Carson Ferris, a 14-year-old musician, has released a new song called “Ghosts”. This electro-pop song has a cool sound and an important message. Carson wrote the song to help people in bad relationships. He wants people to know that forgiving someone doesn’t mean you have to stay with them. The song is about forgiving and moving on.

                                                                              HANNAH BICKMORE

Carson Ferris worked with producer Matthew Parker for the first time on the song “Ghosts”. They started making a fast dance track, but it turned into a slower song with strong electronic beats and synths. The result is a great mix of emotional singing and lyrics with electronic music and relaxing vibes. Carson says: “Ghosts” is about leaving behind people and situations that hurt you. The song says that moving on is the only way to feel better. Holding on to anger only hurts more. Forgiveness is important to move on, even if it’s hard. Carson’s new song “Ghosts” is his first release in almost nine months, after his popular song “Talkin’ to You” in 2023.

“Ghosts” has a more electronic sound, similar to famous DJs Kygo or Marshmello. Carson recorded his vocals at home, showing he can work independently as an artist. Carson Ferris has had a great music career. He started playing guitar at age six and performed with some groups. During the 2020 lockdown, he started recording music in LA and released his first song. He has also won some awards, like a special mention for his song “Crazy” and was a finalist for Best Male Artist for his song “Drive Alone.” Carson’s music is inspired by famous bands like Journey, One Republic, Ed Sheeran, and the Jonas Brothers. His music is easy to enjoy and understand. He keeps performing at local music festivals and works hard to improve his music skills.

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