective exploration of self-discovery that prompts deep reflection on life’s choices and the paths we tread.

Drawing inspiration from esteemed producers like Illenium, Koan Sound, Culprate, and Camo & Krooked, Xphorik infuses their music with a unique blend of sounds and production techniques. Furthermore, the artist draws inspiration from personal experiences, aiming to connect with listeners on a relatable level.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting soundscape of Xphorik’s “Carpe Diem” EP, a mesmerizing sonic tapestry that will transport you to distant dimensions and ignite your spirit.


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Introducing Ange Lloyd, a powerhouse vocalist whose captivating voice leaves an indelible mark on anyone fortunate enough to hear it. With shades of legendary artists like Dusty Springfield and Shirley Bassey, Ange possesses a distinctive quality that sets her apart from the crowd, which is precisely why she’s collaborated with industry heavyweights such as Tony Christie at the iconic Abbey Road studios.

Ange Lloyd

Not only does Ange possess an exceptional voice, but she’s also a skilled trumpet and keyboard player, lending her talents to numerous acclaimed recordings. From The Twang’s infectious “On the 24th” to Paddy Considine’s haunting “Riding the Low” and Inego’s emotive “Exiled Love,” Ange’s vocals have added a touch of magic to each track.

In 2021, Ange took center stage as the lead vocalist of the Certain Collective, delivering an irresistible explosion of energy with “Whatever I Do.” This soulful anthem garnered over 200k streams, earned Records of the Week accolades, and received widespread critical acclaim. Fans, including renowned Northern Soul author Pete McKenna, lauded Ange’s evocative vintage style and unparalleled vocal range.

Stepping into a new role, Ange showcases her acting chops in episode 1 of The Certain Show, seamlessly blending stunning vocals with impeccable comedic timing. Her character, ‘Steph,’ reflects her own personal determination, creating a dynamic and captivating performance.

Ange’s latest release, “Walk With Me,” showcases her rising star power as she delivers a truly beautiful and emotionally moving song. With a vocal prowess that combines power and vulnerability reminiscent of the greats, Ange’s performance on “Walk With Me” is sure to resonate deeply.

Experience the magic of Ange Lloyd’s music and acting talents with the release of “Walk With Me” and episode 1 of The Certain Show on June 30, 2023.

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