Intertwining the aspirations of an indie singer-songwriter with the captivating charm of Galway City, “Time Out” tells a tale that resonates with anyone yearning for success. The track first made its mark on the widely acclaimed compilation album ‘Origin: See the Light,’ leaving a lasting impression on listeners. The prestigious Irish music magazine, Hot Press, even hailed it as the standout gem, boldly venturing to capture the essence of Galway in a manner reminiscent of Van Morrison’s finest works about his native Belfast.

Sano Hill

Sano Hill, the creative force behind “Time Out,” has already garnered an enthusiastic following with his previous single releases. Since his debut single, “The Climb,” in February 2022, his tracks have amassed over 310,000 streams on Spotify alone. Furthermore, his captivating music videos have garnered over 15,000 views on his thriving YouTube channel.

“Time Out” showcases Sano Hill’s masterful fusion of acoustic rock sensibilities and his extraordinary vocal prowess, brought to life through a full-band arrangement. This musical endeavor was helmed by the award-winning Irish producer Larry Hogan, with the final mixing and mastering artistry entrusted to the celebrated engineer and producer Braddon Williams. Williams boasts an illustrious portfolio, having worked with renowned artists such as Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Mark Ronson, Il Divo, Wyclef Jean, Billy Joel, Kelly Clarkson, P Diddy, and The Script.

In essence, “Time Out” not only paints a vivid sonic portrait of Galway but also signifies the arrival of a captivating talent destined for greater heights. Sano Hill’s relentless pursuit of his musical dreams is palpable in every note, making him an artist to watch as he leaves an indelible mark on the vibrant music scene.

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Grace & Moji, the dynamic indie/pop duo, is poised to make a resounding entrance onto the music scene with their highly anticipated single, “Our Love,” slated for release on June 22nd. This forthcoming track serves as a stunning showcase of their undeniable chemistry and exceptional songwriting prowess. Drawing inspiration from the beloved indie bands of the 2000s, such as Flaming Lips, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and The National, Grace & Moji infuse their music with a fresh sound reminiscent of Kacey Musgraves and Harry Styles.

“Our Love” serves as a poignant anthem, delving into the depths of Grace Hong and Martin Wave’s profound bond. It chronicles their journey of personal growth, healing, and the intricate layers of their relationship. The song’s heartfelt and whimsical nature explores the spectrum of their love, ultimately leading to a place of beauty, harmony, understanding, and lightheartedness.

For Martin Wave, this project stands as his most personal and honest endeavor to date, allowing him to broaden his perspective on the creative process and the significance of embracing one’s true self while inviting the world to witness their artistry.

Grace & Moji

The story of Grace & Moji is as serendipitous as their music. They encountered each other a mere three months before the onset of the pandemic and decided to tie the knot on the first day of the lockdown, securing one of the last marriage certificates in the city of Los Angeles. The subsequent period of isolation and confinement became a catalyst for a deeper connection and a profound exploration of their individual identities and creative aspirations.

Grace Hong reflects on their unique journey, stating, “We entered into marriage swiftly and navigated through unusual circumstances, which brought to light many aspects I needed to confront within myself. I feel incredibly fortunate that we were able to create an environment that fostered honest exploration of the subconscious dynamics within our relationship. My hope is that our process inspires couples to cultivate a safe space for open and genuine communication.”

The world eagerly awaits the release of “Our Love” on June 22nd, marking the beginning of a captivating musical journey for Grace & Moji. Alongside this highly anticipated single, fans can anticipate a series of subsequent releases and music videos, leading up to their debut EP later this year.

Grace & Moji represents the remarkable collaboration between Los Angeles-based artist/producer duo Grace Hong and Martin Wave. Their joint venture delves into the realms of love, creative expression, and healing within the context of their relationship.

Grace, a native New Yorker raised in a broken home by Korean immigrants, has honed her musical talents from an early age, studying classical piano and voice. After embarking on a diverse career spanning international development, Wall Street, and corporate leadership, she made the courageous decision to pursue happiness and purpose as an artist. In 2021, she introduced her solo project under the name Nolo Grace, releasing the debut single “Wake Up,” featuring Sean Kingston. Today, Grace’s multifaceted career encompasses business consulting in private equity, co-founding the creative community PARASOL, and serving on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit organization Save the Music.

Martin, an award-winning, platinum-selling music producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist, hails from the enchanting forests of Sweden. His passion for music production ignited at a young age, leading him to relocate to Los Angeles in 2018. With an extensive repertoire that boasts hundreds of millions of streams, collaborations with notable artists, and compositions for films, video games, and global brand campaigns, Martin’s talent lies in crafting cinematic soundscapes, beats, and introspective lyrics that delve into personal transformation and the quest for belonging.

Together, Grace & Moji embark on an exhilarating musical journey,

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Portland-based artist Shawn Brown is set to make waves with his highly anticipated single, “Road of Bones,” which dropped on June 2nd. After a hiatus, Brown’s return was made possible through a collaboration with a talented team of writers and producers, including Grecco Buratto (known for his work with Shakira) and Brendan Buckley (noted for his contributions to Morrisey’s music). The result is a track that beautifully blends folk, roots, and pop elements, showcasing Brown’s evolution as a songwriter.

Shawn Brown

“Road of Bones” captivates listeners with its irresistible hooks and nods to 90s rock, creating a timeless sound that resonates with both young and old audiences. Brown’s goal is to forge a personal connection with his listeners, using music as a vehicle for shared experiences and growth. The single was born out of inspired songwriting sessions following the release of his acclaimed 2022 EP, “The Rain Parade.”

Brown’s creative journey has been transformative, with collaborations with exceptional musicians like Buratto, Buckley, and Lima adding depth and substance to his work. The process of crafting a deeply personal song and witnessing it come to life has been a magical experience for Brown. “Road of Bones” delves into themes of heartbreak and resilience, inviting listeners to embrace their emotions and sing along with passion.

Accompanying the single is stunning artwork by Jenny Creed and Kyle Kemp, adding visual storytelling to the project.

Receiving praise from reputable publications such as The Indie Dock Music Blog, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Other Side, Shawn Brown effortlessly defies genre boundaries. His music draws inspiration from soul, R&B, and guitar-based pop, resulting in a unique and captivating sound. His 2022 EP, “The Rain Parade,” garnered critical acclaim, setting the stage for the highly anticipated release of “Road of Bones” on June 2, 2023.

Shawn Brown’s music is a testament to his unwavering passion and dedication to his craft. Continually pushing the boundaries of his artistry, he leaves an indelible mark on the music industry. Stay tuned for his upcoming single and embark on a sonic journey with Shawn Brown’s captivating music.

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Introducing millhope, the captivating new project by Thomas Mühlhoff, a multi-talented producer, label owner, and product-inventor. His upcoming album, “Truth & Dare,” consists of five mesmerizing singles, each encompassing a unique blend of instrumental music that evokes daydreaming, curiosity, and hopefulness.


millhope’s sonic palette is crafted with precision, combining spherical guitar lines, generous amounts of reverb, infectious synth melodies, dynamic drums, and resonant bass. Adding to the mix are carefully selected samples of nature and everyday objects, infusing his music with an organic touch.

The debut single, “Illusion,” sets the stage for millhope’s sonic exploration. With its irresistible synthesizer melodies, ethereal guitar lines reminiscent of Jonny Buckland (Coldplay), and synth arpeggios reminiscent of Muse, the track takes listeners on a journey through dreamy soundscapes. millhope draws inspiration from acclaimed albums like Tycho’s “Dive” and Genesis’s “Abacab,” crafting a genre-blending sound that combines elements of chillwave, ambient rock, and downbeat.

German-born millhope sees his music as an avenue for daydreaming, curiosity, hope, and moments of idleness. His compositions capture the essence of these emotions, providing the perfect soundtrack for introspection and relaxation. In addition to the melodies, millhope incorporates subtle field recording elements, such as nature-related sound collages and samples of everyday objects and instruments. It is this attention to detail that sets his music apart.

Fans of millhope can look forward to a sensory experience beyond just the music. The release will be accompanied by intriguing physical products that extend beyond traditional sound carriers, promising an immersive journey into millhope’s artistic vision.

millhope’s debut single, “Illusion,” is out now on Hey!blau Records, with the full album, “Truth & Dare,” set to be unveiled soon. Immerse yourself in millhope’s captivating soundscapes and let your imagination wander as you explore the depths of his musical world.

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