Introducing a gritty and infectious dance floor anthem for those who appreciate the unconventional, Terrificus presents their latest release that defies traditional beauty and guarantees a good time.

The track opens with the lyrics, “I was working on walking. You were walking to work,” setting the stage for a post-romantic comedy narrative of encountering past lovers. With a backdrop of distorted garage-meets-dancefloor energy, it celebrates the triumph of someone else’s wise choices while exploring the realms of both righteousness and heartbreak.


Tyler, the vocalist, describes it as a beautifully chaotic experience, saying, “It’s as fucked in the head as it is fun. I guess… ummm… it’s an enjoyable dumpster fire? A pleasurable car wreck? A dancy disaster? Tragedies can be fun too, you know…”

Terrificus, comprised of Shaggy and Tyler from Face Command and MC Filth Wizard, have been creating industrial-dance-garage music since 2019. Fearlessly blending their codependence, perfectionism, mortality, and friendship, they bring a unique blend of insouciance, sensitivity, and humor to their work.

Their live performances are an immersive experience, filled with props and theatricality, captivating audiences and leading to sold-out shows. This live energy is brilliantly captured on their upcoming debut album, Death Triumphant Birthday, set to release later in 2023.

Reviews have been nothing short of awe-struck. The Underground Stage declares Terrificus as “utterly deranged in the sort of way you only encounter once or twice in a lifetime,” while Soundsphere Magazine praises their “pulsating industrial punk” that is pure chaos and machine-baiting. With an expanding reach beyond their Sydney roots, their instrumental irrationality and lo-fi sound are described as “weapons of mass destruction” by Retratando Voces.

Prepare yourself for the extraordinary, as Terrificus defies expectations and invites you into their twisted yet exhilarating sonic universe. Their music is a daring exploration that pushes boundaries and promises an unforgettable experience. Get ready to join the chaotic celebration of their latest release and brace yourself for the captivating journey that awaits.


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Joseph Conde, a talented musician and producer, reveals a hidden realm of the mind through his latest single, “With My Companion,” taken from his upcoming EP, Lambsbread. This collection of six songs is a heartfelt fusion of fuzzy childhood nostalgia and the reverberations of family trauma. Conde dedicated himself wholeheartedly to this project, establishing an unparalleled connection to his work. The EP’s gratification lies in his solitary involvement, from writing to mastering, as he secluded himself metaphorically in a cabin within his mind, allowing the project to develop organically.

Joseph Conde

“With My Companion” symbolizes the abandoned mall within the EP, evoking Conde’s reminiscences of growing up in the concealed corners and storerooms of malls alongside his mother. The concept of “The Backrooms” serves as inspiration, influencing the mood and sentiments conveyed in this track. While the song maintains a steady pace, it intertwines memories like cobblestones, guiding listeners through frozen flashbacks conveyed by Conde’s poignant lyrics and evocative tone.

At the age of 16, Conde experienced the loss of his father shortly after his release from rehabilitation. Those few weeks became the pinnacle of their relationship, and “With My Companion” allows Conde to revisit that time, immersing himself in the crashing ocean waves and reflecting on his father’s deceit. Both the song and his memories offer solace in their own distinct ways.

Alongside the single’s release on June 13th, Conde presents a captivating music video he created. Fans can eagerly anticipate the complete Lambsbread EP, scheduled for release on September 22nd through Conde’s independent label, showalter records, with two additional singles planned for August and September.

Joseph Conde’s “With My Companion” opens the door to a world where memories intertwine, inviting listeners on an introspective journey through the depths of human emotions. This is only the beginning, and Conde’s artistic prowess promises an enchanting musical experience that resonates long after the final note fades away.


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Robert Vendetta is making a triumphant return with his latest single, “Vacation,” taken from his highly anticipated fourth album, “Vendetta Del Disco.” This infectious and fun track poses a simple question: “If you finally get a break after months of hard work, where would you go?” “Vacation” combines retro-pop vibes with piano-driven rock to create an instant singalong anthem.

Set for release on Tuesday, May 23rd, “Vacation” marks Vendetta’s comeback after a two-year hiatus. It’s the result of his first band recording in decades, showcasing his unmistakable Vendetta style while injecting a fresh and enjoyable energy.

Robert Vendetta

Known as the Norwegian mariachi, Vendetta stands out with his unique fashion sense and diverse musical influences. Despite being born and raised in Norway, he’s not your typical Norwegian guy. He’s a lover of all kinds of music, which is evident in his genre-blending sound. Vendetta proudly champions “Retropop” or “modern old,” a genre he coined, and he excels as a producer, songwriter, and artist.

Vendetta’s passion for performing is undeniable, and he’s graced the stage for the Norwegian royal family multiple times. Influenced by legendary artists like James Brown, Elvis Presley, and Dee Snider, he knows how to put on an incredible show. His creative music videos, some of which have reached over 100,000 views on Facebook, have showcased his talent as an indie artist. Vendetta’s music has also received radio play on four continents and earned him television appearances in Norway and Mexico.

“Vacation” embodies the power of retropop, blending 70s piano-based rock with a modern twist. Its lyrics capture the relatable desire to take a well-deserved break after working tirelessly. For this song, Vendetta collaborated closely with his band, playing piano and handling vocal duties, while Anders Jansvik, Torunn Christelle, and Håvard Solli brought their expertise on drums, mellotron, and bass, respectively. Backing vocals were skillfully provided by Anders, Torunn, János, and Bjørn Nes.

Vendetta describes “Vacation” as a joyful creation, saying, “I had a blast writing this song. I needed something that would fit the story of my upcoming album, and one Friday, while sitting behind an incredible Steinway grand piano, ‘Vacation’ just came to me. It’s a rock song heavily influenced by the likes of Elton John’s ‘Saturday Night’s Alright’ and Jerry Lee Lewis, with a sprinkle of that funky James Brown vibe.”

As fans eagerly await the release of “Vendetta Del Disco,” “Vacation” sets the stage for an exciting musical journey filled with nostalgia and modern sensibilities. Robert Vendetta’s infectious energy and captivating performances guarantee an unforgettable experience that transcends borders and leaves a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. Get ready to sing along and embark on a remarkable musical adventure with Robert Vendetta.

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Metrophobia, the Swiss indie/alternative rock duo, emanates a musical prowess that resonates with rock enthusiasts far and wide. Their songs are firmly rooted in the foundations of the genre, intertwining sweet and ethereal melodies that leave an indelible mark reminiscent of iconic bands like Pixies, Teenage Fanclub, Bivouac, Dinosaur Jr, Catherine Wheel, and Ride. Drawing inspiration from the early Lo-Fi scene, Metrophobia effortlessly blends elements of nostalgia and innovation.


With a magnetic fusion of dark pop, introspective lyrics, distorted guitars, pulsating drum rhythms, and melodious basslines, Metrophobia fearlessly embraces their instinct and artistic creativity. Their latest single, “Crazy,” serves as a sonic explosion, a potent force challenging saccharine and naive positivity. It stands as a fervent plea for those weary of enduring the intolerable, urging listeners to draw the line and venture into a realm where reason collides with madness.

Metrophobia’s unapologetic approach to indie/alternative rock showcases their unwavering commitment to authentic expression. Led by Markus Gmür’s captivating vocals and acoustic guitar skills, alongside José Garrido’s multi-faceted contributions on guitar, bass, and drums programming, the duo crafts a musical experience that captivates the senses and leaves an indelible imprint on the soul. With their distinctive sound and uncompromising passion, Metrophobia is poised to carve a prominent place in the contemporary music landscape.

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