” flicking the bees!” warns Electric High, the alternative hard rockers ready to unleash their newest single, “Flicking the Bees,” streaming from Friday, June 9th. This electrifying track emerged from a collaborative effort between Electric High’s dynamic songwriters, PV Staff and Marius Mørch. Their aim was to create a song that diverged from the band’s typically upbeat releases, resulting in a composition that intensifies with each passing moment. Beginning with a light-hearted and carefree tone, it culminates in a frenetic and captivating climax, highlighted by the powerful vocal exchanges of PV Staff and Olav Iversen.

Electric High

The lyrics serve as a cautionary tale, cautioning against the consequences of provoking the bees. They carry a poignant message that incessantly taunting them will only lead to a painful sting. Electric High urges listeners to be wise, abandon trivial matters, and embrace a path of positivity and goodness.

Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Electric High infuses a unique blend of alternative rock and hard rock, akin to the explosive collision of Rival Sons and Royal Blood crashing a grand Aerosmith concert. With two lead singers at the helm, the band delivers an electrifying energy that leaves audiences exhilarated. Comprising members from renowned acts like Sahg, Faith Circus, and Emmerhoff & The Melancholy Babies, Electric High barrels forward with an unstoppable momentum, armed with a slew of rock anthems slated for release in 2023 and beyond.


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“The Spark” is a rock anthem that resonates with individuals who have experienced feelings of marginalization and being outsiders due to their life choices. Bright Tree Village, a duo known for their dad rock sound, goes beyond music by providing support and understanding. The band consists of Jeff August on vocals and Tim Leehane, who handles guitar, bass, keyboard, and vocals. The duo crossed paths through San Francisco’s Balanced Breakfast music community.

Bright Tree Village

Their music draws influence from the vibrant sounds of 90s rock, grunge, punk, and pop, often reminiscent of MTV Unplugged performances. Bright Tree Village has garnered attention from notable radio shows like KVHS’s “The Beat of Diablo” and KJCC’s “The Dharma Experience.” “The Spark” was meticulously recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tim in his basement studio, showcasing their DIY approach.

Blending elements of post-punk folk rock and skillfully combining acoustic and electric guitars, the song carries a profound message for those who have chosen to live life on their own terms. Jeff and Tim’s unwavering commitment to perfecting the track shines through, and Tim describes “The Spark” as a form of self-help pop, emphasizing that dad rock is about caring for others and supporting those who feel marginalized.

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In the midst of life’s challenges and uncertainties, a poignant musical composition emerges, capturing the essence of personal turmoil and profound emotions. “Elegy,” penned by the esteemed and multi-award winning composer Michael Bakrnčev, and performed by acclaimed pianist Alex Raineri, carries a weighty narrative inspired by grief, tragedy, and a sense of hopelessness.

Michael Bakrnčev

For Bakrnčev, the creation of “Elegy” served as a cathartic outlet during a period of immense personal struggle. It was born out of a time when the composer faced the loss of his family’s income and grappled with the uncertainties that shadowed his existence. The piece encapsulates the profound pain and isolation experienced during this period, transforming the supposed joyous occasion of his daughter’s birth into a haunting reminder of the longest lockdown, inflicted by the Delta variant, that Melbourne endured.

Bakrnčev’s composition, rooted in traditional acoustic forms and intricate notation practices, pushes the boundaries of contemporary classical music. By blending ancient aesthetics with modern techniques, he crafts a mesmerizing musical journey that delves into abstract themes, exploring Eastern philosophy, folklore, and the intersection of technology and human consciousness.

With “Elegy,” Bakrnčev invites listeners to embark on a introspective voyage, immersing themselves in the melancholic melodies, somber harmonies, and minimalist piano arrangement that evoke a profound sense of loss and desolation. The piece stands as a testament to the power of music to encapsulate and express the depths of human emotion, transcending words and touching the soul.

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Introducing the captivating Official Lyric Video for “Brawl,” a compelling composition from Synecdochek Montauk’s latest album, Acume. This visually stunning production pays homage to the beauty of solitude while embodying the essence of an unfulfilled aspiration.

Synecdochek Montauk

Crafted with artistic prowess by Nikita Nikiforov, the video’s direction by Savva Rozanov and Nikita Nikiforov perfectly captures the intricate emotions and introspection that permeate the song. Savva Rozanov, the talented songwriter behind “Brawl,” shares that this track holds a special place in their heart, offering a genuine reflection of their current state of mind. Its profound and poetic essence defies easy categorization, making a lyric video format an ideal medium to bring it to life.

Drawing inspiration from childhood superstitions, Rozanov explores the concept of dream realization. The lyric video becomes a symbolic celebration of rebirth, where the act of blowing out candles represents the culmination of their most significant wish.

Nikita Nikiforov, the screenwriter, aimed to evoke the poignant sentiment of being both in control and a mere passenger at a celebration. It conveys the poignant truth that despite heartfelt desires, some wishes may forever remain beyond our grasp.

Through its mesmerizing visuals and poignant lyrics, “Brawl” and its accompanying lyric video invite listeners on an introspective journey, touching the depths of the soul. Acume, the latest album by Synecdochek Montauk, stands as a testament to the transformative power of music, transcending boundaries to forge a profound connection with the audience.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of “Brawl” and embrace the poignant interplay between dreams and realities, beautifully conveyed through the enchanting language of music.

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