Bodeba, the talented DJ and music producer hailing from Brazil, unveils his latest sonic masterpiece, “Breath,” inviting listeners into a world where dance genres converge, and vibrant beats rule. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Jamiroquai, Jungle, Dua Lipa, Kaytranada, Nile Rodgers, and Michael Jackson, Bodeba skillfully crafts a genre-defying experience that seamlessly navigates through nu disco, house, indie dance, funk, and disco house. At the heart of “Breath” is a vivid narrative inspired by a night at a seductive jazz club. The track mirrors the ambiance of a lively dancefloor where people lose themselves to the intoxicating vibes of nu disco. Bodeba’s musical dexterity transforms this experience into a pulsating rhythm that transcends conventional boundaries.


The single captures the essence of a captivating evening, immersing the audience in the very soul of the dance culture that fuels Bodeba’s creativity. As the beats unfold, “Breath” becomes a sonic journey, intricately woven with elements of funk, disco, and house. The result is a spellbinding composition that not only encapsulates the spirit of the night but also elevates it to a timeless auditory experience.

“Bodeba’s ‘Breath'” stands as a testament to the artist’s ability to translate the energy of a moment into a musical masterpiece. The track doesn’t merely invite you to listen; it beckons you to feel and experience the magic of nu disco in its purest form. With every beat, Bodeba takes the listener on a captivating ride, evoking the spirit of dance and celebration. Step into the enchanting realm of “Breath” and let Bodeba’s sonic wizardry transport you to the heart of a pulsating dancefloor, where the night comes alive with the irresistible allure of nu disco.

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