Experience the tropical rhythms and sun-soaked melodies of Nero Simon and the Sunsetters as they take the stage with their captivating cover of Gerry Rafferty’s rock classic, “Baker Street.” Recorded live in Atlanta on March 18, 2023, this eight-piece Trop Rock band from Atlanta, Georgia seamlessly blends elements of Folk, Rock, Funk, and Americana into their unique island-infused sound.

Nero Simon and the Sunsetters

Nero Simon and the Sunsetters transport listeners on a musical journey to paradise, drawing inspiration from the soft sounds of the 70s and 80s, as well as the iconic Yacht Rock era. Their dynamic live performances, featuring a delightful fusion of original compositions and cherished covers, create a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

The band released their debut album, “Treasure Chest,” in March 2022, inviting listeners to delve into a collection of songs that evoke a sense of nostalgia while remaining fresh and contemporary. Nero Simon, the driving force behind the group, draws from his multicultural upbringing and formative experiences in the Florida Keys to infuse his music with an authentic, coastal spirit.

With tracks like the emotionally stirring “Treasure Chest,” the harmonious ballad “Baby It’s Goodbye,” and the adventurous sea-bound tale of “Starboard (Escape to Cozumel),” Nero Simon’s compositions encapsulate the essence of the region’s laid-back charm. Their soft, folksy Americana sound carries echoes of the timeless soft rock classics, transporting listeners to a realm of love, adventure, and pure escapism.

Join Nero Simon and the Sunsetters as they serenade you with their melodic tapestry, transporting you to the carefree shores of paradise. Let their music embrace you with its genuine warmth and authenticity. In the words of the great Levon Helm, when you indulge in the sounds of Nero Simon and the Sunsetters, you will “feel no pain, true as blue, right as rain.”

Members of Nero Simon and the Sunsetters include Nero Simon as the vocalist and guitarist, Melissa Mason on vocals and guitar, Stephen Flores on guitar and backing vocals, Marcus Durham on bass and backing vocals, Michael Hester on synths and backing vocals, Sam Ross on drums, Josh Vick on percussion, and Jeff Gaines on saxophone.

With their debut album “Treasure Chest” released on March 18, 2022, Nero Simon and the Sunsetters have set sail on a musical voyage, aiming to captivate listeners with their vibrant compositions and blissful melodies. Prepare to embark on a sonic adventure as they infuse your world with the timeless allure of Trop Rock.


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Fresh off the success of their critically acclaimed album ‘Night Terrors,’ The Fades unleash their latest track, “Off the Record.” This high-energy single marks the beginning of a trio of releases slated for this year, with the band hitting the road for a UK tour, set to captivate audiences throughout the summer and beyond.

The Fades

“Off the Record” is a no-holds-barred explosion of alternative garage rock, hitting listeners with thunderous riffs, soaring guitars, and powerhouse drums. The track features a simple yet manic vocal refrain, “I don’t feel comfortable with my voice on the record” – a sentiment that encapsulates the raw intensity of the band’s sound. Drawing inspiration from the likes of early Nirvana, the Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, and the rebellious spirit of Idles, The Fades bring their own unique blend of ferocity to the forefront.

Described as a surf-punk shot into the sun at warp speed, with a heavenly choir adding their celestial harmonies to the shredding, “Off the Record” demands attention. Get ready to immerse yourself in the unapologetic sonic assault of The Fades.

The Fades are composed of London-based brothers Dave (vocals, guitar) and James Lightfoot (bass), longtime school friend Jonny Barnard (guitar), and Alastair “Flash” Thorpe (drums). Formed in 2002, the band quickly gained momentum with their debut single “You Say,” catching the attention of Zane Lowe and earning a spot on XFM’s playlist. Their blistering live performances, complete with chaotic on-stage clothing swaps, solidified their reputation.

Following a successful UK tour with Art Brut, The Fades continued to make waves with more hit singles and a mini-album that received extensive airplay and featured in various media outlets worldwide. They embarked on eventful tours of Ireland and Italy before catching the attention of US indie label Cranky Girl Records. The band ventured to New York, honing their live set and leaving an indelible mark on the city’s music scene.

Returning to the UK with renewed vigor, The Fades drew inspiration from their adventures in the Big Apple, resulting in their debut LP, ‘Ragnarok.’ With their latest release, “Off the Record,” The Fades reaffirm their status as a force to be reckoned with, delivering an electrifying onslaught of unfiltered rock energy. Brace yourself for the sonic journey that lies ahead as The Fades push boundaries and defy expectations.


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Introducing Everybody Is So Funny, a band that embraces humor in their latest album. Led by Jaime Travezan, who handles all band responsibilities, they bring a lighthearted approach to their music. With influences ranging from electro swing to Italian tech house, funky tech house, disco, tribal house, and a touch of humor, their sound is refreshingly entertaining.

Jaime Travezan

The album was recorded in the vibrant city of Barcelona, infusing the tracks with its lively energy. With a focus on fun, the album takes listeners on a whimsical journey, ensuring laughter and enjoyment prevail.

The lead track, “Everybody Is So Funny,” sets the album’s tone, inviting listeners into a world where humor reigns. Meanwhile, “7.39 Too Early?” playfully captures the relatable experience of early mornings and the associated struggles.

Everybody Is So Funny’s commitment to infusing humor into their music offers a refreshing break from life’s seriousness. Prepare to embrace the lighter side of music as this talented artist brings joy and laughter to your ears.


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Introducing Lump200 and their latest venture, Isles of You, an innovative hybrid release that combines an album with an interactive app. Already available as a beta version on their website (https://www.islesofyou.com/), the album invites listeners to participate and co-create through the power of audio engagement.


Set to be released on May 12th, 2023, Isles of You represents Lump200’s fifth album, showcasing their distinctive electro-acoustic clash. The Berlin-based cross act is known for their boundary-pushing sound and experimental approach. Their previous releases on Mentalgroove/Kompakt garnered attention, with Luke Slater even featuring some of their tracks in his Fear And Loathing 2 Decks Mixes.

Lump200, led by René Desalmand, combines elements of jazz saxophone, avant-garde collisions, and transmedial features in their music. With a focus on composition and improvisation, they defy genre conventions, delivering a pointed and unique sound.

In collaboration with gravity&storm, Lump200 has developed the Isles of You app, an open and inclusive project platform. Users can record and publish their own audio contributions, curate projects, and initiate co-creations. The app will be continually updated to ensure a seamless user experience.

Described as a blend of Ian Brown, Dizzee Rascal, and Mike Skinner, Lump200’s music is both funny and disorienting. Their journey from the dance floor to theatrical stages has expanded their artistic vision. With the release of Isles of You, Lump200 invites listeners to join them on a captivating sonic adventure.

The crew behind this innovative project includes Orlando de Boeykens on tuba, Els Vandeweyer on vibraphone, René Desalmand on bass clarinet, beats, lyrics, and vocals, and Dan Suter on mastering. Petra Péterffy handles the graphics, Marion Masuch captures the visuals, and gravity&storm contributes to the coding. Sofies takes care of the corporate design, while Ballyhoo Media handles promotion in D/A/CH.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the world of Isles of You, where music and technology collide, and the boundaries of creativity are pushed to new heights. Get ready to join Lump200 on this extraordinary journey of co-creation and audio participation.


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