In the world of electronic music, “Futuristan” is a new album that shows how human creativity and artificial intelligence can work together in order to make something different. SHASAU has created it. This album has a strong message regarding the future of music-making.


“Futuristan” is a part of the digital age where Artificial Intelligence (AI) acts as virtual musicians who create basic beats and melodies. SHASAU has skillfully combined these AI-made sounds with samples to create music that feels familiar and unique. This album was created through the teamwork of humans and machines; it was collected and mixed by Vadim Militsin and polished by Bill Sellar at Super Audio Mastering. Released by Omnorm Records. After listening, it will lead listeners to think about the role of artists in it. Is the artist just arranging sounds, or are they creating music?

“Futuristan” highlighted this discussion by showing that AI can help humans create things, but it can’t replace human creativity. The key track of this album, “1996,”  is a perfect combo of electronic beats and AI-created sounds that make the music feel romantic and futuristic. “Futuristan” by SHASAU is more than an album; it is a landmark in electronic music. It shows how humans and AI can make work possible. This album is not just progress for AI; it is a major advance for music.

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