Discovering new and original music is a journey of delight, and if you’re seeking a distinct experience, Pete Branscombe’s musical odyssey is one you won’t want to miss. As a fellow writer and storyteller, Pete’s songs unravel profound tales and thought-provoking concepts that delve into the depths of human experiences.

Pete Branscombe

The multi-talented artist takes center stage, not only as the songwriter but also as the driving force behind every instrument in the album. Based in Japan, Pete’s band, the Rival Mod Band, eagerly anticipates bringing his creations to life on the stage.

Influenced by legendary names like The Beatles, Wire, jazz, and Can, Pete’s music is a captivating fusion of eclectic inspirations. His fourth solo album, a remarkable feat of artistic determination, was meticulously crafted in the year 2023.

A creative genius who embraces challenges, Pete’s latest album arose from the lockdown blues, resulting in an innovative collection of one-minute songs interspersed with captivating soundscapes. This brilliant concoction of political reflections, personal musings, and philosophical ponderings is a testament to Pete’s unwavering dedication to authentic and extraordinary music.

As Pete eloquently puts it, artistic success isn’t measured in sales or commercial gains, but rather in the joy found in creating music that resonates with the soul. With a fervent desire to reach the hearts of many, Pete’s music stands as an undying testament to the unyielding passion of a true artist. So, immerse yourself in this enchanting symphony, for the world of Pete Branscombe is a realm where innovation meets melody, and artistry knows no bounds.

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Hurtsfall, the Nottingham-based trio, has made an impressive comeback with their latest single ‘Tilting’, after a two-year absence and the tragic loss of their drummer. Now operating as a three-piece, they have evolved their sound, incorporating sequenced drums and electronic elements, which has been well-received during their successful live performances, leading to numerous gig offers.


‘Tilting’, the band’s popular track, draws its name from the idiom “Tilt at windmills,” symbolizing the pursuit of a seemingly impossible goal, inspired by the character Don Quixote. Infusing post-punk bass, catchy synth-pop riffs, and soulful vocals, Hurtsfall has crafted a radio-friendly sound that both their existing fans and a new audience can enjoy.

Vocalist Sam expressed immense pride in ‘Tilting’, considering it possibly their finest work yet, with its tight composition and irresistible catchiness. Released on 21st July via Sonic Disruptor, the song marks a significant milestone in Hurtsfall’s journey, reaffirming their position in the music scene. Embracing their passion, resilience, and musical innovation, Hurtsfall invites everyone to join them on this exciting musical chapter through ‘Tilting’.

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Meet Jamie Bosanko, the talented singer-songwriter hailing from Barrow, UK, whose heartfelt music embodies both empathy and sharp insight. His latest release, ‘A Little Grace,’ delves into themes of desperation, failure, and the yearning for redemption.

Jamie Bosanko

Following his successful single ‘Life Will Do’ in March, Jamie Bosanko returns with his second offering of 2023. Influenced by the likes of Tom Petty, Aimee Mann, The Beatles, James, REM, and Del Amitri, his music paints a vivid portrait of his surroundings, seamlessly blending cynicism and tenderness.

Having earned acclaim through live sessions for BBC Introducing and opening performances for Ocean Colour Scene and The Wedding Present, Jamie’s talent is unquestionable. ‘A Little Grace,’ recorded at Digital Man Studios and engineered by Matt Kassell, embraces laid-back guitar-driven rock with hints of blues and country.

Jamie’s genuine storytelling and passion for soothing sounds make this single a profound, emotive experience. As he puts it, ” ‘A Little Grace’ reflects the yearning for redemption and the search for something greater.”

Throughout the recording process, there was a humorous mix-up with the song being mistakenly referred to as ‘Amazing Grace,’ adding a playful touch to the journey.

With its soul-stirring melodies and poetic lyrics, Jamie Bosanko’s music encapsulates the power of storytelling through song. ‘A Little Grace’ serves as a moving reminder that hope and grace can shine through life’s trials.

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Allow me to introduce you to the exciting new talent taking the Toronto music scene by storm – Dr. Holic. Originally from Hong Kong, this emerging artist is swiftly making a name for himself with his vibrant Asian-inspired hip-hop sound. With just a few months in the spotlight, Dr. Holic has already garnered an impressive following of over 90,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, capturing attention in major music hubs like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Dr. Holic

His music is a fresh blend of pop and hip-hop, deeply rooted in his Asian cultural heritage, making it truly unique and authentic. Tracks like “CASINO,” released on April 21st, have already amassed over 150,000 streams, propelling him on an upward trajectory.

What sets Dr. Holic apart goes beyond his music – it’s his captivating persona and innovative social media content. Incorporating Asian memes, he’s gained millions of views on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts, broadening his reach and appeal.

As his fan base grows, Dr. Holic’s fearlessness in his craft and unmatched talent cement him as a rising star. Collaborating with sahiru on “CASINO” and his successful music video “Goodbye” have solidified his position in the industry. With more music on the horizon and ambitious plans for future projects, Dr. Holic’s momentum shows no signs of slowing down. Keep an eye on this rising talent as he continues to represent and connect with audiences globally, leaving a mark on the international music scene.

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Christopher Labi Rance and Miriam de Silva have joined forces to embark on an exciting musical journey with their new project, SYLVATIC BLACK. The duo’s collaboration took root in 2020, with Christopher’s releases like “My Little Unique” and “Cold Christmas Eve,” and their duet in 2022 titled “That Rocking Thing.” Fueled by their shared passion and chemistry, they decided to rock on as SYLVATIC BLACK.

Christopher Labi Rance and Miriam de Silva

With a penchant for dark and thrilling tales, SYLVATIC BLACK is set to delve into the world of melodic metal, weaving stories about creatures of the night, including vampires, witches, and mythical figures from the North. Their debut single, “Deadly Kiss,” comes with an accompanying video clip that promises to send shivers down your spine.

Filled with gratitude, the duo extends special thanks to Silvia Miehl, who portrayed the charming yet deadly vampiress, adding an enchanting touch to the video. Yannic Becker also deserves recognition for his outstanding portrayal of the desperate victim.

So, get ready to be captivated by the haunting sounds of SYLVATIC BLACK as they take you on a thrilling musical journey. Check out their debut single’s video clip and brace yourself for the dark tales they have in store. Miriam de Silva and Christopher Labi Rance invite you to embrace the darkness and join them on their mesmerizing musical adventure. Don’t forget to leave them a like and show your support!

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