Introducing S J Denney, an extraordinary singer-songwriter hailing from the charming county of Essex, United Kingdom. From the moment he stumbled upon vinyl copies of The Beatles’ iconic White Album and Neil Young’s timeless Harvest, his love affair with music was ignited. Starting off as a choir boy, S J showcased his talents in numerous local venues before venturing into the world of clarinet playing. Though armed with a solid foundation in music theory, Denney soon discovered his true passion lay in self-learning the acoustic guitar and crafting his own heartfelt songs.

S J Denney

Throughout his musical journey, S J has been a part of various bands and duos, and now embarks on a thrilling solo career. With his spirited performances, he has graced stages across the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, leaving audiences captivated and craving more.

One of his most cherished compositions, ‘Trying to Be Someone,’ was penned several years ago but remained elusive in capturing his artistic vision. However, now armed with newfound courage, S J knew the time had come to breathe life into one of his greatest creations.

This record showcases S J’s remarkable talent on both piano and guitar. In addition, it features an ensemble of session musicians, lending their expertise in backing vocals, horns, pedal steel guitar, and even the enchanting sound of the erhu.

The credits for this remarkable musical endeavor go to S J Denney himself, responsible for the brilliant writing and arrangement, as well as the meticulous production and engineering conducted in ‘The Cabin.’ The final mix was expertly crafted by Mat Leppanen at The Animal Farm, while Nigel Palmer at Lowland Master provided the finishing touch with his mastering skills.

S J Denney’s latest single, ‘Trying to Be Someone,’ is a testament to his artistic growth and unwavering commitment to his craft. It is a musical journey that beckons listeners to join him in experiencing the sheer beauty of his creations. As S J shares this anthem with the world, let us stand together and embrace the captivating melodies that echo the depths of his soul.

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Oak Park, IL, United States – In a delightful fusion of pop and lullabies, singer-songwriter Nicole Thomas enchants listeners with her latest single, “Echo.” This captivating tune combines the soothing comfort of traditional lullaby lyrics with contemporary beats, offering a fresh and unique musical experience. With its pop-like vibes, “Echo” appeals to both adults and children, making it a versatile and heartwarming addition to any playlist.

Nicole Thomas

Nicole, known for her mellow and family-friendly compositions, ventures into uncharted musical territory with this release. Departing from her signature style, she delivers a chill-worthy, mid-tempo track adorned with her soothing vocals. Her intention was to create a song that resonates with parents and brings joy to children—an absolute win-win for everyone involved.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago, Nicole’s songwriting prowess spans across genres, with a focus on indie artists in the realms of gospel, pop, and smooth jazz. “Echo” marks her first release of the year, and fans can look forward to three more beats-driven lullabies in the coming months. Additionally, she is collaborating with her favorite indie artist friends to co-write holiday music, a project that promises to deliver festive cheer.

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Nicole Thomas’s enchanting single, “Echo,” offers a captivating blend of pop and lullaby that transcends age and genre boundaries. Dive into the soothing melodies and comforting lyrics, and let the echoes of love resonate in your heart.


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Brighton-based singer-songwriter Martha Eve has been captivating audiences for the past two years with her mesmerizing live performances and heartfelt releases that overflow with genuine stories from her soul. Martha’s unique brand of Indie Soul explores themes of love, escapism, and the challenges of navigating the world as a young woman.

Martha Eve

Whether performing solo or with her incredibly talented band, Martha has left her mark on both London and Brighton, sharing the stage with esteemed artists such as Victoria Canal, Etta Marcus, and Jasmine Jethwa. Her talent is undeniable, and she even sold out her first-ever headline gig in under a week—an impressive feat for an emerging artist.

Martha’s debut single, ‘Cold,’ immediately captured the attention of notable figures like Sian Eleri (Radio 1), Abbie McCarthy (BBC Intro Kent), and Gemma Bradley (BBC Intro Radio 1). The success continued with her subsequent releases, ‘Pale Faced Moon’ and ‘Orange,’ receiving regular airplay on Radio 1, Balami, Platform B, and Amazing Radio.

Now, Martha Eve unveils her highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Disposable Girl.’ This collection of songs, written over the span of three years, represents Martha’s journey from ages 20 to 23—an era characterized by love, heartbreak, loneliness, and personal growth. The title, inspired by one of her early compositions, holds a special place in Martha’s heart. Although the track isn’t included in this EP, the essence of ‘Disposable Girl’ encapsulates the emotions and experiences she wanted to convey. It’s a reflection on the disposable nature of people and things, simultaneously providing comfort and a sense of trepidation.

Collaborating with producer Scoop Monty, Martha Eve brought her guitar-driven compositions to life. The transformation of her songs from solitary acoustic renditions to fully realized arrangements has been nothing short of magical.

With ‘Disposable Girl,’ Martha Eve presents an EP that is both a testament to her growth as an artist and a captivating glimpse into her personal journey. From the depths of heartfelt emotions to the ethereal sounds that fill the spaces in between, Martha invites listeners to join her on this transformative musical experience.


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Florida-based singer-songwriter SOBAK has recently unveiled the highly-anticipated first single from his album “A Little More Time.” This gifted artist, known for his melodic “spirit rock” style, has been captivating audiences for years, and the single, titled “Like Heaven’s Wings,” offers a tantalizing glimpse into his musical prowess.


With a musical journey that commenced in his early teens, SOBAK has honed his craft and achieved remarkable success with several nationwide releases. His dedication to music led him to pursue studies at prestigious institutions like Ball State University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas, further refining his skills and musicality. What sets SOBAK apart is his ability to craft authentic and heartfelt lyrics, delving into themes of love, loss, dreams, and the intricacies of everyday life and relationships.

“Like Heaven’s Wings” serves as a powerful testament to SOBAK’s growth as an artist. With its mesmerizing melodies and evocative storytelling, this single showcases his remarkable talent and undeniable artistry. Now available on all major streaming platforms, “Like Heaven’s Wings” is an exciting introduction to the forthcoming album.

SOBAK continues to make waves in the music scene with his signature blend of melodic rock, and “Like Heaven’s Wings” solidifies his position as a captivating and formidable artist. Prepare to be enchanted by the soul-stirring sounds of SOBAK as he takes listeners on a musical journey that is both evocative and transformative.

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