Introducing Moose Wrench, the dynamic trio carving out their distinctive niche in the music world with their dad-bod alt-core sound. Their latest single, a compelling addition to their upcoming album “Not Dead Yet,” showcases a fresh perspective on their unique approach to music. With a growing fanbase eagerly anticipating each release, Moose Wrench’s sonic journey continues to captivate and intrigue. Meet the band: Dr. Dan on keytar and vocals, Mr. Dan on bass, and Dan Jr. on drums. Hailing from the enigmatic corners of time and space, Moose Wrench’s existential dad-bod alt-metal resonates with themes of mid-life contemplation, intertwined with their unique perspective on essential life issues.

Moose Wrench

Rooted in inspiration from the likes of Mr. Bungle and the Ting Tings, Moose Wrench has taken their vibrant sound to notable gigs and festivals around Leeds, Sheffield, and Manchester. Their upcoming performance at the Mayhem Festival in Leeds promises to be a highlight of their journey. Amid their musical endeavors, Moose Wrench has gained recognition for changing perceptions about noisy music, leaving listeners with a grin on their faces. Their ethos revolves around embracing the unconventional and growing weird rather than simply growing up.

Their latest single is an anthem of resilience, urging listeners to pursue their life missions, regardless of how unconventional they may seem. Recorded at Greenmount Studios in Leeds, this track adds another layer to Moose Wrench’s playful yet poignant musical narrative. As Dr. Dan puts it, “Grow old loudly and disgracefully and dress accordingly.” With each release, Moose Wrench invites us to join their extraordinary journey, reminding us that music isn’t just a sound; it’s an experience that resonates with the soul and defies convention.

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Presenting Robert Vendetta’s anticipated release, “Here and Now,” the soul-stirring follow-up to his earlier single “Vacation.” Set to drop on August 29, this captivating ballad urges listeners to embrace the present moment and reflects on the importance of living life to the fullest. In the midst of a world racing forward, Vendetta’s poignant lyrics echo a sentiment we can all relate to: “I can see it now; I have to make a change. It’s hard to face the truth, how I’ve wasted time working for a future life.” The artist encourages us to pause, reflect, and take pride in our accomplishments.

Robert Vendetta

With a unique blend of piano-driven melodies and soulful tones, “Here and Now” evolves from a simple ballad into a soul landscape, a characteristic Vendetta playfully dubs “plastic soul.” The track showcases his introspective songwriting prowess and his commitment to delivering deep and relevant messages. Vendetta’s creative process involved collaboration with his bandmates, including Anders Jansvik on drums, Torunn Christelle on mellotron, and Håvard Solli on bass, alongside backing vocals from János. The fusion of their musical talents has resulted in a masterful composition that encapsulates the essence of the present moment.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “Here and Now,” Vendetta shares that the song was born from a friend’s insightful advice: “what about stopping looking ahead and living in the moment?” This track draws influence from renowned artists like Jahn Teigen, Laleh, and Gabrielle Cilmi, with Leonard Cohen’s lyrical finesse shaping its emotional depth.Robert Vendetta’s musical journey is marked by his innovative Retropop style, characterized by a blend of modernity and nostalgia. From his distinctive fashion choices to his dynamic stage presence, Vendetta embodies his musical influences and delivers memorable performances. His commitment to crafting music videos that visually resonate with his music has garnered attention from audiences worldwide.

With “Here and Now,” Robert Vendetta invites us to take a step back from the chaos, to appreciate the beauty of the present, and to connect with his heartfelt expression of life’s complexities. As Vendetta puts it, “This lyric had to be good!”

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Embarking on a musical adventure, the RAaR Trio introduces an extended, unedited jam that offers a captivating glimpse into their upcoming musical release. Drawing inspiration from Amazonian frog medicine, this track captures the unpolished authenticity of an initial take. The trio, comprised of Ari Joshua on guitar, Russ Lawton on drums, and Ray Paczkowski on keyboards, weaves a melodic tapestry that harmonizes Afrobeat influences with the rhythms of West African groove music.

Ari Joshua’s RAaR Trio; (Ari Joshua, Ray Paczkowski, Russ Lawt)


Arriving on August 18, listeners can immerse themselves in the captivating world of “Kambo Wambo,” a transcendent sonic voyage. Ari Joshua’s guitar delicately interlaces ethereal notes, conjuring memories of Afrobeat melodies from his South African roots. Russ Lawton’s drumming pulses with vitality, driving the entrancing polyrhythms at the core of the piece.

Ray Paczkowski, affectionately known as ‘The Milkman,’ infuses the composition with his keyboard virtuosity, infusing the foundational groove with lush, percussive textures. The trio converges into a harmonious Afrobeat culmination, encouraging listeners to transcend the mundane and embrace the extraordinary. “Kambo Wambo” represents a musical exploration of the psychedelic realm, a testament to the mystical revelations of plant-based medicine, where ancient rhythms meld with cosmic harmonies.


Within this kaleidoscopic sonic journey, Afrobeat becomes a conduit for spiritual connection, reaching for the heavens while remaining rooted in the rhythms of yesteryears. Guided by the expertise of Ben Collette, the creative ingenuity of Aaron Harmonson, and the visual artistry of Martin Ontiveros and Monte Mitchell, the experience transcends boundaries.

As the melodies of the RAaR Trio envelop the senses, listeners are invited to embark on an entrancing odyssey—a harmonious fusion of talents and influences culminating in the captivating vibrations of “Kambo Wambo.”

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Presenting an eloquent fusion of deep-dish Dixie soul, HeavyDrunk and their adept rhythm-and-horns ensemble consistently captivate with their distinctive sound. As noted by the Roots Music Report, their music exudes intelligence and style, delivering a fresh take on Southern soul. Hailing from the heart of the South, soul musician HeavyDrunk is set to unveil his much-anticipated third album, “You Don’t Know Me,” on July 15th, 2023. Infused with the soul-stirring essence of the American South, this 12-track opus guides listeners through an evocative sonic journey, seamlessly weaving elements of jazz, soul, and Americana.


The album’s eponymous lead single, “You Don’t Know Me,” greets listeners with an emotive gospel-style choir, paving the way for HeavyDrunk’s raw and gravelly vocals to soar above the lush jazzy-blues soundscape beneath. However, this release isn’t solely about the music. HeavyDrunk’s album also serves as a platform to raise awareness and support for a noble cause—a fundraising initiative dedicated to the restoration of the grave of legendary musician Robert Johnson. Resting at The Little Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Greenwood, Mississippi, the burial site of Robert Johnson is in need of repairs, along with the surrounding church.

Behind the scenes, the album’s production was entrusted to Grammy-winning Casey Wasner, whose expertise adds a layer of sonic brilliance to the project. Notable musicians, such as trombone player Roy Agee (known for his work with Prince), bassist Alison Prestwood (a four-time Academy of Country Music nominee), The Deltaz (LA-based brothers contributing on guitar and drums), and Etta Britt from Dave & Sugar (lending her vocal prowess), all make captivating appearances on the album. Beyond the music, HeavyDrunk has an ardent passion for culinary arts. In a unique twist, the artist and his wife once owned and operated Puckett’s of Leiper’s Fork—an establishment renowned for its culinary creations and live music ambiance. This venture saw them craft over 10,000 pies and smoke more than 700,000 lbs of BBQ, earning the venue the title of “The number one place to drive and eat in America,” as acclaimed by USA Today and Rand McNally.

With “You Don’t Know Me,” HeavyDrunk delivers not only soul-stirring melodies but also a profound connection to culture, history, and community. The album, a labor of love, is a musical and humanitarian endeavor that resonates deeply with the essence of Southern heritage.

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