Embark on a musical odyssey with Kmalectro, a solo artist whose thrilling journey transcends genres, blending Rock, Electro, Jazz, and Classical Indian Music into a unique sonic tapestry. Beyond the music, Kmalectro’s fusion of art and technology, with a loyal dog serving as both muse and motivation, sets this project apart. As a one-person band, Kmalectro wears multiple hats, from playing instruments like the piano, guitar, and Tabla to handling all aspects of production and social media. This musical endeavor is not just a dream but a result of unwavering determination, marking a remarkable comeback after diverse professional pursuits.


Influenced by diverse genres and artists who pour their hearts into their work, Kmalectro’s music reflects the ever-changing digital landscape. The German TV show feature and DJing adventures add layers to an already extraordinary journey. Notable moments include rapid YouTube growth, with over 39,000 subscribers in two months, a testament to the project’s magnetic pull. Kmalectro’s diverse artistic direction resonates with a global community, making each subscriber a vital part of this musical adventure.

The latest single, exploring the theme of Big Data, delves into the complexities of the internet’s evolution and the need to safeguard personal data. Tonee Jukebox, a collaborator and friend, masterfully refines the track. Throughout the recording, Kmalectro’s dog becomes a constant source of inspiration and joy. “My music is my voice and not just a sound; it’s the heartbeat of my journey, where every note tells a story, and every track is a chapter in the book of my soul.” Join Kmalectro on this captivating journey, where music becomes a storyteller for the digital age, inviting everyone to explore the emotions within each track.

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Embark on a musical journey with Matt DeAngelis, a 25-year-old singer/songwriter on a mission to spread positivity to a world in need. The band, including Billy Kennedy on guitars, Eric Bishop on bass, and Dan Pettolina on drums, serves as Matt’s studio musicians extraordinaire.

Matt DeAngelis

Influenced by a myriad of genres, from pop and rock to prog and classical, Matt’s music creates a sonic tapestry that captivates listeners. The band has graced notable venues in the Mid-Atlantic region, including the Bottle and Cork in Dewey Beach, Delaware, and various casinos in Atlantic City and Philadelphia. Their latest single, recorded at Gradwell House and Musically Speaking Studios, was engineered by Tom Conran and Billy Kennedy. Matt, Billy Kennedy, and John DeAngelis collaborated in production, crafting a musical labyrinth that draws you in. Despite an amusing hiccup during recording, the band found the perfect tempo for the song.

The ethos of the single revolves around finding the good in everything, a recurring theme in Matt’s music. The featured track reflects on the conclusion of childhood and the journey into adulthood, embracing change and the unknown future. Matt’s lyrical prowess, described by Meg Chandler as a spellbinding weave of intricate melodies, offers solace and hope. In Matt’s words, the song is “laid back, memorable, and gives a feeling of hope.” As he navigates the realms of pop, rock, and beyond, Matt DeAngelis and his band create a harmonious narrative that resonates with the human experience.

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Immerse yourself in the eclectic universe of My Glass World as they unveil their latest offering, “Assorted Marvels,” , under Luxury Noise Records. The album is a sonic journey, traversing the sax-driven vigor of “White Out,” the soulful nuances of “Genghis Khan,” to the poignant resonance of “Citizen of Nowhere,” underscored by a dynamic sax break—a protest anthem echoing the struggles of those displaced by war, strife, and environmental upheavals. My Glass World is the brainchild of Jamie Telford, a versatile composer, singer, and musician who has collaborated with luminaries from Paul Weller to Richard Strange.

My Glass World

Noteworthy tracks from the band, previously championed by radio stalwarts like Guy Garvey and the late Janice Long, set the stage for “Assorted Marvels.” The album features Jamie Telford’s vocals and keyboards, complemented by the evocative sax and woodwind stylings of Sean Read, a seasoned collaborator with credits including Edwyn Collins and Dexy’s Midnight Runners. The album’s title, “Assorted Marvels,” draws inspiration from a Victorian shop’s half-remembered former name in Kennington, London, now a gallery run by artists Rob Kesseler and Agalis Manessi. This collection of tracks, serving as the sequel to the 2022 “Tree.Shadow.Piano” album, reflects diverse themes—philosophical, topical, direct, ephemeral, and humorous. Most compositions took shape in the Scottish landscapes, with finishing touches applied in Sean’s Famous Times studios in London.

“Assorted Marvels” encapsulates a multiverse of sound, where each song, despite sharing common roots, unravels its distinct and intricate history of influence and meaning. The album promises a captivating listening experience, showcasing the brilliance of Jamie and Sean’s songwriting.

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Embark on a global musical journey with the latest release from FRANÇOIS MARIUS, featuring the “Rasta Dance (STARRY NIGHT) Remix” in both Radio Edit and Reggae-Pop versions. Recorded across Estonia and Canada in October 2023, this infectious track was meticulously mastered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London by Simon Gibson, a Grammy Awards winner renowned for his exceptional work on The Beatles Album.

François Marius

Dive into the irresistible allure of “Rasta Dance (STARRY NIGHT) Remix” through the animated music video, which serves as a dynamic complement to the vibrant beats and infectious rhythm. Despite the sultry Jamaican influence, the recording session unfolded at the legendary Abbey Road Studio, weaving a rich tapestry of ragamuffin contours, ska-infused instrumentals, and reggae vibes that beckon the dancefloors.

The track exudes personality with a vocal delivery that’s both incessant and rhythmically swinging. The composition unfolds like a vivid dreamscape, featuring a sublime female choir, a brass section, and the distinct sound of cuíca, familiar to enthusiasts of Brazilian samba. Amidst the celebratory atmosphere, the arrangement’s “cerebrality” shines through, with layers of atmospheric effects adding a seductive touch to its conceptual archetype. FRANÇOIS MARIUS, based in Tallinn (Estonia), effortlessly crafts a potential dancefloor anthem with “Rasta Dance (STARRY NIGHT) Remix.” This release promises to be a HIT, leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene. Immerse yourself in the experience, and let the music transport you to a world brimming with energy, color, and undeniable artistic identity.

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