Yorgos Elàson Unveils Emotional and Authentic Single “Mono Sto Myalo”

Athens, Greece – Yorgos Elàson, the talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, presents his latest single “Mono Sto Myalo,” an introspective and heartfelt composition that delves into the depths of human emotions. This highly anticipated release showcases Elàson’s ability to craft evocative music that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

Yorgos Elàson

Recorded at the esteemed LICK RECORDING studio in Athens, Greece, “Mono Sto Myalo” was engineered and produced by Elàson himself, in collaboration with Vice Lesley, who also contributed to the artwork design. The track was masterfully mastered at Sweetspot Productions by Giannis Christodoulatos, ensuring a sonically captivating experience.

Drawing inspiration from diverse influences such as The Doors, Nirvana, and Portishead, Elàson’s music defies genre boundaries, blending elements of rock, lo-fi, and Bossa Nova. “Mono Sto Myalo” is an exploration of human connection, touching upon themes of selfless interest, admiration, and unfulfilled longing.

This release marks a significant milestone for Elàson, accompanied by his first official music video, directed and produced by the talented Thinkbabymusic Collective. The captivating visuals serve as a perfect complement to the emotional depth of the song, further immersing audiences in the experience.

With previous accolades and recognition from renowned figures in the Greek music industry, including songwriter Mimis Plessas and singer Giorgos Dalaras, Yorgos Elàson continues to captivate listeners with his sensitive, consistent, and modern approach to music.

“Mono Sto Myalo” is a testament to Elàson’s unwavering commitment to artistic authenticity and heartfelt expression. Prepare to be moved by this poignant composition that explores the complexities of human connection.

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Nicolas Zappa, the mysterious solo artist and producer hailing from London, UK, makes a striking comeback with his latest EP titled “PERPETRATOR.” This mesmerizing musical experience takes listeners on a captivating journey through the realms of dark ambient and industrial introspection. Building on the success of his previous release, “Anarchy (Music for Cats),” Zappa showcases his growth and evolution as an artist through a carefully composed collection of tracks specifically crafted for this EP.

Nicolas Zappa

“PERPETRATOR” delves deep into experimental soundscapes, guided by Zappa’s fearless exploration of new gear and plugins. It serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventional music styles. From the enchanting title track to the haunting compositions that follow, listeners are invited on a sonic voyage that resonates with dark and introspective emotions.

As a solo artist, Nicolas Zappa embraces complete control over every aspect of the production process, from writing and engineering to performing and mixing. His meticulous attention to detail shines through in each track, demonstrating his dedication to artistic expression. Zappa’s thirst for innovation leads him to constantly experiment with new equipment, techniques, and musical concepts.

Beyond his solo endeavors, Zappa is also an integral member of The Silent Era, a London-based goth-leaning shoegaze alt-rock band. Their unique blend of atmospheric sounds has garnered attention and praise, further highlighting Zappa’s diverse musical talents.

“PERPETRATOR” stands as a testament to Zappa’s artistic ethos, displaying his unwavering commitment to creating music that resonates with introspective souls. Each track is a meticulously crafted piece infused with Zappa’s distinctive style, inviting listeners on a haunting and thought-provoking sonic expedition.

Reflecting on his creative process, Nicolas Zappa shares, “I strive to take on every aspect because I believe in the power of complete artistic control. It may seem obsessive, but it enables me to fully express myself.”

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Dublin’s Search Results are set to release their upcoming single “Flower Rock Rain,” delivering the perfect indie Summer sound. The track features a collaboration with Rhys Mayes and Callum Browne from Belfast’s psych-pop band The Daisy Chain, adding an extra layer of creativity to the mix.

Search Results

As part of the vibrant Irish post-punk/alt-rock scene, the Dublin trio (who, like Fontaines DC, are BIMM graduates) offer a unique twist with their captivating blend of melody, harmony, and spoken word. Their tight grooves traverse genres, seamlessly navigating from post-punk to pop to jazz.

Comprised of Fionn Brennan (guitar), Jack Condon (drums), and Adam Hoban (bass), Search Results formed after relocating to Dublin in 2019, and they have been making waves ever since.

“Flower Rock Rain” serves as the first single from their forthcoming album, “Informa(on Blip,” scheduled for release in September on all major streaming platforms and vinyl through a collaboration with Galway-based label Blowtorch Records.

The track itself showcases a collaboration with Rhys Mayes and Callum Browne, incorporating the autoharp and distorted lap-steel guitar alongside the band’s usual instrumentation. Following the single release, Search Results will embark on an Irish co-headline tour with ‘Thee U.F.O,’ performing in cities such as Limerick, Cork, Galway, Sligo, Belfast, and Dublin throughout July.

“Flower Rock Rain” marks Search Results’ third release to date, following their 2021 EP “Mirrors” and 2022 EP “No Punchline Arousal.” They have already gained notable acclaim, performing sold-out shows at Fred Zeppelins in Cork and TILT in the Button Factory, while also supporting esteemed acts such as ‘Junk Drawer,’ ‘Skinner,’ ‘Banrion,’ ‘Really Good Time,’ and the legendary ‘Jeffery Lewis’ during their Irish tour dates.

Drawing inspiration from 70s proto-punk band Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers and 80s psychedelic rock band Camper Van Beethoven, Search Results’ music exudes a timeless quality. Their sonic landscape would have seamlessly fit into the late John Peel’s influential 1980s late-night radio playlists, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.


Garry Baylon of The Goo describes Search Results’ music as having “hints and heavy nods” to the influential bands of the past, while Ethan Golding of The Goo praises them as an “artistic oasis” in the current music landscape. Their performances evoke elements of The Feelies, Beat Happening, The Vaselines, and more, providing a refreshing and distinct take on guitar music.

With their upcoming single “Flower Rock Rain,” Search Results continue to captivate audiences and solidify their place as one of Ireland’s most exciting and innovative acts. Their music promises an immersive and enjoyable experience, offering a refreshing departure from the norm. Keep an eye out for their forthcoming album and catch them live on their upcoming tour for an unforgettable musical journey.

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Unveiling a remarkable fusion of afro house and afro tech, I am thrilled to present my latest release, accompanied by sensational remixes from the esteemed artists Kususa and &lez. This track has already garnered immense support during its promotional phase and was showcased by the talented Djeff at the renowned Extrema Outdoor festival.

“Iphathi,” the highly anticipated collaboration between Aytiwan and Idd Aziz, is the centerpiece of this release, brought to you by the prestigious label Deep In Your Soul. Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing musical voyage as this extraordinary package unfolds. The original mix of “Iphathi” captivates listeners with its seamless integration of spine-tingling vocal chants and rhythmic drum patterns. The thunderous bassline adds depth, while enchanting chords and intricate percussion infuse the composition with cultural richness.

Venturing into the realm of remixes, Kususa presents a transformative interpretation of “Iphathi.” Their mesmerizing rendition amplifies the percussive elements and introduces sustained chords, crafting a multi-layered soundscape that invites profound immersion. The remix’s loose and vibrant arrangement ignites an irresistible groove, compelling bodies to sway in sync with the infectious rhythm.

Lastly, &lez takes the track to new heights with an invigorating hi-tech soul mix. Infused with edgy drums and captivating synths, their remix propels the energy forward, ensuring a dynamic and exhilarating experience on the dance floor.

“Iphathi” and its accompanying remixes epitomize the artistic vision and creativity of Aytiwan, Idd Aziz, Kususa, and &lez. These meticulously crafted tracks are poised to make an indelible mark on the global music scene. Deep In Your Soul proudly presents this extraordinary release, destined to ignite dance floors worldwide and leave an everlasting imprint on the hearts of music enthusiasts. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythms and emotive melodies of “Iphathi” and witness the magic unfold before your very ears.


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