The resonant chords of the latest album, “Paradise Place,” echo the musical prowess of the band, with frontman Steven Barnett leading the ensemble alongside bassist Drew Cates, drummer Andre Bonter, and guitarist Alex Kane. Having regrouped in 2018, this dynamic lineup has been making waves since.


The production genius of Dennis Hill, renowned for his work with Face to Face, Sammy Hagar, Montgomery Gentry, and Fenix TX, shines through on both the 2019 release “Full Service” and the recent 2022 offering, “Paradise Place.” The albums’ mixing and mastering were skillfully handled by Mike Troolines, known for his work with Los Lobos, Ignite, and the Righteous Brothers. Venturing into the live music scene, the band has shared stages with industry giants such as Bullet Boys, Great White, L.A. Guns, Puddle of Mudd, Enuff Z’Nuff, Lit, Ratt, and Berlin’s Terri Nunn, solidifying their presence and gaining acclaim.

The album boasts a tracklist that promises a musical journey with titles like “Hello,” “Make Me,” “Circus,” “Cat Sung,” “End of We,” “Junk Man,” “I Promise,” “Rain,” “Breakin Down,” and “Cheers.” Reviews from prominent platforms like Metal Temple, RiseUp TV, Music Matters, and Flirt have added further credence to the band’s evolving legacy. “Paradise Place” encapsulates the essence of this talented collective, offering listeners an immersive experience into their sonic realm.

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Renowned composer Eric Chapelle has unveiled his latest magnum opus, “Works for Solo Piano,” a captivating twelve-track collection that seamlessly merges artistry with musical brilliance. Teaming up with the exceptionally talented Michelle Schumann, Professor of Music at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Chapelle took an unconventional approach to the album, allowing Schumann to breathe life into his compositions with her “sensitive, flexible, and tempestuous dexterity,” as acclaimed by Fanfare Magazine.

Eric Chapelle

Michelle Schumann, celebrated for her evocative and moving performances, delivered a breathtaking interpretation of Chapelle’s works during two recording sessions in June 2021 and May 2023. This collaboration between the composer and the classically trained pianist elevated the music to new heights, adding layers of depth and emotion. Chapelle’s decision to step back from performing his own works this time proved strategic, enabling Schumann to navigate intricate notations and interpret the pieces in a way that enhances the listener’s enjoyment. The synergy between composer and performer is evident in the intricate compositions that form “Works for Solo Piano.”

This contemporary classical album, released on October 18, 2023, promises an auditory journey through Chapelle’s musical ingenuity, complemented by Schumann’s unparalleled artistry. Influenced by three years of collaboration, the album stands as a testament to the creative prowess of both artists. October 11, 2023, marked the highly anticipated release, with CDs available on Eric Chapelle’s website and digital downloads accessible through platforms like Amazon and Apple Music/iTunes. “Works for Solo Piano” is a compelling addition to the world of classical music, offering a captivating and sophisticated listening experience.

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Singer-songwriter Shane Rennison, celebrated for his genuine and soulful musical expression, is gearing up to unveil a spellbinding Live EP titled “Live at the Outlier Inn.” This immersive recording, captured with his band in May 2023 at the prestigious Outlier Inn Studio in Mountaindale, NY, serves as a testament to Rennison’s evolution from a solo artist to a dynamic force in the indie pop and pop-rock scene.

Shane Rennison

Hailing from the scenic Catskills of Upstate New York, Rennison’s musical journey resonates with his deep connection to the region’s natural beauty. His latest EP, “Nice To Meet You,” authentically encapsulates five tracks that offer a heartfelt glimpse into Rennison’s open heart and his cherished home in the Catskill Mountains. Collaborating with talented composer and audio engineer Julian Giaimo signifies the growth and excitement Shane feels as he continues to explore and expand his musical horizons. Shane Rennison, known for his regular performances at local Catskills venues covering a diverse range of over 150 bands, elevates his musical prowess with the Live EP, featuring live renditions of “Closer,” “Ghost,” and “Drunk.”

The live performances, skillfully captured by the video team of Mike Bloom and Josh Baron, have already made waves with the release of the visually immersive “Ghost” and “Drunk” videos. Fans can catch these on YouTube, building anticipation for the full Live EP slated for release on digital streaming platforms on Friday, November 24th. Reflecting on the project, Rennison shared, “This project was a way for me personally to see if I was capable of playing with a band. The success of the project speaks volumes to the people I had helping me. From the video team to the band, there was experience and expertise in that room, and we were able to use that to create something truly special.” As excitement continues to mount around Shane Rennison embracing a full band setting, the anticipation grows for the release of their long-awaited debut album in early 2024. Rennison’s musical journey is on an upward trajectory, promising more captivating moments for fans and music enthusiasts alike.

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Introducing the latest release from Super Saiyan Jay, aptly titled “Staying In.” Known for his laid-back and mellow approach, this single provides a tranquil escape into one’s own reality, emphasizing the power of the mind to find peace away from social settings. Super Saiyan Jay describes the track as an invitation to “catch a vibe in the crib” and emphasizes the therapeutic act of staying inside and escaping into personal realities. The song resonates with those who appreciate the solace found within the comfort of one’s home, encouraging listeners to embrace the tranquility of their own space.

Super Saiyan Jay

Having recently delivered a standout performance at a venue alongside other talented artists, Super Saiyan Jay is making waves with his unique sound. The single was meticulously crafted in a West Palm Beach studio, ensuring a polished and immersive listening experience. Delving into the concept behind the song, Super Saiyan Jay aimed to create a laid-back ambiance, capturing the essence of finding solace indoors. The lyrics explore the dual nature of the mind, wandering through both positive and negative thoughts, ultimately emphasizing the need to escape reality at times.

In his own words, Super Saiyan Jay reflects, “Most of the time there is nothing to say. Gone is the mind, that’s the time that I’m free.” This release not only showcases the artist’s musical prowess but also invites listeners to embrace the freedom found within the confines of their own thoughts.

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