Proklaim, a solo artist who’s been in the rap game since 2011, has dropped a reflective track that delves deep into thoughts and internal musings, all while passionately expressing the art of rap.Hailing from the world of hip-hop, Proklaim’s influences span the genre’s legends, including Nas, Tupac, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill, and Drake. This artist’s journey has included a notable appearance on MTV Bass in the video for “Kingz,” showcasing a taste of the spotlight.


Proklaim’s musical origins intertwine with his journey of self-discovery, as he began writing raps while learning to play the guitar. This unique blend of influences and experiences adds depth to his music, evident in every verse he spits.The latest single, recorded in Namibia and mixed by Lu Diaz in Florida, is a testament to Proklaim’s belief in following one’s intuition and purpose. It’s a soulful composition riding on a beautiful beat, capturing the essence of a true artist’s introspection.

This release, with its thoughtful lyricism and emotive delivery, serves as a reminder that hip-hop remains a powerful medium for personal expression and storytelling. Proklaim’s music embodies the essence of self-discovery and musical dedication, resonating with fans of honest and introspective rap.

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“SKID MARKZ” marks a new chapter in the emotionally-driven Glitch-Pop world, with an infusion of Vaporwave aesthetics. Ben Wright, under the alias ‘Jean RN,’ unveils his fourth EP, a 15-minute exploration of embracing and ultimately letting go of the past. This project, mastered by Angel Marcloid, also known as ‘Fire-Toolz,’ is set to release on September 14th, 2023, via Ghost Nun, a UK-based netlabel specializing in Noise-Pop music.


Wright is the sole creator behind ‘Jean RN,’ playing the roles of recording and production. His influences range from the experimental soundscapes of Oneohtrix Point Never to the pop sensibilities of Charli XCX, with shades of The Microphones, Low, Bon Iver, and Gilla Band enriching the sonic palette.

The EP, recorded over several months in Suffolk, UK, presents a sonic journey where pop elements get poppier, and experimental dimensions get even weirder. Each track delves into memories and lessons learned from people who have faded from Wright’s life, leaving mental “skid marks” that continue to influence his thoughts. In essence, “SKID MARKZ” is noisy music for the introspective soul, offering a unique and emotionally charged listening experience.

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In Oddsmokee’s latest album, “The Good, the Bad and the Oddy,” the artist takes listeners on a poignant journey through the harsh realities of substance abuse. With influences ranging from Post Malone to The Eagles, this deeply personal project explores the pitfalls of using drugs as a coping mechanism for mental health issues. Oddsmokee, who recorded the album in Upstate NY, shares his struggles and transformation, weaving a narrative that delves into his multiple personalities: Oddsmokee, Jozzi, and Oddy.


Each track tells a story, from the frenetic world fueled by cocaine in “11:15” to the dark consequences of continued drug use in “Overdosaa.” The album’s overarching theme is a plea for understanding and dialogue around the dangers of substance abuse.

Oddsmokee’s goal with this project is not just to create music but to create change. Through his art, he aims to provide support and shed light on the darkness that drugs can bring. In the face of adversity and personal battles, Oddsmokee delivers an emotional and introspective musical journey that encourages listeners to confront their own struggles.

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“Love Highway” is a captivating blend of hip-hop and Afro Beats that delves deep into the timeless truths of life and love. Proklaim, a solo artist with a recording journey spanning back to 2011, brings a unique fusion of influences ranging from Nas and Tupac to Lauryn Hill and Drake.


Proklaim’s music has graced the screens of MTV Bass, showcasing the artist’s talent and creativity. What’s intriguing is Proklaim’s origin story, where the artist began writing raps while simultaneously learning to play the guitar, illustrating a multifaceted musical journey.The single “Love Highway” was recorded in Namibia and skillfully mixed by Lu Diaz in Florida, resulting in a soulful and melodious track that resonates with the stirring in one’s chest.This musical endeavor is an expression of intuitive artistry, echoing the artist’s purpose and passion. Proklaim’s music speaks of deeper introspection, a journey that promises to touch hearts and evoke emotions.

In Proklaim’s own words, “Kings have fallen at the hands of the trifling,” a testament to the profound impact and depth of “Love Highway.”

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