A band, Zukrassverliebt, makes Indie pop music and has released a new song, “Rosarot”. This song is all about the feelings of falling in love; it captures that excited feeling of restlessness that many people who have ever fallen in love remember and wish they could feel again.


The band started during the COVID-19 pandemic when the main artist set up a studio with their father. Working together helped them manage the stress of completing school and brought them closer together as a team. The result of this partnership is the creation of Zukrassverliebt. This song was written by the main artist when he recently fell in love. He wanted to capture the excitement and happiness of new love, and the band wants listeners to feel the same emotions and memories while hearing this song.

Zukrassverliebt makes Indie Pop music, and they love sharing it with their audience. They are thankful to everyone who enjoys their music. Zukrassverliebt keeps making music that tells their stories and feelings to bring happiness and connection to the people who listen.

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