“Rebar” by McDead plunges listeners into a sonic universe where indietronic meets the pulsating beats of 90s Manchester electronic dance. From the onset, the track exudes an infectious energy, propelled by a fusion of bass-heavy rhythms and steel-infused keys reminiscent of the era’s underground dance floors.



The song’s strength lies in its ability to transport listeners back to a time when indie dance reigned supreme, evoking memories of dimly lit venues and euphoric crowds. Kev Edinborough’s expertise as a producer shines through, with each beat meticulously crafted to create a mesmerizing auditory experience. What sets “Rebar” apart is its seamless blend of nostalgia and modernity. While paying homage to its influences, the track also injects a contemporary edge, resulting in a sound that feels both familiar and innovative. This duality is further amplified by McDead’s eclectic musical background, drawing from a diverse range of inspirations.

Throughout “Rebar,” McDead demonstrates a mastery of atmosphere, effortlessly building tension and release with each progression. The track’s infectious groove is bound to captivate listeners, urging them to surrender to its hypnotic rhythm and infectious energy. “Rebar” stands as a testament to McDead’s creativity and vision, offering a tantalizing glimpse into a world where past and present collide in a whirlwind of sound. As the track unfolds, it invites listeners on a captivating journey, leaving them eager to explore the depths of McDead’s musical universe further.

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