Lewca’s latest musical offering, “Boombap for Boomers,” marks his second basement session collaboration with S.O.A.P. It’s a refreshing departure from his previous album, “Friday Night Rockstar,” which was characterized by angst and intensity. This time, Lewca invites listeners to bask in a sunny, mellow vibe that pervades the tracklist.


Notably, Lewca’s musical journey began in a Brixton squat and led him to a similar abode in Paris by age nineteen. He’s a true artist at heart, having explored fine art and film before diving headfirst into music, just in the nick of time.Lewca’s eclectic influences range from the edgy world of class A drugs to the melodic brilliance of Bob Dylan and the urban sounds of ASAP Rocky. He draws inspiration from an array of artists, including The Clash, The Streets, and LCD Soundsystem. Despite his solo career, Lewca frequently collaborates with various musicians, often former bandmates. His main partner in crime, however, is S.O.A.P., a Parisian drum & bass DJ and Beatmaker. Their creative synergy dates back to 2013 when they shared a billing at a gig.Over the past few years, they’ve churned out three EPs and poured their hearts into two albums. “Friday Night Rockstar” dropped in December 2022, while “Boombap for Boomers” is set to grace our ears on September 15, 2023.

As for their aspirations? World domination and unimaginable wealth, of course! In the midst of this musical journey, Lewca resides in Normandy, where he balances the responsibilities of fatherhood, a mortgage, and the care of a semi-domesticated hedgehog named “Sonic.” With “Boombap for Boomers,” Lewca continues to carve out his unique musical path, promising listeners a melodic adventure worth embarking upon.

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Chasing Shadows is making waves in the indie rock and pop-punk scene with their latest single, “Emily,” set to drop on August 18, 2023, across major streaming platforms. The track is a sonic testament to their signature sound, blending catchy riffs, powerful melodies, and unforgettable choruses into a captivating musical experience that’ll have you tapping your feet and singing along.

Chasing Shadows

This new single has been a labor of love, with the recording process spanning from April 2022 to April 2023. Produced at Orange Recording Studio in Penmaenmawr, North Wales, with the support of BBC Wales Horizons/Gorwelion, “Emily” is the fourth track from their upcoming EP, “Horizons.” Chasing Shadows’ previous EP garnered over 20,000 streams, and their last single, “Lost,” enjoyed radio plays across the UK and internationally in the Netherlands, South Africa, and Brazil. Sam Roberts of Chasing Shadows expresses their excitement for “Emily,” stating, “From the second we first played this in practice, we loved Emily. It was one of those tracks that we just couldn’t stop playing, and it all came about so quickly. We’re really excited to finally have it out in the world for everyone to finally hear!”

“Emily” is just a glimpse of what Chasing Shadows has in store. They’re currently wrapping up their latest EP, slated for release later this year. Stay tuned for more news and tour dates by following Chasing Shadows on social media. This is a band that’s carving their path in the indie music landscape, and “Emily” is the latest gem in their musical journey.

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In a musical landscape often dominated by familiar sounds, Lorsay emerges as a fresh and captivating force in the world of trip-hop and electro-pop. Formed in 2020 and based between Paris and the south of France, this dynamic ensemble is led by Alex Gomez (guitar, machines), featuring the ethereal vocals of Orey, the bass-driven grooves of Rémy Peyrot des Gachons, and the keyboard wizardry of Fred Chauvin. Lorsay’s musical concoction is a blend of electro post-rock and melancholic pop, seamlessly weaving together acoustic instruments and electronic machines. In February 2020, they introduced themselves to the world with a self-produced EP titled “dead melodies for the nobodies,” a collection of seven entirely instrumental tracks that showcased their sonic prowess.


However, Lorsay didn’t stop there. They embarked on a journey to expand their musical horizons, collaborating with voices from diverse backgrounds. This includes Israeli jazz singer Avigail Danino, Texan rapper Sam Jacob, and English metal vocalist Dan Picknell. The result was their second self-produced EP, “back and fourth from winterland,” released in August 2021, accompanied by a visual universe crafted by the talented portrait photographer Samuel Kirszenbaum. In 2022, Lorsay graced the stage at the prestigious Printemps de Bourges, solidifying their presence in the music scene. And now, in March 2023, they’re back with their third EP, “spring fever,” promising to continue pushing the boundaries of their genre-blurring sound.

With Lorsay, trip-hop is not dead; it’s evolving and thriving in the hands of these innovative musicians. Keep an eye (and an ear) out for their mesmerizing melodies and ever-expanding sonic universe.

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Mourning Moon and Knight, an emerging band with a fervent following, is poised to make waves and broaden their exposure. Their devoted fanbase provides a strong foundation, and they aim to leverage this support to amplify their reach across larger networks, benefitting both themselves and the platforms they engage with. Comprising Jon Rosado (Guitar/Bass/Vocals), Chris Torres (Bass/Guitar/Vocals), Che Rosado (Keys/Vocals), and Drew Wilson (Drums), this quartet’s musical journey spans over two decades, with influences drawn from an eclectic array of genres, from 70s progressive rock to indie, emo, punk, jazz, hip-hop, and R&B.

Mourning Moon and Knight

While their performances have graced venues like Harlem’s Shrine World Music Venue, they trace their roots to intimate, grassroots spaces like The Sloodge in Park Slope. Their latest single, “I Should Go,” was recorded and produced by the band at 9A Studio, Rockaway Beach, NY. It serves as a glimpse into larger concept albums spearheaded by each member, offering a taste of their diverse inspirations and styles that contribute to their unique sound. The tracks on the EP, including “Golden Boy,” “Bust My Ass,” and “Cosmic Orca,” delve into themes of morality, unrequited love, and the complexities of relationships, offering a snapshot of the narratives they intend to explore further.

As Jon Rosado aptly puts it, “The three tracks are prologues of sorts to three stories that we want to tell. Each tale started with one of us, but all of us together will really bring these narratives to life.”With their talent and determination, Mourning Moon and Knight are primed for an exciting musical journey ahead, promising to captivate audiences with their compelling storytelling and genre-blending sound.

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