Evol Walks, led by the formidable Leah Martin-Brown, unveils a spellbinding and haunting cover of the Ramones’ timeless hit, ‘Pet Sematary.’ Departing from their typical heavy rock sound, this rendition, featured as the second single from their upcoming Acoustic EP, adds a mystical and ethereal twist to the iconic punk anthem. Leah Martin-Brown, recognized for her powerhouse vocals and dynamic stage presence, takes a daring leap into uncharted territory with this acoustic rendition. The decision to cover ‘Pet Sematary’ wasn’t taken lightly, as Leah explains, “I’ve always loved the Ramones and their energy, but I wanted to explore a different side of their music. ‘Pet Sematary’ is such an musically upbeat song with quite serious lyrics, and I thought it would be intriguing to give it a mournful, ethereal twist.”

Evol Walks

This cover introduces listeners to a new facet of Evol Walks, showcasing Leah’s soulful vocals accompanied by a haunting violin played by Jasmine Crowe. The result is a transformative experience that retains the song’s essence while infusing it with a sense of melancholy and introspection.

As part of the upcoming Acoustic EP, scheduled for release in late June/early July, ‘Pet Sematary’ offers a glimpse into Evol Walks’ diverse musical palette. Fans can expect an intimate and introspective acoustic journey, exploring emotions and sounds distinct from the band’s signature rock anthems. With this cover, Evol Walks proves their ability to weave dark magic, creating an enchanting rendition that pays homage to the Ramones while venturing into unexplored sonic realms.

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