British artist Nick Cody is set to enchant music lovers with his latest offering, a captivating cover of Fleetwood Mac’s iconic track, “Dreams.” Collaborating with the talented Towse, Corwin Zekley, and Harry Orme, this rendition is nothing short of magical, brimming with beautiful harmonies and impeccable musicianship that ignites electric chemistry.

Nick Cody And The Heartache

“Dreams” by Nick Cody was officially released on September 1st, 2023, via Green Eyed Records. This rendition serves as the first single from Nick’s upcoming mini-album, “Covering these tracks,” slated for release on September 23rd, also through Green Eyed Records. The single has garnered further recognition by being featured in Rock and Reel magazine’s Un-Herd CD, as part of their September issue, solidifying its place in the music scene. Nick Cody, hailing from Leeds, has made waves in the industry with his innovative and exploratory approach to music. His creative work has earned praise from established artists such as Jon Gomm and Chris Catalyst from The Sisters of Mercy. Jim Glennie, the founder of James, aptly describes Nick’s work as “wonderfully innovative and explorative, packed full of strong melodies and ideas, exciting and unpredictable.”


Nick Cody’s cover of “Dreams” promises to be a delightful auditory experience, blending classic charm with contemporary allure. As he embarks on this musical journey, inspired by the likes of Rick Rubin’s work with Johnny Cash, listeners can expect a mini-album featuring classic songs that have left an indelible mark on Nick’s own creative journey. This release showcases Nick Cody’s versatility and dedication to his craft, promising more musical brilliance in the days to come.

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Wendy Martinez, renowned as the co-lead singer of the sixties-inspired girl group Gloria under the Howlin’ Banana Label, now presents her debut solo album, “Rivages du Monde Flottant.” A multitalented artist, Wendy is a composer, musician, graphic designer, and self-taught music video director. She has ingeniously cultivated a surreal and psychedelic world with her French pop songs, offering listeners a unique auditory experience. Released in March 2023, “Rivages du Monde Flottant” features thirteen mesmerizing tracks. Wendy Martinez’s poetic verses explore themes of resilience, psychosomatics, free speech, and surrealism. While her songs are primarily in French, her enchanting voice transcends language barriers, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in her rich and dreamlike storytelling.

Wendy Martinez

The album title, “Rivages du Monde Flottant,” alludes to the impermanence of our world, drawing inspiration from the Japanese Buddhist concept of the “floating world.” Wendy invites us to celebrate the beauty of the present moment through her music. Wendy Martinez’s journey as a solo artist began with her EP “La Chevauchée Electrique” in 2021, a blend of intimate and surrealist lyrics set against a backdrop of ’70s and ’80s rock and psychedelic pop influences. Her music has received critical acclaim and airplay on various radio stations worldwide.

For “Rivages du Monde Flottant,” Wendy once again took the creative reins, directing her music videos and designing album covers. Her dedication to visual and auditory storytelling shines through in this captivating release. Wendy Martinez’s solo career continues to flourish, and her unique blend of French pop promises to transport listeners to an otherworldly realm filled with enchantment and introspection. With support from radio stations and critical acclaim, her music is poised to reach even greater heights.

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Nashville-based songwriter and guitar virtuoso, CS Hellmann, emerges as a rising force in the music scene, drawing inspiration from the legends of alt-rock, guitar wizardry, and the raw emotional depth of blues. His latest single, “Postcards,” delves into the realm of dark indie anthems, offering a cathartic release of anger, frustration, and fear, ultimately transforming them into a positive and soothing energy.

CS Hellmann

“Postcards” narrates a poignant tale of unrequited love with the haunting lyric, “I left you dead flowers with a broken heart.” Hellmann’s ability to infuse intense emotions into his music is palpable, creating a connection with listeners that transcends the boundaries of sound.

In a world where music serves as a powerful emotional outlet, CS Hellmann stands as a testament to the transformative potential of art. His authentic approach to songwriting and guitar craftsmanship promises to leave a lasting impact on the music landscape, making him an artist to watch.

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Dirty Mitts’ latest track, “Women,” may begin with familiar rock vibes, but it quickly evolves into something more profound. Starting with an enticing Saturday night atmosphere, the song takes an unexpected turn, offering a broader appreciation for women. The lyrics cleverly incorporate the line, “give me women on equal pay,” not just as a catchy hook but as a nod to contemporary themes gaining prominence in music. Dirty Mitts effortlessly blend classic rock elements with modern sensibilities, transitioning from playful to reflective, giving “Women” its unique flavor.

Dirty Mitts

The accompanying music video aims to capture the diverse aspects of womanhood, adding depth to the song’s message.With “Women,” Dirty Mitts deliver a track that is both nostalgic and fresh, making a significant mark in the current rock scene. Their upcoming EP, “Hands Off!,” promises more of their abundant talent and is eagerly anticipated by fans.

Rising in 2022, Dirty Mitts consist of Tommy Balaam (vocals), Matt (bass), Mo (guitar), and Mateusz (drums), hailing from the UK, Poland, and Egypt and now firmly based in London. Their unique blend of bluesy groove and vintage rock vibes, coupled with high-octane performances, has garnered them well-deserved attention and support in the music industry.

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