Jordana Delgado, the multifaceted pianist, composer, and singer-songwriter, unveils a captivating reinterpretation of George Winston’s piano cover of “The Cradle.” This enchanting rendition breathes new life into Larry Young’s 60s composition, arranged by Winston in the 90s, delivering a soul-stirring experience for listeners. “The Cradle” transcends the realm of a mere piano rendition; it is a sonic journey through the magic of winter, inviting audiences to explore the delicate beauty of nature. Set to be a poignant addition to Jordana’s upcoming EP “Seasons,” scheduled for release in July, the song beautifully captures the essence of the season.

Credit: Audrey baunez

Jordana’s musical prowess, deeply rooted in nostalgia and introspection, transforms “The Cradle” into an immersive experience. The composition paints a vivid picture of a wintry forest, blanketed in snow, yet teeming with the promise of life beneath the serene surface. As a tribute to the music that shaped her formative years, Jordana infuses her rendition with a touch of minimalism, stripping the arrangement to its essential elements. The deliberate play with tempo mirrors the intricate dance between nature’s bustling preparations for spring and the dormant exterior timidly revealing the first signs of life. Recorded in the intimacy of her home studio, accompanied by a small upright piano, Jordana collaborates with Akashic Records for recording, mixing, and mastering. The result is an ethereal sound that envelops listeners, akin to a personal and transcendent performance by Jordana herself. Following the success of her previous singles and the debut album “Rainy Times,” Jordana’s interpretation of “The Cradle” promises to be a sonic masterpiece, resonating with those who appreciate the delicate complexities of nature’s symphony. With the upcoming EP, Jordana continues to invite listeners into the ever-changing tapestry of the seasons, promising an exploration of musical landscapes.

The comprehensive promotional campaign includes captivating YouTube videos, radio broadcasts, curated Spotify playlists, press features, and live performances. Jordana expresses her excitement, stating, “Growing up I listened to a diverse array of musical genres and George Winston was one of my favourite pianists. Never did I imagine that I would have the honor of covering and officially releasing one of his pieces. I’m over the moon.” Get ready to be enchanted by the winter symphony crafted by Jordana Delgado.


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