Step into the evocative world of ARN-IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS AND ALIEN FRIENDS with their latest song, “About Love,” the second track on the album NO SWEETS FOR E. This musical narrative weaves a tale of passion, loss, and the poignant exploration of love that “never was.” The song carries a distinct late-sixties vibe, channeling the spirit of that era while evoking harmonies reminiscent of the Kinks rather than the Beatles. The creative force behind ARN-IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS AND ALIEN FRIENDS is none other than ALIEN FRIEND, who previously played guitar and lent his vocals to the Swedish band REDMOON. In this solo project, ALIEN FRIEND, also the principal figure in Beam Us Up, takes center stage.

Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alie

Having released a series of singles and a double album co-produced by the legendary David Myhr of the Merrymakers, the musical journey of ARN-IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS AND ALIEN FRIENDS continues to unfold. The latest full-length album, NO SWEETS FOR E, scheduled for release in May 2023, promises a captivating fusion of power pop, folk, and indie rock. The songs, rooted in the musical soil of the sixties and seventies, transcend nostalgia with heartfelt, poetic, and contemporary lyrics—imbued with honesty and sometimes ironic perspectives.

A collaboration of talented musicians, including David Myhr and the friends from REDMOON—Daniel Lagerlöf, Ăke Lindgren, and Jolhan Lundström—has enriched both albums. “About Love,” a pop-oriented rock ballad, encapsulates the essence of the late sixties or early seventies, offering a timeless exploration of love, loss, and the inexorable passage of time.

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Embark on a musical journey with the James Deam Baker and Travelle Moore Project as they unveil their latest track, a love-stricken quest that spans the entire planet. The narrative unfolds as a guy ardently seeks his elusive muse across diverse landscapes, encapsulating the essence of passion and pursuit. The James Deam Baker and Travelle Moore Project, a dynamic duo, join forces in London to create music that draws inspiration from a rich tapestry of genres, including gospel, rave, jungle, dance, dub, raggie, soul, and pop. As they delve into the intricacies of relationships, their EP, recorded at the discreet Oak Tree House Studios in Cambridgeshire, serves as a sonic exploration of personal challenges within partnerships.

JAMES Dean Baker

While the EP lays the foundation for their musical endeavors, the duo anticipates hitting the vibrant club scene in the USA next year, adding another exciting chapter to their narrative. The track, rooted in personal experiences and relationship tribulations, takes a heartfelt approach, echoing the universal theme of unrequited love. The recording process itself wasn’t without its quirks, as the duo navigated power outages, resorting to a community effort to keep the creative momentum alive.

In the words of the band, “The only things that get done are the things you do yourself,” encapsulating the spirit of self-driven determination that fuels their musical pursuits. Stay tuned as the James Deam Baker and Travelle Moore Project weave more tales and melodies into the vibrant tapestry of their musical odyssey.

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Lee Switzer-Woolf’s compelling second full-length album, “Annihilation Signals.” In celebration of this anniversary, the talented Reading-based Folktronica artist is treating fans to a special one-off single titled “Ototoxin.”

Lee Switzer-Woolf

This unique release serves as a poignant “love letter to pain medication,” conceived during a period when Switzer-Woolf was grappling with back issues. Recorded in the intimate setting of his home studio during the same sessions as his album, “Ototoxin” became a personal favorite, although its distinctive thematic and sonic qualities set it apart from the album’s broader narrative.

In keeping with Switzer-Woolf’s artistic approach, the single was entirely performed and recorded by the artist himself. The finishing touches, including mixing and mastering, were expertly handled by his long-time collaborator, Aden Pearce. Scheduled for digital release on November 13th across various streaming platforms, “Ototoxin” comes complete with a visually engaging lyric video and an exclusive merchandise drop.

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Danish-born artist Jakob The Liar makes a resounding return with his end-of-year anthem, ‘Vi@gr@ Falls & P!$$ Graffiti,’ following the success of his March 2023 release, ‘H E A R T B E A T.’ The track, recently re-released in its album version, introduces a brooding, enigmatic atmosphere, featuring a rich sonic soundscape of layered acoustic guitars, bluesy electric guitar riffs, and a tight rhythm section with a distinct 90s grunge groove.

Jakob The Liar

Lyrically, ‘Vi@gr@ Falls & P!$$ Graffiti’ delves into the theme of ‘coming of age’ in the early 2000s, marked by significant events like 9-11 and the Iraq War. The lyrics nostalgically reflect on the death of 90s counterculture, offering a reflection on the clash between teenage rebellion and the onset of adulthood. The song’s progressive musical arrangement draws inspiration from rock, rap, folk, fusion, and funk, paying homage to Jakob’s early influences, notably Rage Against the Machine. A protest anthem capturing the moment when youthful defiance confronts the responsibilities of growing up, ‘Vi@gr@ Falls & P!$$ Graffiti’ serves as a reminder to embrace the boundless possibilities of youth.

Born in Denmark and currently making waves in the alt-pop scene, Jakob The Liar, also known as Jakob Kupferberg, infuses his music with influences ranging from the radical energy of Zach de la Rocha to the soulful transcendence of Chris Cornell. Emerging from a tumultuous journey marked by mental health challenges and near-death experiences, Jakob The Liar’s music reflects an unpredictable and uncompromising life, making him an artist to watch in the evolving landscape of alternative pop. ‘Vi@gr@ Falls & P!$$ Graffiti’ is set for release on November 3rd, showcasing Jakob The Liar’s unique perspective and capturing the essence of a generation that grew up in the transformative 2000s.

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