The electronic music scene is about to be shaken up by the Afro-futuristic trio, The Degabah System, as they unleash their latest studio album, ‘Saqqara!’ Described as “a macrocosm of hard-hitting light, love, and sound,” this 14-track instrumental masterpiece takes listeners on a journey through new dimensions and sonic profiles. With distorted intricacies and soulful congruity, Saqqara immerses you in a world of EDM and house music, guaranteed to make your body move.


Each track on the album has its own unique aura, perfect for any mood or occasion, whether it’s dancing, relaxing, or even cooking. The Degabah System members, Annie Mae Bonaparte, Malcolm Garvey Dubois, and Mr. Jack Body, each contribute their distinct sounds, coming together in perfect balance and harmony. Synths, bass, drums, and organs intertwine, guided by the artistic vision of these talented individuals.

The Degabah System returns under the guidance of Fatnice, delivering their debut full-length offering, ‘Saqqara.’ From the distorted intricacies of ‘Enter The Degabah’ to the soulful grooves of ‘Up Sibley Blvd.’ and ‘Ben is Here,’ this album is a sonic conundrum that dives deep into the realm of house music, guaranteed to get you moving. Annie Mae Bonaparte, also known as ‘The Extrataless,’ is the driving force behind Degabah, conjuring harmonies from the ultraviolet rays of Imhotep’s gavel. Malcolm Garvey Dubois, a historian of many spaces, curates the bass with expertise and finesse, while Mr. Jack Body, a member of The Hummers of the Drum Sect, keeps the beats alive with his ancestral knowledge. Together, they combine their light sources to fulfill your body’s need to dance.

Get ready to embark on an electrifying journey as The Degabah System presents ‘Saqqara,’ now available on all streaming platforms from June 2, 2023. Let the music envelop you and experience the power of their otherworldly sound.

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Introducing liarbird, an enigmatic artist ready to embark on a new chapter of exploration and self-discovery. With their latest release, liarbird delves deep into the realms of love, loss, and the fragile beauty that accompanies them. This upcoming EP is a heartfelt eulogy to past loves, showcasing the enduring presence of love even in the midst of pain. The lyrics delve into themes of angst, grief, and sadness, while maintaining an accessible and relatable sound.


liarbird is the mastermind behind the vocals and compositions, while Brad Dixon expertly handles the instruments. Their journey began as teenagers when they emerged victorious in a battle of the bands, giving birth to the very essence of their artistry. Influenced by heartbreak, experimental emotions, and the pursuit of arranging the complexities of life into a mesmerizing tableau of terror and beauty, liarbird’s music is a captivating and evocative experience.

Recorded with producer Damian Carafella from rural Victoria, Australia, this release captures the essence of their ethos. While notable gigs and appearances are yet to come, the impact of liarbird’s artistry is bound to be felt far and wide.

As liarbird poignantly expresses, “The stars used to shine on you, I wish it were still true.” This sentiment encapsulates the bittersweet essence of liarbird’s music, inviting listeners to join them on a cathartic journey through the depths of the human experience. Keep an eye out for the EP release in the coming months, as liarbird’s poetic expressions of love and loss are set to captivate audiences around the world.

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Underhill West, a pop duo hailing from Greece, has recently unveiled their latest music video, titled “I Look at the Times,” on March 17th, 2023. Directed by Gabriel Athanasiou, a Greek Film Academy nominee, the video was filmed in the UK and accompanies their recently released album, “Mission.”

Underhill West

Inspired by music icons such as The Weeknd, Daft Punk, and Twenty-One Pilots, Underhill West promotes the importance of preserving one’s inner child. Through their music video and album, they aim to inspire individuals to stay connected with themselves and embrace life’s joys.

“I Look at the Times” is an energetic pop anthem that emphasizes the ability to find inner peace amidst chaos. It encourages listeners to seize control of their lives and make the most of every moment. The visually stunning video mirrors the song’s positive message with its vibrant colors.

Their latest album, “Mission,” is now accessible on major streaming platforms. Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the captivating music video for “I Look at the Times” and experience the uplifting positivity that Underhill West brings to the pop music scene.

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