Review of the JackLNDN remix of Sugar Nova’s Tiny Helicopters

JackLNDN’s remix of Sugar Nova’s Tiny Helicopters is a sparkling, tropical house track that is sure to get you moving. The remix features euphoric synths, mellow piano chords, and vocal chops that add a touch of danceability to the original song. The result is a track that is both catchy and emotional, and is sure to please fans of both Sugar Nova and jackLNDN.

Credit: From the Hip

One of the things that makes the JackLNDN remix so special is the way he handles the vocals. He doesn’t overpower them with the synths, but instead uses them to create a sense of intimacy and emotion. The vocals are clear and upfront, and Rachel Eisenstat’s voice is simply stunning.

The overall production of the track is also top-notch. The synths are well-mixed and the percussion is tight and punchy. The track has a great groove and it’s easy to get lost in the music.

JackLNDN’s remix of Tiny Helicopters is a great example of his talent as a producer. He has taken a great song and made it even better. If you’re a fan of Sugar Nova or jackLNDN, then you need to check out this remix.

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