Witness the rise of a true musical maverick, See Level, as he unleashes his second album, “Frame Of Mine,” an exquisite collection of twenty tracks that exemplify the essence of Lo-Fi excellence. With a genuine passion for music and an unwavering commitment to sonic diversity, See Level has crafted an album that breaks away from convention and delivers a unique experience to listeners.

See Level

Drawing from a vast knowledge of sound and an innate understanding of what truly resonates with music lovers, See Level has created a potent blend of beats that transcend the ordinary. From introspective melodies that touch the soul to powerful anthems capable of healing the mind and body, “Frame Of Mine” offers an immersive journey through authentic aural landscapes.

With lead singles like “Close The Bag” and “0 Additives” making serious waves in the music scene, See Level’s digital legacy continues to grow, captivating audiences around the globe. This album is a testament to his undeniable talent and artistic vision, cementing his position as a force to be reckoned with in the Lo-Fi Electro genre.

As the world chills out in the heat of summer, “Frame Of Mine” serves as a sonic oasis, a testament to See Level’s next-level creativity and commitment to his craft. Embrace the auditory odyssey that is “Frame Of Mine” as it takes you on a journey of substance and style, available now on major music platforms for all to savor.

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Magz, an independent singer, songwriter, and producer from New York City, possesses an unparalleled musical talent that draws from various genres like pop, indie-pop, alternative, and folk. The result is a captivating and emotionally charged sonic realm.


In her heartfelt debut EP, “Night Sweats,” Magz takes listeners on an introspective journey exploring themes of mental health, pain, loss, growth, and self-discovery. The project serves as a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit, capturing both the highs and lows of life. Born from her own personal experiences, each track unveils raw emotions and vulnerabilities, making it a source of inspiration for others navigating similar paths.

“Night Sweats” weaves a tapestry of emotions, providing a safe space for listeners to find comfort and connection. It’s a poignant reminder that everyone faces struggles, and embracing vulnerability can lead to healing and newfound strength. Through her music, Magz shares her artistry, touching hearts and illuminating the way to renewal.

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In the heart of Los Angeles, I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the talented producer Todd Spadafore, crafting a song idea into a powerful, fierce anthem. Our goal was to create a tough and strong sound that would perfectly mirror the empowering lyrics and leave a lasting impact on the listener.

Natalie Clark

The band consists of the dynamic Natalie Clark, whose mesmerizing vocals take center stage. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Natalie made her mark in LA six years ago.

Our journey together has led to some unforgettable moments. Notably, at Richard Branson’s request, I performed at the BBC Radio 1 Academy sessions and even appeared on “The Voice,” catching the attention of both Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera.

The single was meticulously recorded in Los Angeles, with the skilled hands of Producer Todd Spadafore at the helm.

Reflecting on the process, I shared my vision for a sound that would resonate deeply, saying, “I wanted a really tough and strong sound to reflect the lyrics and empower the listener.” It’s been an incredible journey, and we can’t wait to share this music with the world.

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In a world where music often strives for fame and recognition, there exists a rare gem that shines with authenticity and sincerity. Meet Chris Barnes, a passionate musician who pours his heart into every note he plays. With no ulterior motives or grand ambitions, Chris creates music purely for the love of it. As a one-man band, he plays every instrument with finesse, leaving no room for pretense.

Chris Barnes

Drawing inspiration from legendary acts like The Beatles and the profound rollercoaster of life experiences, Chris weaves stories through his music that resonate deeply with listeners. Having graced the airwaves of BBC Radio and Dash Radio and gained recognition from influential blogs like Hype Machine, his music has reached the ears of many.

Behind the scenes, you’ll find Chris immersed in his home studio, where he harnesses the raw power of analog equipment to give life to his compositions. The emotion-filled narratives and his mixing prowess become the heart and soul of each track. Amidst all the musical magic, there’s a charming addition to the studio – his loyal companion, a Labrador, providing inspiration with every wag of its tail.

Chris Barnes, a true maestro, reminds us that true artistry thrives in simplicity and honesty. As he aptly puts it, “Award-winning mixing/producer extraordinaire?!” The accolades may not define him, but the love for music surely does. So take a moment to savor the genuine melodies of this humble soul, for in his music lies the essence of life’s ebb and flow, all part of the enchanting “Frog Class.”

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