Unveiling an electrifying indie rock gem, “How the Hell?” transports listeners to an era of nostalgic vibes while delivering an infectious, upbeat melody. The lyrics delve into the urgency of pursuing life goals before time slips away. With its driving rhythm guitar, captivating three-part harmonies, and a seamless coda that unifies various sections, this song is a treat for Adult Album Alternative enthusiasts who appreciate meticulously crafted compositions with profound meaning.

Unca John

Allow me to introduce Unca John, the musical brainchild of an unlikely protagonist—an economics professor residing in the tranquil suburbs of Baltimore. Defying expectations with his modest vocal prowess and lack of instrumental prowess, Unca John showcases an undeniable talent for songwriting. His debut single, “How the Hell?,” offers a tantalizing taste of his upcoming single, “Your Opinion,” and his highly anticipated album, “Midlife Crisis Vanity Project.”

Drawing inspiration from legendary acts like the Beatles, The Who, The Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground, Steely Dan, Elvis Costello, Buzzcocks, XTC, REM, Nirvana, and Pavement, Unca John weaves together a retro sound that pays homage to his formative musical influences. Yet, he finds inspiration in contemporary rock luminaries such as Car Seat Headrest, Alvvays, Brittany Howard, Mitski, Big Thief, Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy, and others.

Despite his background in jazz and choral music as a card-carrying band nerd proficient in saxophone and clarinet, Unca John embarked on a new journey as a rock musician. Armed with a laptop, Audacity, music notation software, and Guitar Pro 7.5, he discovered the freedom of crafting any guitar or keyboard sound he desired. Utilizing an AKG microphone, he recorded his own vocals, saxophone, and drums, resulting in a unique brand of music that defies categorization—it’s not quite garage rock nor bedroom pop, but rather an embodiment of “kitchen table rock.”

Every aspect of Unca John’s musical endeavors, from writing and production to programming and performance, is a testament to his unwavering dedication. Collaborating with talented individuals like Andrew Young, who handled mastering and mixing at Elevatedsound.com, and Krystal Penney from Strange Paradise Design, who lent her artistic prowess for the album’s artwork, Unca John ensures a complete, immersive experience for his listeners. Even the photography, capturing the essence of Unca John, is courtesy of his lifelong companion and best friend, April Lee.

As Unca John takes the indie rock scene by storm, be prepared to be swept away by his infectious melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and undeniable passion. Get ready to embark on a sonic journey that merges the best of retro and contemporary sounds. Brace yourself for “How the Hell?” and prepare for an unforgettable musical experience with Unca John’s “Midlife Crisis Vanity Project.”


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After two years of releasing his own music, Aza Brown has experienced a surge in success. It all started when his single “Afterthought” received a retweet from renowned actor Robert Carlyle. Since then, Aza’s followers, Spotify streams, and YouTube plays have skyrocketed, leading to an exciting slot at the F1 British Grand Prix in a few weeks. As he aims for wider recognition, Aza is seeking coverage through reviews, interviews, airplay, playlist features, and live performance opportunities at festivals, events, and venues. He is also open to record company interests and synchronization opportunities. With a repertoire of songs waiting in the wings, Aza is eager to take his music to new heights.

Aza Brown

In his latest release, “Wasting Away,” Aza draws inspiration from his recent 9-date tour of Mexico. Infused with the vibrancy and spirit of the Latin culture he encountered, the power pop sensation defies its title. Its infectious hook will have listeners humming along well into the long summer nights. With celebrity fan Robert Carlyle’s endorsement and his band, The WonderWhys, Aza has gained momentum in the industry. The previous single, “Sticky Situations,” even attracted remixes from eight different producers, resulting in two separate Remix EPs. Additionally, Aza’s foray into live performances overseas has propelled his Spotify streams to an impressive half a million mark. The upcoming appearance at the F1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone alongside The WonderWhys promises to keep his trajectory soaring high.

With “Wasting Away” set for release on all digital platforms on Friday, June 23rd, Aza invites listeners to experience his spirited musical journey. As he reflects on the challenges faced during the initial wave of cvd in 2020, Aza found solace and inspiration while cycling through the picturesque Peak District. The song captures a moment of certainty in his life—the unwavering love for his girlfriend amid uncertainty. Aza’s uplifting and mischievous approach, reminiscent of The Doors’ “Love Street” and “People Are Strange” era, encourages listeners to face life’s obstacles with love, courage, and tenacity. A playful, Jellyfish-esque drive and a rousing Beach Boys-inspired “Sha La La” finish leave us with a newfound resolve to tackle whatever life throws our way.

Aza’s influences include the likes of The Divine Comedy, The Beatles, The Doors, The Stone Roses, The Verve, Frank Zappa, Talk Talk, and David Bowie. His band, The WonderWhys, has already achieved notable milestones, including performing at The Ally Pally in 2018, recording with Arctic Monkeys producer Alan Smyth, and supporting The Happy Mondays in Chesterfield. Despite the setbacks of the pandemic-induced lockdown, Aza collaborated with local producer Danny Burton, known for his work with Finley Quaye, John Entwistle, and Zak Starkey. Impressed by Aza’s vocal harmonies, Danny even invited him to contribute to his solo album, “Night and Day.”

As the Summer of 2023 unfolds, Aza Brown will grace numerous festivals and events, including the F1 British Grand Prix and The Moto GP, both held at Silverstone. To show his appreciation to fans and followers, Aza offers a free download link, available when they follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. This gesture aims to connect with his dedicated audience and provide them with an opportunity to enjoy his music.

Join Aza Brown on his musical journey as he shares the infectious energy and positivity of “Wasting Away” and sets his sights on a future filled with remarkable performances and artistic growth.

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English artist Andy Smythe brings forth his latest original single, “Prodigal Son,” offering a mesmerizing fusion of retro influences and orchestral elements. Inspired by acclaimed musicians like Nick Drake and Alex Turner, Smythe crafts a musical tapestry that demands exploration. With intricate layers and thought-provoking lyrics, “Prodigal Son” beckons listeners to delve deep and uncover its hidden treasures.

Andy Smythe

Having been released on June 23, 2023, Andy Smythe’s musical expertise shines through in this evocative composition. The song intertwines complex melodies, poignant emotions, and an unmistakable English essence, paying homage to the classics while embracing a contemporary approach. Brace yourself for a transcendent journey that transcends time, as Smythe’s distinct sound captivates your senses and resonates profoundly.

“Prodigal Son” stands as a testament to Andy Smythe’s remarkable talent in defying genre boundaries and leaving an enduring impact. With every note, he invites you to immerse yourself in a world of sonic richness, where nostalgia melds seamlessly with modern artistry. As the release garners anticipation, prepare to be enraptured by this captivating single that will undoubtedly leave music enthusiasts yearning for more.

Experience the enchantment of Andy Smythe’s “Prodigal Son” as it transports you to a realm where past and present harmonize, breaking the confines of traditional music.

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“The Library is on Fire” ignites the music scene once again with their long-awaited single, “Hotel Jugoslavija,” featuring the incomparable Mike Watt (Minutemen, Stooges, Sonic Youth). Breaking a silence of nine years, this Brooklyn-based band marks their triumphant return with a track that encapsulates the essence of classic lo-fi guitar rock, rekindling the fervor of their dedicated fan base and garnering praise from critics.

The Library is on Fire

Hailing from the vibrant Bushwick music scene of the early 2000s, “The Library is on Fire” has shared stages with acclaimed acts such as Diiv, Beach Fossils, Ex Models, and Oneida, establishing themselves as a prominent presence in the NYC music landscape. Notably, their former bass player has found a home in the esteemed band Guided By Voices.

With plans to release a full album in 2024 and a series of live shows on the horizon, “The Library is on Fire” eagerly anticipates any support, placements, and write-ups to further propel their resurgence. Their unwavering passion and appreciation for the music community’s support shine through in their message of gratitude.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the infectious energy of “Hotel Jugoslavija” as “The Library is on Fire” teams up with the legendary Mike Watt. This hard-hitting single not only reaffirms their position as icons of the DIY Brooklyn scene but also showcases the production prowess of Todd Tobias (Guided by Voices) and Mike Tucci (Doja Cat). Experience their official visualizer and follow the links below to witness the musical resurrection of “The Library is on Fire.”

Founded by singer and guitarist Steve Five in 2007, “The Library is on Fire” draws inspiration from the poetic works of French war poet René Char, with the band name originating from one of his stirring verses. Fueled by a sound that intertwines the melodic sensibilities of Guided by Voices and the wall of guitars reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr, the band rapidly captured the hearts of audiences, renowned for their electrifying live performances at iconic venues like Glasslands and Death By Audio.

Following a string of releases, including their standout 2010 LP “Magic Windows, Magic Nights,” the band embarked on a hiatus in 2014, with members venturing into notable projects such as Oberhofer and Public Access TV. However, in 2023, “The Library is on Fire” made an exciting comeback with the single “Back Pocket,” signaling their resurgence and setting the stage for their forthcoming album, slated for release in fall 2023.

Join “The Library is on Fire” on their musical journey as they continue to build momentum, culminating in the highly anticipated album release later this year. With the release of the mesmerizing “Hotel Jugoslavija” featuring Mike Watt, the band proves that their creative fire still burns bright, leaving listeners craving more from this influential force in indie rock.


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