A new version of George Michael’s song “Freedom” has been released. It’s called “Freedom ft. Sandra St. Victor,” and it’s a special collaboration between d’Z and Sandra St. Victor. They’ve put their twist on the classic song, and it’s going to be exciting.

                                                                                       BUDI MASAID

d’Z, a talented drummer from the Netherlands, has won many music awards and worked with artists from around the world. He and Sandra St. Victor are good friends and have made music together before. Their new song, “Freedom,” shows how well they work together and how much they respect each other’s talent. Sandra St. Victor, a very talented singer, joins the project. She has sung with famous artists like Prince and Nile Rodgers before. Her powerful voice makes the new version of “Freedom” more meaningful and emotional. The new song was released on May 31, 2024. It’s a special project that d’Z has been working on for seven years. He wanted to make music that makes people happy, inspired, and loved. He got inspiration from great musicians like Gino Vannelli.d’Z has won many awards for his music. He won “Best Jazz Single” for his song “ONE” and “Best European Jazz Song” for “SUNLIGHT,” which he wrote with Vivian Veronique. The song was recorded at Sound Edge Studio in Arnhem, Netherlands. Raoul Soentken helped make the song sound great. d’Z was very involved and played drums, vibraphone, and keys, and also helped with arranging and producing the song.

d’Z and Sandra St. Victor worked together on music, but it’s also a special friendship. Music helps people feel better and heals them. d’Z keeps finding great singers to sing his songs, and his music makes people happy and hopeful all around the world. His new song “Freedom” is a new start, not just a reminder of the past, and music will keep inspiring people.

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