“JSDavani’s latest EP invites listeners into a captivating journey of exploration and introspection. With a masterful blend of ambient tones, meticulously manipulated found sounds, and field recordings, this collection of songs creates a sonic landscape that transcends traditional boundaries.

Jacoby Davani, the brilliant mind behind JSDavani, skillfully crafts each track, drawing inspiration from existential concepts such as dreams, nature, memories, and the dynamics of liminal space. This EP serves as both a personal therapy for the artist and a source of serenity for listeners seeking solace in music.

Highlighted by the mesmerizing tracks “Asleep in the Elevator” and “Liminal Spacing,” JSDavani’s compositions intertwine delicate harmonics with ethereal drones, enveloping the listener in a world of tranquility. Through negative space and captivating soundscapes, this EP pushes the boundaries of experimental music while maintaining a strong ambient foundation.

Embark on a sonic adventure with JSDavani and allow the music to transport you to a place where perspectives shift and new possibilities emerge. Let the power of sound guide you to profound depths of self-discovery and reflection.”


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“Yorgos Elàson’s highly anticipated second single from his upcoming studio album, slated for late 2023, is set to captivate listeners with its unique blend of musical artistry. Collaborating with renowned producer Howie Weinberg, known for his work with legendary acts like Nirvana, U2, and Beastie Boys, Yorgos Elàson showcases his versatility and passion in this upcoming release.

This eagerly awaited track will not only be accompanied by an official music video but is also open to interviews, reviews, and playlist placement, promising an immersive experience for fans. Yorgos Elàson, a gifted multi-instrumentalist, has orchestrated the majority of the instruments himself, while also collaborating with accomplished session musicians who bring their own touch to the compositions.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences including The Doors, Nirvana, and Chopin, Yorgos Elàson weaves a musical tapestry that is both sensitive and modern. With previous notable radio airplay and local gig performances, Yorgos Elàson’s music has already made an impact within the Greek music scene.

The recording process took place at LICJ RECORDING studio in Athens, Greece, with Yorgos Elàson engineering and producing the track alongside Vice Lesley, who also contributed to the artwork. The song was masterfully mastered at Sweetspot Productions by Giannis Christodoulatos.

‘Mono Sto Myalo’ is an emotionally charged song that delves into the complexities of human connection, exploring themes of selfless interest, admiration, and unfulfilled longing. Through its heartfelt composition, Yorgos Elàson invites listeners on a profound musical journey that resonates with authenticity and raw emotion.

With ‘Mono Sto Myalo’ as a taste of what’s to come, Yorgos Elàson’s upcoming studio album promises to be a compelling and transformative musical experience. Stay tuned for the release of this highly anticipated album and prepare to be moved by the captivating melodies and introspective storytelling of Yorgos Elàson.”

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Introducing their latest single ‘I’ll Take It All,’ genre-defying band Passive Fix continues to push boundaries and defy categorization. Following the success of their previous release, ‘Red Lights,’ the Midlands-based group has garnered a growing fanbase, with thousands of streams on Spotify, popular YouTube shorts, and a captivating vlog titled ‘Passive Vlogs.’

Passive Fix

‘I’ll Take It All’ not only showcases Passive Fix’s creative exploration but also serves as a prominent feature on the soundtrack of their forthcoming short film, ‘A Divine Descent,’ set to release on June 23rd. The track was meticulously crafted at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, with the band taking charge of production, mixing, and mastering. Songwriter, vocalist, and saxophonist Alex McCarthy penned the heartfelt composition, which delves into the complexities of grief. Collaboratively, the band developed the final structure and infused additional production elements, resulting in a truly immersive experience.

Thematically, ‘I’ll Take It All’ follows a protagonist grappling with loss, seeking solace in nature while questioning faith and assigning blame to others. The song’s shifting tonalities mirror the protagonist’s journey through the cycles of grief, capturing the profound emotional depth and introspection.

Passive Fix comprises Alex McCarthy (vocals and saxophone), Alex Collett-Sinfield (guitar and saxophone), David Kirkham (drums), and Sam Stringer (bass guitar and backing vocals). The band has already made waves in the live music scene, delivering captivating headline shows and successful support slots, including a memorable performance at Birmingham’s O2 Academy.

Passive Fix’s ability to transcend genres is evident not only in their music but also in their fanbase. With thousands of Spotify streams, popular YouTube shorts, and the engaging ‘Passive Vlogs’ series, they have created a vibrant musical universe that encourages fan interaction. This distinctiveness extends to their high-octane and unpredictable live performances, where the band utilizes a diverse range of technology and instruments, setting them apart from their peers. Witness the energy and uniqueness of their live shows in their captivating reel.

Praised as a “brilliant rising talent” and a “standout” band that redefines genres and brings freshness to the table, Passive Fix has received recognition on national and international radio stations and podcasts, including Amazing Radio, Hive Radio, and BBC Introducing in the West Midlands, East Midlands, and Northamptonshire.

For fans of Nothing But Thieves, Opus Kink, and The 1975, Passive Fix represents a captivating musical journey into uncharted territories. They invite listeners to join them on an immersive experience that blurs boundaries, transcends genres, and expands the boundaries of creativity. Discover their unique universe and download assets here.

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Vargen, the Swedish moniker meaning “The Wolf,”  unleashed his latest track, “The Bitch In Me,” on April 28th. Renowned for his interpretations of Bob Dylan’s work, singer-songwriter Reine Johansson showcases his originality with this upcoming album.

Vargen’s debut single, “Mindy Morning,” quickly became his most streamed track on Spotify, receiving frequent airplay on indie and Swedish radio stations. Now, he unveils the second offering from his forthcoming album, a captivating piece titled “The Bitch In Me.”

According to Vargen, the song’s music and lyrics emerged simultaneously. Drawing inspiration from the vocal stylings of Amy Winehouse, George Harrison, and Rihanna, he aimed to infuse a hint of sarcasm even within a heartbreak song.

Sonically, “The Bitch In Me” embodies the spirit of 70s rock, with a slow and powerful rhythm reminiscent of Neil Young and the Rolling Stones. The instrumental solo section weaves around a captivating riff, evoking shades of Led Zeppelin and The Doors. The track was skillfully produced, mixed, and mastered by Fredrik Larnemo at Studio Recordia in Varberg, Sweden.

Accompanying the release is a live music video, captured during a pre-listening session for the album. The majority of the guitar track comes from Per Bengtsson’s dynamic live performance, filmed at Studio Recordia. The full concert will be streamed later this year, offering fans an immersive experience.

“The Bitch In Me” is now available on all major music streaming platforms, serving as a tantalizing preview of the forthcoming album. Set to be unleashed on September 22, 2023, the album comprises nine tracks and features a special guest appearance by guitar legend Jojje Wadenius.

Stay tuned for Vargen’s musical odyssey, supported by the Swedish Arts Council/Kulturrådet, Region Halland, and Varbergs kommun. With the album release on the horizon, Vargen continues to carve his unique path in the world of rock music.

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