Newcastle Upon Tyne’s indie rock sensation, The Avelons, comprising Jack Oldham, Aaron Morrell, James Thompson, and Dylan Sharp, is on the brink of a new era with their upcoming single ‘Blondie.’ Following the successful conclusion of their first wave of singles with ‘Sixteenth,’ the band is poised to explore and define the distinctive sound that sets them apart.

‘Blondie’ marks a sonic departure for The Avelons, presenting their most fervent effort to date. The track unfolds over three intense minutes, featuring pulsating bass, emphatic drums, gritty guitar riffs, and impassioned vocals in their final throes. Venturing into the darker realms of indie music, the song draws inspiration from the likes of Foals, Royal Blood, and Nothing but Thieves. This auditory landscape aligns seamlessly with the narrative embedded in the lyrics.

Taking cues from the classic Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns, ‘Blondie’ narrates the story of friends turned foes, driven by greed and angst as they pursue a shared quest for gold. The track signals the initiation of a new chapter in The Avelons’ musical journey, promising a fresh era characterized by their evolving sound and narrative depth. As ‘Blondie’ readies for its debut, anticipation builds for what lies ahead in this exciting phase of Avelons music.

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Infused with potent influences from Nine Inch Nails, the track ‘Humans’ skillfully weaves together piano, synthesizer, and cello into a cinematic sonic landscape where industrial nuances seamlessly blend with electronic and dark atmospheres. The overarching concept of the project transcends the initial inspiration drawn from Stephen Hawking’s concerns about artificial intelligence. It delves into the parallels between humanity’s behavior and that of a virus, creating a striking comparison to our relationship with the planet. Drawing inspiration from Agent Smith’s revelation in “The Matrix,” the music provocatively questions the way humans interact with their environment.

Giardini Oort

In summary, the song serves as a reflection of the dualities and contradictions within human nature, acting as a compelling call to action in the face of the challenges posed to the planet. The influence of “The Matrix” and its depiction of humanity as a virus provides a thought-provoking backdrop to the exploration of these themes. Band member Andrea “Andy” Para, with a rich background as a percussionist, showcases versatility by contributing drums, guitar, piano, metal drums, synthesizers, and musical composition to this solo project.

While not having participated in notable gigs or events yet, this indie project is a completely new venture with no public shows at the moment. The songs are meticulously recorded, mixed, and mastered in Andy’s own studio. Inspired by modern musical visionaries like Boards of Canada, Radiohead, Trent Reznor, and others, the ethos behind the music draws from the profound words of Stephen Hawking about the potential consequences of full artificial intelligence on the human race. This inspiration results in a fusion of dark electronic, industrial, and cinematic soundscapes that mirror the tension surrounding humanity’s future in the age of AI. The song delves into the complex relationship between humanity and its impact on the world, reflecting the multifaceted nature of our existence and the environmental consequences of our actions. It serves as a powerful exploration of humanity’s role in the intricate web of life.

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“Black Sheep – Radio Edit” introduces an atmospheric and dynamic alternative rock experience that peers into the world through the eyes of outcasts and unseen individuals. Reflecting a poignant chapter from the artist’s own life, the song sympathizes with those encountered while performing in diverse settings, from the streets and bars to even jails. Hailing from Munich, this international quintet, consisting of members from Germany, Turkey, and England, emerged from the vibrant streets of Munich in 2015. The track’s mixing and mastering were expertly handled by Marc Frigo in Nashville.

The Train Rockers

The Train Rockers, the creative force behind “Black Sheep,” share the backstory of the song and their EP, offering a glimpse into their inspirations and aspirations. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Johnny Cash, who brought music to the confines of Folsom Prison, The Train Rockers seek to kindle a light of hope and lost faith in dark places. Their EP, aptly titled “The Black Sheep,” goes beyond music, aiming to inject a spark of hope and love into the lives of those often abandoned: prisoners, the homeless, and the forgotten. The genesis of The Train Rockers occurred spontaneously on the gritty streets of Munich in 2015, playing familiar tunes in the “Münchner Freiheit” bar district. The band’s connection with the people in this unconventional setting inspired the creation of “Black Sheep.” The song delves into the lives of those who feel discarded, sharing stories of encounters in prisons, on the streets, and with souls burdened by life’s challenges.

“Black Sheep” is more than a song; it is a testament to compassion, hope, and faith in the face of adversity. The Train Rockers return from the shadows, playing for the black sheep, offering their unpolished alternative sound and real stories. In the words of the band, may their songs lift you up and infuse new hope, connecting with audiences on a deeply human level.

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Embracing the tumultuous journey through adolescence, the rising artist unveils her latest single, “GIRL CODE,” a collaborative effort with producer Rio Root and songwriter Maddy Simmen. Marking a significant evolution from her previous adolescent anthem, “Queen Bee,” this new single captures the essence of navigating shifting relationships and the complexities of newfound teenagehood.

Edie Yvonne

As a high school initiate, the artist delivers a more introspective perspective on the challenges of evolving friendships and the dramatic shifts that accompany this fragile stage of life. The collaboration with Rio Root adds a fresh sonic dimension to her work, infusing the track with a vibrant energy that complements the narrative. “GIRL CODE” is more than a musical creation; it’s a heartfelt response to the emotional rollercoaster that is adolescence. The artist gracefully maneuvers through the maze of changing dynamics, encapsulating the essence of this transformative period. The single stands as a testament to the artist’s growth, not just as a musician but as an individual navigating the complex web of teenage experiences.

In a world where authenticity resonates, “GIRL CODE” emerges as a genuine expression of the artist’s journey through high school and the intricate dance of relationships that accompany it. As the latest addition to her repertoire, this single signifies a promising chapter in her musical evolution, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what the future holds for this emerging talent.

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