In the era of electronic music, Wavewulf is also known as Nicholas Long, who is a New York-based artist. He crafts soundscapes that exceed the boundaries of genre. His fifth upcoming album, “Unbreakable Soul,” is evidence of how the human spirit is and its ability to rise to the challenges of life. “Unbreakable Soul” is a reflection of how the journey of life goes through trials and tribulations that result in making it stronger and wiser. This album explores the idea of raising the ability of the soul, with each song being like a new chapter in this journey.

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Wavewulf’s music is a mixture of individuality and connectivity, crafted by talented singers from around the world. Polish singer Nala Spark leads the vocals on the title track, adding a unique touch and making the album more diverse and interesting. This album blends intricate texture, pulsating beats, and ethereal melodies together. This shows Wavewulf’s skills in merging subgenres such as dream-pop, shoegaze, electro, synth-wave, and synth-pop. This mix of styles attracts the audience’s attention. Wavewulf filled his composition with deep emotions and expression. Each track is an invitation to the world of sound, where listeners can find inspiration and comfort.

“Unbreakable Soul” is releasing on October 4th, 2024, but now it is currently available for pre-order. The album promises to be a journey that goes through the resilience of the human soul. This is a soundtrack for those who search to find unbreakable strength within themselves. Fans can listen to the first single and title track on various streaming platforms and follow Wavewulf through his social media channels and official website.

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