John Michael Hersey’s new album, “Footprints”,  is a special collection of songs from a life full of excitement and thought. He’s famous for mixing styles like rock, pop, folk, blues, and country to create his unique sound. This is his nineteenth album, which shows he’s still a great musician who can tell stories through his songs.

                                                                        JOHN MICHAEL HERSEY

“Footprints” is a special album that tells a story through music. Each song is like a step in John Michael Hersey’s life, showing what he’s been through. The album has many styles, like rock and reggae, and takes listeners on a fun musical journey. The album is about an older man looking back on his life and thinking about the choices he made. He’s wondering about the meaning of life and what it means to be a man. Some songs ask big questions, while others are about trying to connect with others and find closeness. John Michael Hersey’s album talks about the tough parts of life, like feeling empty and lost. But it also has happy moments. Some songs, like “The Time Has Come”,  are upbeat and about finding a new way forward. Others, like “Without Annette”,  are about love, loss, and hope for a better future. The last song, “Grow Where You’re Planted”,  ends the album with a hopeful message. It tells listeners to stay strong and thrive even in hard times, like a flower growing in spring.

“Footprints” is a special album that will touch listeners’ hearts and make them think about their own lives and the impact they have on others. The album reminds us that life is a journey of learning and growing, and every step we take and every choice we make matters.

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