The Cambridge jazz group Q3 has released their third album, “Water Speckled Midnight.” This follows “The Monkey Puzzle Tree,” their well-received 2019 album. This album has ten songs written by one of the great pianists, Martin Hallmark, and it includes a mixture of Latin, funk, Arabic, and Mediterranean music styles.


First-class musicians have given excellent solo performances in this album. Kevin Flanagan impresses with his skill and beautiful sound. Tiago Coimbra, one of the UK’s best electric bassists, shines with solos in North African, flamenco, and funk styles. Martin Hallmark’s piano solos are artistic and inspired by Chick Corea. Drummer Oscar Reynolds gives a steady and strong base that enhances the musical flow of the album. Since 2013, Q3 has always made music that gets fans love. Their new album was recorded at
Alpheton New Maltings studio in Suffolk, where famous musicians like Brad Mehldau have recorded too.
Kevin Flanagan has had a key role in UK jazz since the 1980s.

Martin Hallmark brings his unique style to Q3’s music, influenced by Chick Corea. “Water Speckled Midnight” is more than just an album; it’s a celebration of jazz’s worldwide influence and the blend of different musical cultures. Each track takes you through different places, feelings, and stories with a smooth and enjoyable sound. Q3’s new album will delight people, as it invites all to enjoy the world.

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