“Bring Back the Beaver” by The Funny Terns isn’t your typical Christmas jingle. Far from the conventional themes of snowflakes and mistletoe, this cheeky and infectious tune is on a mission – to champion the rewilding movement and, quite literally, bring back the beaver. The comedic duo, known for their witty humor and knack for turning serious issues into laugh-out-loud moments, uses the festive season as the backdrop for their latest creation. Set against a cheerful melody, the song manages to strike the perfect balance between humor and highlighting a critical environmental concern – the loss of biodiversity in the UK.

The Funny Terns

As you listen to the playful lyrics, filled with double entendres and clever wordplay, you’ll find yourself not just entertained but also subtly educated. The Funny Terns, led by the environmentally conscious frontwoman Natalie Fée, have mastered the art of using humor as a vehicle for raising awareness. Natalie, an award-winning environmentalist and founder of ‘City to Sea,’ seamlessly combines her passion for nature with her comedic talents.

“Bring Back the Beaver” captures the essence of the rewilding movement, encouraging listeners to reflect on the importance of preserving and reintroducing species for a healthier and more balanced ecosystem. It’s a musical journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional holiday tunes, offering a refreshing blend of laughter, catchy melodies, and a heartfelt message. In a world where the holiday season often gets drowned in commercialism, The Funny Terns bring a breath of fresh air, reminding us that even amidst the festivities, we can address pressing environmental issues with a smile. So, get ready to tap your feet, chuckle at the clever lyrics, and support a cause that goes beyond the holiday cheer – all with “Bring Back the Beaver” leading the way.

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