“Only A Game” emerged from a unique artistic collaboration, born from a commission by Robert Shannon Fields. Fields, an accomplished ballet librettist, had penned this piece decades ago in the former East Germany. Gene Pritsker, a composer with a distinctive creative voice, took up the challenge of crafting music to complement Fields’ narrative.

Gene Pritsker

This string trio, a product of Pritsker’s imagination, draws inspiration from the vivid imagery and emotions evoked by Fields’ ballet scenario. As the music unfolds, it conjures mental images of dancers gracefully interpreting Robert’s compelling story. In the third act, a segment titled ‘A Special Game,’ the solo cello takes center stage, weaving intricate melodies with a hint of Shostakovich’s chromaticism and lyricism. The cello engages in a musical dialogue, echoing the spirit of the great composer. Performed by a talented ensemble featuring Wolfgang Schroeder on violin, Paul Cortese on viola, and Alberto Ferres on cello, with a special guest appearance by Borislav Strulev on cello in Act III, Movement 5, “Only A Game” is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary artistic collaboration.

The recording, mixing, and mastering were expertly handled by Julian Jahanpour, while the cover art, created by Mark Kostabi, adds an intriguing visual dimension to this musical journey. “Only A Game” exemplifies the timeless allure of artistic expression and the seamless interplay between music and storytelling.

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Darren Deschaine is making an impressive debut in the music world with his first instrumental EP titled “Unravel.” In this release, Deschaine exhibits his formidable guitar skills, blending the intense energy reminiscent of Mick Gordon (known for his work on DOOM and DOOM Eternal soundtracks) with the meticulous craftsmanship of Tosin Abasi from Animals As Leaders.

Darren Deschaine

Deschaine’s musical toolkit includes the earth-shaking depths of an eight-string guitar, which he expertly wields to create powerful low-frequency vibrations. However, his talent extends beyond this as he incorporates scorching guitar solos that pierce through the music like a blazing comet and introduces complex synth patterns that add an electrifying layer to his compositions.

“Unravel” isn’t just another EP; it’s a captivating journey through a musical landscape where aggression meets precision. It’s a fusion of heavy, headbanging moments with intricately crafted soundscapes. Darren Deschaine’s debut promises a unique and captivating auditory adventure for all who venture into its depths.

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Fat Cat Affair Unleashes Compelling New Track ‘Empty Bed’

The internationally acclaimed collaborative project, Fat Cat Affair, has recently dropped their latest single, ‘Empty Bed.’ This release, their fifth single, is already creating ripples in the music industry. ‘Empty Bed’ isn’t just another song; it’s a narrative drawn from real-life experiences. While residing in Camden, London, Fat Cat Affair drew inspiration from the tumultuous relationship of their neighbors, whose constant arguments filtered through the thin walls and became the foundation for this captivating track.

This soulful RnB pop duet showcases the mesmerizing vocals of Janet Tabaka and Costie Payne. Mixed by Andrea Lepori, renowned for his work with legendary acts like the Rolling Stones and U2, ‘Empty Bed’ offers a rich auditory experience. The song reaches its pinnacle with the inclusion of a spellbinding Nigerian gospel choir.

Fat Cat Affair is celebrated for their boundary-pushing collaborations, and ‘Empty Bed’ is no exception. With each release, they introduce a fresh lineup of featured artists, adding to the project’s diverse appeal.

‘Empty Bed’ is now available for music enthusiasts to savor. Don’t miss this musical journey; give it a spin today. Fat Cat Affair consistently demonstrates that music knows no bounds, and ‘Empty Bed’ stands as a testament to their ever-evolving creative prowess.

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Following his spring hit “Something New,” Tom Tikka is back with a new release from his upcoming album, “Rainbows and Dead Flowers.” The latest single, “Fire and Ice,” soared to the #10 spot on the UK Top 100 singer-songwriter chart on its August 18 release day, marking Tikka’s impressive 14th top-ten hit in just over seven years.

Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps

Co-written with former bandmate Antti Autio and produced by Tom Tikka and Janne Saksa, “Fire and Ice” tells the charming story of two brothers lost in a pirate-themed adventure as they navigate their bunk beds across imaginary seas in search of hidden treasures.

Tom Tikka, renowned for his work with Carmen Gray during his Sony/BMG days, ventured into his solo career in 2020. He has since delivered two highly praised albums: “This Is My Happy Face,” featuring two #1 hits (“Doormat” & “With Eyes Closed”), and “Better Man,” which includes the #2 hit “Done with Blues” and “By 2022,” peaking at #14 on the charts. “Something New” from Tikka reached #4 on the UK Top 100 Rock Chart, and his collaboration with the British group WILLJACK, “Overnight Sensation,” achieved transatlantic success, hitting #3 on the Canadian Rock Chart and #51 on the UK Rock Chart.

Tikka’s artistry has been acknowledged in esteemed publications like Huffington’s Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Melody Maker Magazine, Ballroom Blitz, The Hollywood Digest, and VENTS Magazine. His music videos have also secured wins at international film festivals. Tikka boasts two ISSA Awards, nominations at the Josie Music Awards and Hollywood Music in Media Awards, and numerous semi-finalist and finalist positions in global songwriting competitions. “Fire and Ice” was unveiled on August 18, accompanied by a captivating music video crafted, scripted, directed, and edited by Tom’s talented wife, Elina Suominen.

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