Embark on a sonic odyssey with the debut single “Invaders” by The Transpacific, a transcontinental musical force reshaping the rock scene across Australia and the U.S. This electrifying release, accompanied by a visually enthralling music video, introduces the dynamic collaboration of Jason ‘Space’ Smith and Dave Amphlett, promising a unique and compelling musical journey that transcends borders. Hailing from the Gold Coast, Australia, The Transpacific duo, consisting of the versatile Jason ‘Space’ Smith on vocals and guitar, alongside the rhythmic virtuosity of Dave Amphlett on drums, is set to make waves with their debut single “Invaders.” Influenced by iconic rock bands such as Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Foo Fighters, the duo’s synergy is evident in the meticulously crafted single, a testament to their shared passion for music that spans the Pacific Ocean.

The Transpacific

“Invaders” is more than a musical composition; it’s a narrative that delves into inner turmoil and the resilience required to confront life’s challenges. With pulsating rhythms and compelling lyrics, the single resonates emotionally, leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary rock music landscape. Complementing the release is a meticulously crafted music video directed by Space and skillfully edited by the maestro himself. The visual dimension adds depth to the single’s raw energy and impassioned storytelling, providing audiences with a vivid representation of the song’s thematic essence.

As “Invaders” and its captivating music video captivate audiences globally, The Transpacific is poised to make a lasting impact on contemporary rock music. This debut release sets the stage for an exhilarating musical journey, transcending geographical boundaries and resonating with the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. Don’t miss the chance to feature this compelling story in your publication.

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Indie rock powerhouses Onism E are making a triumphant return with their latest gritty single, “I’m Sorry,” following the success of last year’s chart-topping album, “It’s Not Over.” Set to drop on November 2nd, this track sees frontwoman Eline Chavez channeling the untamed spirit of icons like Patti Smith and Janis Joplin, delivering a rock anthem that boasts the stellar guitar work of acclaimed musician Joey Stuckey. The award-winning band’s new single, “I’m Sorry,” captures the essence of classic rock nostalgia while infusing it with a modern, fresh twist. Chavez’s dynamic vocal prowess and the infectious guitar riffs from Stuckey showcase Onism E’s continued mastery in effortlessly blending old-school vibes with contemporary flair.

Onism E

“I’m Sorry” is more than just a song; it’s a declaration of living freely without regret. Chavez expresses, “This song is about letting go of other people’s expectations and living life on your own terms. We captured the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll here.” A nod to the classic sounds of Smith, Joplin, Springsteen, and Petty, “I’m Sorry” propels Onism E back to their rock roots. The track serves as an anthem for embracing independence and shaking off societal expectations.

Available across major platforms, “I’m Sorry” is not just a single – it’s a statement of resilience and musical prowess from a band that continues to evolve while staying true to their rock heritage. Make sure to mark November 2nd on your calendars, as Onism E’s latest offering is a must-have for any rock enthusiast’s playlists and collections.

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Introducing Christopher Morin and his latest instrumental post-rock endeavor, “Stretch Out Your Hand,” the debut single from The Sound of Mountains. Hailing from rural upstate NY and now based in Southern California, Morin is a one-man show, playing guitar, drums, keys, and handling composition duties with a touch of bass and violin performances.

The Sound of Mountains

With influences ranging from Mogwai and Sigur Rós to Max Richter and Explosions in the Sky, The Sound of Mountains crafts a musical journey that blends traditional post-rock, modern orchestral, and a hint of shoegaze. The project is an intentional exploration, seeking to create a listening experience that fosters reflection, emotional release, and healing, carefully structuring each song to form peaks and valleys within the upcoming full-length album. “Stretch Out Your Hand” unfolds gently, setting the tone for the album, promising a refreshing dynamic with each subsequent track. Morin’s musical prowess is evident in his thoughtful approach, creating an atmospheric landscape that invokes introspection and solace. Recorded at his home studio in Sherman Oaks, California, the single features a poignant violin performance by Jahna Stanton from Ohio. The meticulous mixing and mastering were handled by Goran Dragaš, resulting in a seamless sonic experience.

As Morin reflects on the creative process, he shares, “Stretch Out Your Hand was essentially written as a prayer; to be a place of solace for the sick and stressed out. I wanted it to be peaceful enough to wind down and relax to, but slowly build to a more subtle peak (compared to other post-rock music) that may trigger the release of pent up stress, worry or disappointments.” While The Sound of Mountains has yet to grace notable stages or festivals, the project’s atmospheric sound has garnered praise from Dreamy Soundscapes, Last Day Deaf, Maisonneuve Music, mp3Hugger, and We All Want Someone to Shout For. With Morin’s heartfelt compositions, The Sound of Mountains promises to carve its niche in the diverse world of instrumental post-rock.

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In his latest album, “People,” rapper and producer Faryad showcases some of his best work to date, delving into the intricate web of human relationships and their impact on our lives. The album, a culmination of Faryad’s artistry, features high-production quality and a well-curated selection of beats, courtesy of Ukrainian producer “Last Atlantis.” Faryad, drawing inspiration from rap heavyweights like 50 Cent, Rick Ross, and Jay-Z, skillfully combines old-school rap influences with modern production techniques. The result is a collection of tracks that appeal to a broad audience, with Faryad experimenting with various flows and incorporating melodies into his vocals.

In “People,” each song is a narrative about specific individuals in Faryad’s life, offering relatable themes that resonate universally. From the introspective “Maintenance,” addressing mental health, to the poignant “Survival,” reflecting on friendships that took divergent paths, the album captures the essence of human connections. Standout tracks include “Sayno,” where Faryad discusses the importance of saying no to certain situations in relationships, and “Secret Society,” shedding light on powerful figures influencing the world. The love song “Lately” adds a romantic dimension, while “Together” explores familial bonds and the enduring love that often transcends challenges.

Recorded with Last Atlantis’s beats, “People” stands as a testament to Faryad’s versatility as an artist. Balancing hard-hitting drums with vocals and various instruments, he achieves a clean mix that complements the narrative depth of each track. “People” isn’t just an album; it’s a nuanced exploration of the human experience through the lens of Faryad’s life and relationships.

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