Isaac Clark, a name that’s been gaining momentum in the music realm, introduces listeners to his latest creation, “Uplift Me.” This original single is a testament to Clark’s artistry, weaving a tapestry of emotions through soulful melodies and compelling lyrics. Meanwhile, on a different sonic journey, The Killing Tapes, led by Marcus Crede and Peter Svensson, unveils their fourth album, “Falling Down (Red),”. This album marks a departure from their debut “Black,” embracing a more electronic sound coupled with deeply personal and contemplative lyrics, navigating themes of contempt for both others and oneself. The trilogy invites listeners to immerse themselves in the music and draw their own interpretations from the evocative lyrics.

The Killing Tapes

“Falling Down” took shape in the studio as Marcus and Peter, driven by a dark mood, engaged in weekly rehearsals. Peter Svensson shares, “We stood in each corner of the room, played a mantra on our instruments, with the record button down. After an hour, I didn’t even think about Marcus; I just played with him. When we heard something good, we looked up and smiled.” The addition of bass player Martin Berry in the autumn of 2023 further enhances The Killing Tapes’ sonic landscape. The band encourages listeners to delve into the album with intent, suggesting that this music is meant for “listening” – an immersive experience that transcends mere background noise. In the words of Marcus Crede, “Musicality has benefits of taking you a long way from the burning streets and the office complexes, a long way in your mind.”

In contrast, Isaac Clark reflects on the transformative power of music, stating, “I have been writing music since I was a kid, but the reason has changed over the years. It started as a fun hobby and turned into a desperate need and the only way to communicate.” Clark’s “Uplift Me” encapsulates this evolution, offering a musical sanctuary that resonates with the soul, providing a much-needed escape from the complexities of everyday life.

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Mick J. Clark, a one-man band powerhouse, brings the holiday spirit to life with his latest Christmas single, “It’s Getting Near Christmas.” As the sole musician behind the magic, Mick showcases his versatility, skillfully playing guitar, drums, and keyboard to craft a yuletide anthem that is nothing short of ‘Fab.’ Reflecting on the genesis of his musical journey, Mick humorously notes, “I got together in my mum’s belly :-)”. The band’s main influences stem from a timeless appreciation for great songs across genres and eras, evident in Mick’s extensive discography of 63 songs.

Mick J. Clark

While Mick may have transitioned from summer season gigs to radio interviews, his musical escapades are sprinkled with amusing anecdotes. One memorable moment occurred in Leicester Square, captured on his webpage’s YouTube video, featuring a dance with a spirited lady who may have been enjoying the festivities a bit too much. Recording the single “It’s Getting Near Christmas” took place in East Grinstead, Sussex, under the guidance of Martin Smith. Mick’s love for the holiday season is the driving force behind this festive track, capturing the accelerating excitement leading up to the big day.

As Mick delves into the Christmas spirit, he encapsulates the essence of the season, noting, “Christmas time starts slow, but gets quicker and quicker as the big day gets nearer.” Amidst the banter and stress of production, Mick remains the nicest all-round great guy one could wish to meet. In Mick J. Clark’s musical world, “It’s Getting Near Christmas” isn’t just a song; it’s a ‘Fab’ celebration that taps into the timeless joy and anticipation that the holiday season brings.

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Norwegian maestro Robert Vendetta returns with his latest single, “Fool,” a poignant exploration of the repercussions of choosing a card of gold over cherished friendships. The track, set to be a pivotal part of his upcoming 2024 album, bears witness to Vendetta’s signature retropop sound, blending influences from Ariana Grande, Laleh, and even a touch of Leonard Cohen. The genesis of “Fool” dates back over 15 years, a dormant idea brought to life as the cornerstone of the forthcoming album. Vendetta intricately reworked the song, injecting an Ariana Grande-inspired run and an intense bridge. This melancholic anthem serves as a narrative turning point, delving into the depths of desperation before redemption.

Robert Vendetta

Collaborating closely with his band, which includes Anders Jansvik on drums, Torunn Christelle on mellotron, and Håvard Solli on bass, Vendetta took on the roles of pianist and vocalist. The addition of backing vocals by Anders, Torunn, Bjørn Nes, and artists János elevates the emotional intensity of “Fool.” In a candid reflection, Vendetta shares, “The lyrics are amongst Roberts most poignant ones, taken from the perspective of someone who’s worked away all the good things in life – even his friends. And looking back with regret.”

The single is part of Vendetta’s overarching vision for the upcoming album, offering a dark yet resonant theme that has already become a favorite among listeners. As the third release of the year, “Fool” seamlessly fits into Vendetta’s retropop repertoire, a testament to his ability to craft timeless soundscapes that traverse modern and vintage influences.Lazarus Music proudly presents “Fool,” inviting listeners into Robert Vendetta’s introspective world, where each note echoes the intricate nuances of regret and the haunting choices that shape our journey.

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Thy Veils unveils an enchanting celebration of humanity’s inaugural cosmic holiday with the release of “Here We Are Sidereal.” This mesmerizing live dance show, recorded at the Galactic Tick Festival on September 9, 2023, in Timișoara, Romania, showcases the creative genius of founder and producer Daniel Dorobanțu.

Thy Veils

Collaborating with vocal talents Alira Mun, Maria Hojda, and Francesca Hojda, as well as a captivating ensemble of dancers, including Alexandra Girbea, Denisa Coropca, Diana Abdo, Andra Cara, Sara Ghilezan, Miruna Herec, Andreea & Mohamed Irksousi, Andrei Lazar, Marin Lupanciuc, and Sebastian Teodorovici, Thy Veils presents an immersive experience. The Galactic Tick Day, humanity’s first cosmic holiday, comes to life through 90 minutes of electronic music, vibrant visuals, and dance improvisation. The event unfolded within the On.Set TV & film studios, inviting the audience to explore and marvel at the fusion of artistic elements in the vibrant city of Timisoara, designated as the European Capital of Culture for 2023.

“Here We Are Sidereal” stands as a testament to Thy Veils’ commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and creating a cosmic spectacle that transcends conventional performances. The show captures the essence of the Galactic Tick Festival, providing a captivating journey for both local and global audiences alike.

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Moloto & Babskin, the electronic/acoustic duo comprising producer Stefano Florio and Italian-French singer Elodie Lebigre, is set to captivate audiences with their latest release, “Traces.” The duo’s sonic explorations blend acoustic and electronic instruments, offering a unique auditory experience that delves into deep atmospheres and sensations. “Traces,” out on November 10th under the Aida Music label, is the third single from their upcoming album. The track unfolds as a pressing, sensual, and acidic piece, where English and French voices intersect to create a hypnotic club-like atmosphere. The artists convey their ecological sensitivity, exploring the tumultuous relationship between humanity and nature through a rhythm that is both captivating and unexpected.

Moloto & Babskin

The song’s urgency emanates from the need to communicate the pressing issues surrounding us, challenging the anthropocentric perspective. Moloto & Babskin use “Traces” to let the Earth speak about the detrimental choices driven by profit at the expense of nature, leaving behind scars in the form of signs. Simultaneously with the single release, the duo unveils a mesmerizing visual experience through a video directed by Moloto & Babskin. Collaborating with artist and performer Jacques Salerno, the video explores the cry of the world through erotic physicality, seamlessly syncing with the rhythmic and oxidized imagery.

Moloto & Babskin’s holistic approach to their art is evident in the collaboration between different artists and the synergy between various art forms. “Traces” marks another milestone in their journey of giving shape to intangible intuitions and creating an immersive experience for their audience.

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