Ollie Twohill, the soulful artist behind the poignant single “Stifled,” unveils a raw exploration of struggles with mental health and suicide prevention. The track serves as a profound call for help, channeling the artist’s own experiences during moments of despair and contemplation of self-harm. Expressing the importance of open dialogue surrounding mental health, Ollie urges individuals to share their true feelings with loved ones, emphasizing the life-saving impact it can have. The dedication of “Stifled” extends to those who have lost friends or family members, acting as a musical beacon encouraging people to reach out during moments of profound mental distress.

Ollie Twohill

As a one-man band, Ollie Twohill intricately weaves together vocals, guitar, a stomp box, and a high-hat cymbal in his live performances, showcasing a unique and immersive musical experience. For recordings, siblings Blair (Drums) and Lawson (Bass) Hamilton, along with Producer and Mix Engineer Dylan J Smith, form the talented team that has contributed to Ollie’s previous releases. In terms of influences, Ollie draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Story so Far, Neck Deep, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Blink 182, Jet, Avril Lavigne, and John Mayer. The artist has already made waves globally, with his recent release “Hollow” finding a spot on curated playlists on Apple Music Germany.

“Stifled” is the third in a series of singles recorded with the same team, delivering a powerful message through its honest and emotive lyrics. The recording took place on the sunny Gold Coast, and the track was mastered by Paul Blakey of 12th Vine and Post. With a commitment to raising awareness about mental health issues, Ollie Twohill’s “Stifled” stands as an anthem of hope and resilience, encouraging listeners to connect with the deeper realities of their emotions and the well-being of those around them.

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Gary Dranow, leading the musical charge with his band, the Manic Emotions, presents their latest original single, “Sandy Beaches,” a poignant ballad that sheds light on the struggles of a homeless war veteran in Santa Monica, California. The song delves into the emotional turmoil of a soldier haunted by the memories of war, offering a universal narrative that resonates with veterans from Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan. The Manic Emotions, a diverse ensemble with members spanning Utah, USA, and Melbourne, Australia, include the talents of Gary Dranow (Band Leader), Jason Jones (Drums, Mixing, Mastering, Video Production), Chris Zoupa (Guitar, Bass, Arrangements), Roman Burda (Blues Harp, Ukrainian Music Director, Agent), Klim Apalkov (Vocals, Mixing, Mastering, Translation, Lyrics), and Mykhailo Kapustei (Translation). Together, they craft a unique blend of Alt Rock to Hard Rock, incorporating both English and Ukrainian songs.

As an international collective, their musical influences span an eclectic range from Jimi Hendrix to Pearl Jam, delivering a captivating fusion of Blues, Blues Rock, Alternative Rock, and Hard Rock. Notably, the band has achieved significant success, claiming the number-one spot for English Rock songs in Ukraine, marking their global impact. Gary Dranow’s Destiny Road album, currently undergoing remixing, and the forthcoming release of 24 singles over 24 weeks from January 2024 showcase the band’s prolific creativity. The group’s musical journey takes inspiration from various genres and legends, from Jimi Hendrix and the Doors to Pearl Jam and Oasis. In the midst of their musical endeavors, the band faced an interesting dilemma while producing “The Cry of War – Ukraine,” navigating the presence of a harmonica. The decision to retain this element became crucial, reflecting the band’s recognition of its significance within the composition. Reviews highlight the emotive power of Gary Dranow’s compositions, with one stating that the song “Shimmering” acts like a time capsule, preserving the raw emotions of first love. As the band takes on new projects, such as an EDM venture with Astralix, the musical journey expands into exciting realms.

The production history of the Destiny Road album, recorded from analog tapes dating back to 1997, unfolds a tale of resilience and determination. With the collaborative efforts of Tim Wilson, Jason “Majic” Jones, and the recent addition of Klim Apalkov, the band continues to evolve its sound, experimenting with different genres and themes. “Dream-inspired and autobiographical, Destiny Road and its fourteen songs offer a window into Gary Dranow’s life, capturing his journey with Bipolar 1 Disorder,” the band shares. The upcoming release of “Destiny Road (Re-mix)” adds a new dimension to the album, breathing fresh life into Dranow’s vivid dream of 1996. In Gary Dranow’s words, “The Never Give Up album, with its four released singles from the twenty-four, is destined to be my seminal release.” The Manic Emotions embark on an unyielding musical journey, leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene.

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In a rock revolution, Autorub unleashes their latest anthem, “Meatball,” a rebellious and infectious single that joins the ranks of their previous hits like “Oh Marjorie” and “Kari Lake Blocked Me on Twitter.” The NY-based band, led by the multi-talented Michael Corn, seamlessly blends modern and classic rock sounds with sharp, sarcastic political humor. “Meatball,” promises to be another chart-topping sensation, continuing the band’s momentum with a commercial-friendly yet rebellious sound. Autorub’s distinctive style, polished yet raw, captivates audiences with substance both musically and lyrically.


Michael Corn, a former member of ‘Sammy’ [Geffen] and ‘Heydevils,’ carries a rich musical history and contributes to popular TV shows like “Pawn Stars,” “Wahlburgers,” and “Duck Dynasty.” As the driving force behind Autorub, Corn’s songwriting prowess shines through in “Meatball,” delivering clever lyrics and high-energy rock performances. Autorub’s influences span decades of rock, echoing the vibes of Weezer, Foo-Fighters, and Green Day, seamlessly blended with classics such as The Kinks, The Police, and The Clash. “Meatball” promises an exhilarating musical journey in under 3 minutes, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more from this genre-blurring sensation.


As Autorub rises to new heights, the band looks forward to amplifying their reach with the support of insightful reviews, engaging interviews, and creative playlists. Brace yourselves for the sonic feast of “Meatball,” as Autorub dishes out yet another memorable banger that’ll have you hooked from the first beat.

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