Renowned music production veteran Stefán Örn Gunnlaugsson, hailing from Iceland, unveils his dual musical personas with the upcoming release of the song “ForceGhost.” Under the alter-egos of ÍKORNI and JERALD COPP, Stefán weaves a unique collaboration between these contrasting identities. The verses showcase the melancholic, retro vibes of ÍKORNI, while the choruses burst with the powerful, synthpop epicness of JERALD COPP.


Scheduled to hit streaming platforms on July 6th, “ForceGhost” is a testament to Stefán’s artistic range and musical prowess. As the sole member behind this project, Stefán embodies both ÍKORNI and JERALD COPP, seamlessly blending their distinct styles into a captivating sonic experience.

Recorded in Stefán’s own studio, Studio Bambus, located in a suburb of Reykjavik, the single showcases his expertise as a musician and music producer of three decades. Drawing inspiration from cinematic music, Bon Iver, Rhye, 80s synth pop, and Emilie Nicolas, Stefán creates a dynamic juxtaposition within the song. The verses exude a classic jazz standards vibe with a retro touch, while the choruses intensify with brooding electronic fusion, featuring growling synths and punchy drums.

“ForceGhost” delves into the emotions of a parent witnessing their child’s transition into adulthood, exploring the feelings of being less needed. However, the song offers a glimpse of hope in the choruses, where the singer expresses ideas on how to remain relevant in their child’s life, proclaiming, “I could be your forceghost, etc.”

Adding to the creative process, the enchanting female vocals were provided by a talented singer found on Fiverr, contributing to the depth and richness of the track.

With its thought-provoking lyrics and distinctive blend of musical styles, “ForceGhost” showcases Stefán Örn Gunnlaugsson’s ability to push boundaries and create captivating music under his alter-egos, ÍKORNI and JERALD COPP. Prepare to be captivated by the musical journey that awaits when the song releases on July 6th.


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Prepare to be enchanted by the mysterious and captivating sounds of Jacques Bailhé’s latest Jazz album, “Shiva in flagrante.” A former Buddhist priest with a diverse musical background, Bailhé combines his years of touring with the folk-baroque-rock band Big Lost, extensive work in film and commercial production, and spiritual experiences to create a truly unique musical masterpiece.

Jacques Bailhé

“Shiva in flagrante” narrates an extraordinary tale of passion, as the revered Hindu deity Shiva, portrayed as a Harley-Davidson-riding figure, embarks on a journey of love, culminating in his union with the goddess Parvati and the birth of their child in the final track, aptly titled “The Facts of Creation.” To bring this story to life, Bailhé harnesses the freedom and power of a Jazz orchestra, infusing it with his signature style described as “reckless abandon.”

Jacques Bailhé’s artistry is characterized by fiery passion, intricate melodies, and captivating narratives that leave audiences spellbound. Rejecting the notion of abandoning melody in favor of complex harmonies, Bailhé draws inspiration from a wide range of influences, including early Weather Report, Miles Davis, Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band, Hiromi, Ravi Shankar, Zap Mama, Hendrix, The Beatles, and renowned producers and engineers.

Experience the enchanting journey of “Shiva in flagrante” by streaming multi-instrumentalist Jacques Bailhé’s new album on his official music platforms. Stay connected through his social media channels for updates on his forthcoming release this fall, which will focus on music for dance. Bailhé is also actively seeking collaboration with choreographers, and interested individuals are encouraged to reach out via email.

Jacques Bailhé hails from a lineage of talented musicians, including his grandfather George Bailhé, an award-winning pianist and arranger who worked with Cecil B. DeMille in the 1930s. His great uncle Gaston Bailhé, a renowned violinist, has a revered collection of scores housed at Indiana University. With a magna cum laude degree in Film Production from Art Center College of Design, Bailhé has traversed the realms of filmmaking and composition, collaborating with esteemed composers, studio players, and engineers in Los Angeles, including his work with Dolly Parton for her theme park.

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Yerevan, Armenia—Renowned DJ Arman has unveiled his latest musical masterpiece, the captivating electronic single “AfroKid,” guaranteed to transport listeners to the epitome of a summer vibe. With a fusion of Organic House and Deep House, this track showcases Arman’s exceptional talent as a producer.

Dj Arman

Prepare to be mesmerized by the enchanting melody of “AfroKid,” which boasts a catchy and irresistible allure. The infusion of Organic House elements, including the incorporation of natural sounds and rhythmic percussion, lends a distinctive and rejuvenating quality to the composition. Furthermore, Deep House influences shine through with atmospheric synths and soulful vocals, further enhancing the depth and richness of the track.

Arman’s unwavering commitment to crafting innovative and timeless music is epitomized by “AfroKid.” Destined to make waves on dance floors across the globe, this single is an absolute must-listen for electronic music aficionados and those seeking a captivating auditory journey.

Stay tuned for DJ Arman’s upcoming projects, as he continues to enthrall audiences with his unparalleled creativity and passion.

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