Gordon Holland, an Australian alternative singer-songwriter, is preparing to release his highly anticipated four-track EP, “Skipping Stones On A Salt Lake,” on June 9th, 2023. The EP, which was recorded and engineered by Harrie Kingston, mixed by Digby Gillings, and mastered by Lion Dance Records, explores a variety of topics including transition, travel, and nostalgia. With their infectious choruses and mainstream appeal, Holland’s melodic and beautiful but down-to-earth and intimate tunes stand out.

Gordon Holland

Holland began on a creative journey, drawing influence from Paul Kelly, Bob Evans, Julia Jacklin, and Crowded House, challenging himself to develop a collection of narrative-driven songs that delve into the intuitive side of songwriting. His love of melody and memorable melodies shows through, discovering beauty and inspiration in daily encounters and expressing feelings that words alone cannot explain.

Standout tracks on the EP include “Palm Tree Wallpaper,” a touching story about a phone call between a person and their elderly dad, and “Half A Tank (And They’re All Counting On Me),” a gripping story about a person’s concentrated travel to a small village. “Midnight At The Karaoke Bar” laments the lack of change, while “Departure Lounge Blues” imagines the lives of passengers at an airport departure lounge.

Gordon Holland’s combination of alternative country and Britpop has established him as a prominent figure in Melbourne’s music scene. His enthralling performances and introspective, nostalgic songs laced with humor and wistfulness have earned him a devoted fan base. With his EP “Skipping Stones On A Salt Lake,” Holland demonstrates his songwriting abilities and draws listeners into a world of catchy tunes and intriguing narratives. Don’t miss the June 9th, 2023 release date.

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