Number One Babe Team, a burgeoning indie-rock/indie-pop band hailing from Salt Lake City, recently marked a significant milestone with the release of their debut album on June 9th, 2023. This highly anticipated album, meticulously crafted by Austin Michael during the tumultuous period of the COVID-19 pandemic, delves into the theme of intimacy’s ebb and flow. Drawing from personal experiences of loss, disrupted friendships, and the daunting uncertainties of commitment, the album encapsulates the collective lessons learned during these challenging times.

Number One Babe Team

Comprised of Austin Michael on guitar and vocals, Andrew Robertson on guitar, keys, beats, and vocals, and Kelsee Webb on drums and vocals, Number One Babe Team exudes a distinct musical identity influenced by revered artists like Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail, and Neil Young. Their unique blend of singer-songwriter pop-punk resonates with listeners, capturing the zeitgeist of a generation grappling with global crises.

The band’s journey began in 2022 when they came together to perform at Salt Lake Underground magazine’s prestigious SLUG Localized show series. Since then, they have left an indelible mark on the local music scene, garnering praise and recognition from notable platforms such as KRCL 90.9 FM.

The album’s recording process stands out as a testament to the band’s unwavering dedication to their craft. Primarily produced in Austin Michael’s bedroom, with additional contributions recorded at Archive Recordings, the album showcases Austin’s multi-instrumental prowess as he meticulously crafted each track. Notably, the album reflects a departure from their previous work, with a focus on studio-based composition and production.

From poignant ballads to energetic anthems, Number One Babe Team’s debut album invites listeners on a journey that oscillates between moments of introspection and exuberance. It serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact of the pandemic on personal growth and resilience. Critics have lauded the album’s introspective depth and sonic maturity, heralding the band as a prominent up-and-comer in Salt Lake City’s alternative music scene.

Behind the scenes, the album’s creation was a labor of love, with Austin Michael’s bedroom serving as the creative hub. Each track underwent meticulous refinement, resulting in a cohesive and impactful musical experience. Notably, some original scratch vocal and guitar tracks from the album’s early stages made their way into the final production, adding an authentic touch.

Austin Michael eloquently sums up the band’s ethos, stating, “Self-Compassion is the light with which we explore the darkest parts inside of ourselves.” This sentiment encapsulates the underlying intention of their music, providing solace and connection in times of struggle.

Number One Babe Team’s debut album stands as a testament to the resilience of artists during challenging times, capturing the essence of personal growth, introspection, and the pursuit of meaningful connections. With their rich musical tapestry and poignant lyrics, this talented trio is poised to make an enduring mark on the indie music landscape.

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Jaded Jane, a Swedish artist whose real name is Axel Olsson, stands out in the music scene with his sincere and heartfelt compositions. The core essence of his solo work lies in authenticity, which permeates every song he releases. Among his repertoire, “Jasmine Flower” serves as an exceptional representation of this quality.

However, Jaded Jane’s artistic vision expands beyond the boundaries of music. He perceives melodies and soundscapes as bridges that foster connections among people, providing an opportunity for listeners to relate and experience a sense of unity. By fearlessly embracing his own emotions, Jaded Jane inspires others to do the same. His previous release, “Dreamer,” showcased his confidence in atmospheric pop, encouraging listeners to pursue their dreams.

In “Jasmine Flower,” Jaded Jane delivers a fervent tribute to true love and the bravery to long for it. The instrumentation creates a buoyant and optimistic backdrop of soulful pop, complementing the heartfelt lyrics. Accompanied by a delightful and carefree music video directed by Rachel Koumparou, the song takes its listeners on an intimate journey of vulnerability and connection.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Jaded Jane shares his personal experience, stating, “The search for someone to share your deepest love and life with can be a lengthy and challenging journey. I deeply yearned for it and experienced heartbreak in various relationships. But then, like a ray of sunlight piercing through clouds, that special person appeared before me—the one I had been searching for. It felt natural; I could be my authentic self when we were together. To feel heard, to learn and grow together, and to leave behind the longing and solitude of the past. As the lyrics convey, ‘I feel loved when I’m with you, imagining us growing.'”

“Jasmine Flower” is scheduled for release on June 9th and features Axel’s brother, Adam Olsson, on bass, and Erik Bodin from the esteemed Swedish band Little Dragon on drums. The track was recorded at Studio Tonkontrol in Gothenburg, with the assistance of Åke Linton, known for his work with the Esbjörn Svensson Trio and Tonbruket.

Jaded Jane’s heartfelt melodies and soulful soundscapes establish a profound connection with his audience, offering solace from loneliness and fostering a shared experience. With “Jasmine Flower,” he continues to weave his genuine musical tapestry, inviting listeners to embrace their emotions and celebrate the beauty of authentic connection.

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Pittsburgh’s rising pop-punk/hard rock hybrid, Chip & The Charge Ups, are making their mark on the international music scene with the release of their fourth album, “What Happened to the Boy Next Door?”. Recently crowned “Best Rock Band” in the Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Awards, the band has garnered widespread attention and acclaim for their genre-blending style.

Chip & The Charge Ups,

Critics have praised the group’s ability to seamlessly incorporate elements from various musical genres into their sound, resulting in a unique and captivating sonic experience. UK’s Power Play magazine lauded the album’s clever musicality, while Brazil’s Headbangers News commended the leadoff track, “Paying Back the Devil,” for its ability to appeal to both nostalgic and modern audiences.

Chip & The Charge Ups, led by vocalist and guitarist Chip Dominick, aim to bridge the gaps between subgenres within the rock music community. Their album showcases a diverse range of tracks, from gritty and heavy rock anthems to pop-punk-infused melodies. The band’s inclusive and energetic approach aims to create a welcoming environment for all rock enthusiasts.

To celebrate the album’s release, Chip & The Charge Ups hosted an album release party at the Hard Rock Café-Pittsburgh on June 3, 2023. With their infectious songs, charismatic stage presence, and a rapidly growing fanbase, Chip & The Charge Ups are set to continue their musical journey on a larger scale, bringing their new sound to audiences across the country and beyond.

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Introducing “Always,” a heartfelt musical testimony to one artist’s unwavering Christian faith and a testament to the power of divine inspiration. The artist, who wishes to remain anonymous, embarked on a spiritual journey and sought guidance from God to create a song that would reflect their personal story and unyielding trust in Him.

Following their prayer, the artist awoke to find a chord progression flowing naturally from their fingertips as they strummed their guitar. Hours of dedicated production ensued, resulting in the majority of the track taking shape.


Drawing inspiration from Isaiah 41:10, which emphasizes the assurance of God’s presence, the artist poured their experiences into the song. They shared a vulnerable moment when they had felt abandoned and alone, only to discover that God was always by their side.

The artist’s ultimate goal is for “Always” to resonate with fellow Christians and those who have yet to embrace Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They aim to spread the message of faith and hope, celebrating the transformative power of God’s love.

The band members behind this spiritually infused creation include Onbar as the vocalist/writer, Orion Song as the vocalist/writer, and Patrick Hizon as the producer/writer. Their collective talents converged through divine connections, with the fortuitous meeting of Caleb, a mutual friend, serving as the catalyst for their musical collaboration.

The influences that shape their sound span across R&B, pop, hip-hop, and indie genres, providing a diverse foundation for their creative endeavors. While they are yet to grace notable stages, festivals, or television appearances, their dedication to their craft shines through their intimate recording process in Patrick’s garage. Each member actively contributed to the production, writing, and overall artistic vision of the single.

“Always” stands as a testament to the artist’s spiritual journey, offering solace, inspiration, and a gateway to discovering the profound love of God. It is a humble offering of praise and an invitation to listeners to embrace faith and find solace in the ever-present love of the divine.

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