Olivia Cox, a singer-songwriter, puts her heart and soul into her music. Her new song “Miss Me” is special because it has a catchy beat and a message that many people can relate to. The song is about the ups and downs of modern dating. Olivia thinks “Miss Me” is good enough to be a hit, just like songs by popular artists Tate McRae, Raye, and Mimi Webb.

                                                                                          OLIVIA COX

Olivia started making music when she was very young. She sang as a baby and wrote songs before she even knew how to play the guitar. She loves music with all her heart, and it shows in her work. She gets inspiration from great artists like Amy Winehouse, Radiohead, and Julia Michaels, who are known for their powerful voices, storytelling, and clever lyrics. Olivia’s music is a mix of true stories and clever wordplay that comes from the heart. Olivia’s music is getting noticed. Her songs are played on the radio in Northern Ireland and Luxembourg. Her song “Miss Me” was even named “Essential Track of the Week” on CoolFM, so it gets played a lot during popular listening times. She has also done live interviews and will be featured on another radio station in Belfast soon. Olivia’s song “Miss Me” was a big hit. She had a party in Belfast to celebrate, and her new merchandise sold out fast. DJs love the song and think Olivia is great for making music on her own. “Miss Me” was recorded in different places around the world, but mainly in a studio in Vancouver called Headspace Studios. Andy Dixon helped produce the song, and Railtown Mastering made it sound great. The song is inspired by music from the early 2000s, with a mix of old and new styles, like Timbaland and Rihanna.

“Miss Me” is a song about the struggles of trust and commitment in today’s dating world. It’s about wanting to be missed and being afraid to show your true feelings. Even though the lyrics are serious, the song has a happy and uplifting melody that makes it a powerful anthem for people trying to figure out love. Olivia says, “Life is about making yourself into the person you want to be, not just finding who you are”. She believes that music helps her create herself. With her song “Miss Me”, Olivia is making a name for herself in the music industry and showing the world her own special style.

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