Drenched in the aura of musicality, “Grub Street” emrges as a poignant composition. With lyrics penned by the talented novelist Geoff Moore, this is a soul-stirring break-up ballad that unveils its narrative with profound authenticity. The track’s introspective essence is vividly painted by Novelist Geoff Moore himself: “The characters are failures, a writer and a painter; talent and passion, for anything, don’t always payout double at the window.”

The Muster Point Project

This soulful melody entwines resonant themes with an eloquent literary slant, forging a symbiotic connection with astute listeners. The melodic pathways are adorned with jangly rhythms, showcasing remarkably clever lyrics that linger long after the final note.

“Grub Street” stands as the third gem in a 5-song EP, a testament to its widespread appeal across genres, akin to the captivating charm of The Traveling Wilburys. The initial duo of tracks from the EP have already graced the airwaves of commercial radio, and the fervor is only expected to escalate with this enthralling addition.

The musical journey embarked upon by TMPP, The Muster Point Project, is a tapestry woven with precision and passion. The enchanting mandolin captures immediate attention, with lyrics seamlessly entwining listeners into the tapestry, paving the way for a nostalgic accordion’s embrace. This third single from the forthcoming EP, co-authored by Novelist Geoff Moore, serves as a testament to the convergence of storytelling and melodies, bridging the gap between genres and time. The song’s poignant narrative resonates deeply: “I owe rent for torment on Grub Street,” setting the tone for an exploration of the aftermath of heartache. The musical composition, featuring accordion virtuosity by Oleg Pisarenko, drums by Taylor Allum, percussion by Marcelo Effori, and vocals by Kevin Franco, combines forces to create a soulful symphony.

The Muster Point Project is the brainchild of Kevin Franco, an artist who blurs genre boundaries to craft melodies that resonate with his multi-faceted influences. “Grub Street” is a mesmerizing tapestry that fuses lyricism with melodic allure, delivering a heartfelt narrative wrapped in a contemporary musical ensemble.

As TMPP’s musical expedition gains momentum, “Grub Street” stands as a testament to their unique approach to songwriting, connecting hearts and minds through stories and melodies that know no borders. A luminous marker on their musical journey, “Grub Street” exemplifies the power of collaboration and storytelling in music.

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Little Rock, Arkansas has given rise to an artist whose music resonates with heartfelt stories and authentic experiences. Pamela Hopkins, the native songstress, is unveiling her latest single, “Raised Some Hell in Me,” following the trail of her previous hits, including five #1 international iTunes tracks and over 1.5 million streams on Spotify.

Pamela Hopkins

With a deeply personal touch, Pamela dedicates this new song to her late father, who succumbed to cancer in December 2019. “Raised Some Hell in Me” encapsulates the essence of her relationship with her dad, whose gritty demeanor left an indelible mark on her life. This track is more than just music; it’s a journey into the unpolished facets of influence.

Describing the song’s genesis, Pamela shares, “My dad was a little ‘rough around the edges.’ I wanted to capture that essence in a blues-country, heavy rock-influenced vibe, and I believe we’ve achieved it. If you’ve had a father with a hint of danger, this will surely strike a chord.”

Crafted collaboratively with Dave Lenahan and Melissa Leigh Johnson, recorded at Direct Image Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, and produced by Kenny Royster, “Raised Some Hell in Me” is now available across major music platforms. Pamela’s accolades include wins at the Josie Music Awards and Independent Music Network Awards, as well as multiple nominations at the 2022 Arkansas Country Music Awards. She brings her music to piano bars, Norwegian Cruise Ships, and clubs nationwide, even performing for US troops across distant lands. Pamela Hopkins is proudly sponsored by Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, a fitting testament to her uniquely bold style.

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Indulging in the realms of sleeplessness and unease, Sarantos, the accomplished singer-songwriter and producer, unveils his latest creation, “Can’t Sleep.” This newly dropped single, accompanied by a mesmerizing video, delves into the shadows of insomnia and anxiety, marking another entry in Sarantos’ series of monthly artistic releases.


“Can’t Sleep” weaves together haunting vocals, sci-fi infused production, and brooding lyrics, crafting an exquisite fusion of darker pop. In his unique sonic journey, Sarantos draws inspiration from artists as diverse as One Direction, Sugarcult, and Chainsmokers, fashioning a sound that resonates with both critics and fervent fans. What sets this release apart is not only its musical allure but its noble cause. Proceeds from the single will be channeled towards The Sleep Charity, an organization committed to fostering better sleep quality, disseminating vital information, and advocating for the recognition of sound slumber’s significance.

Sarantos, a maestro in multiple domains—songwriting, production, and poetry—shares his creativity through a plethora of mediums, from songs and lyric videos to book chapters and poems. His multifaceted talents and dedication shine through, evident in his 57-plus awards and an array of media placements for his compositions. As a lover of comics, an unapologetic nerd, and a relentless creator, Sarantos is a force to be reckoned with in the realms of music and beyond.

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Introducing Bad Bubble, affectionately known as BB, a visionary storyteller who has woven a remarkable tale through over 160 songs. The creation of this auditory epic spanned from October 1, 2021, to January 1, 2022, a mere three months that gave life to a profound narrative. The heart of this story revolves around Anna, BB’s daughter, whose breath was never taken, leaving an indelible impact on his life. Tragedy further darkened BB’s path as he prepared to join the US Army, unaware that he would not only lose Anna but also the love of his life, Anna’s mother. The weight of these losses, coupled with his overseas service, left scars that manifested as night terrors. Despite years of counseling and medication, BB’s solace came in the form of vigilance, staying awake to escape his dreams, a journey of perpetual exhaustion.

Bad Bubble

Returning home, BB’s struggles intensified, leading him to choose isolation as his path. In August 2021, a spark ignited his purpose. Awake late at night, he realized he could channel his wakefulness into art. And so began his ambitious endeavor to tell Anna’s story through music, her life finding meaning in melodies.

Over three years, BB has crafted an intricate mosaic of over 160 songs, a symphony spanning nine albums, eight EPs, and over 50 singles. This is no ordinary musical endeavor; it’s an exploration of raw pain, genuine emotions, and personal growth. BB’s unwavering authenticity resonates in each note. Through these melodies, BB paints the portrait of his daughter’s existence. His journey is free from algorithms and conventions; he defies industry norms, creating each piece with traditional instruments and honest storytelling. His dedication is palpable, his resolve unwavering, and his passion unparalleled.

Bad Bubble’s artistry is an unfiltered reflection of life. Amidst tales of parties and crime, BB offers authenticity, sharing real-life experiences and unvarnished emotions. His music, a testament to pain, resilience, and the pursuit of purpose, stands as a tribute to his daughter’s memory. As BB’s melodies illuminate his daughter’s world, he defies the shadows cast by personal turmoil. He embraces vulnerability, weaving his essence into his art, carving a space for Anna’s name to shine eternally. Through every chord and verse, BB demonstrates that music is more than background noise—it’s a legacy, a story, and a connection to the human experience.

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