Heralding from the heart of Canada, the enigmatic artist known simply as Dax emerges with a powerful new release, “Catch The Rain,” an original single that encapsulates the essence of life’s profound experiences.


Dax, the singer, and songwriter behind the music, draws inspiration directly from life itself, shaping the sound and soul of the project. With a notable presence at the Canadian Country Music Awards and performances at the renowned Calgary Stampede, Dax has proven to be a force to be reckoned with on the stage. Amidst the musical journey, Dax and the band recently wrapped up an exhilarating tour, leaving a trail of memorable experiences in their wake. These anecdotes, both small and significant, add an extra layer of intrigue for fans who resonate with the artist’s unique sound.

The single, “Catch The Rain,” is part of the larger EP titled “What Is Life?” In this musical exploration, Dax delves into the profound question of life’s meaning, presenting a collection of songs that mirror the artist’s introspective journey. The single stands out as a poignant reflection on the constant cycle of pain, inviting listeners to connect with the raw and emotive storytelling that defines Dax’s musical ethos. Recorded as part of the EP, “What Is Life?” involves a collaborative effort, showcasing the talent and creativity involved in bringing Dax’s vision to life. As the artist prompts audiences to ponder life’s mysteries, “Catch The Rain” stands as a testament to the universal language of music, inviting listeners to join Dax on a soul-stirring expedition through sound and introspection.

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MARQelectronica takes center stage with the release of the captivating EP “Apoidia,” marking a significant milestone as the artist’s debut under Buzzin Records Ltd. The EP, a collaboration between MARQelectronica and Buzzin Records, presents two disco house anthems that seamlessly blend contemporary soundscapes with powerful vocals. Beyond the infectious beats lie thought-provoking themes addressing corruption, global warming, and the unwavering support of a loved one during challenging times.


“Apoidia encapsulates the state of the world and the state of my mind,” reveals MARQ. Following a period of intense stress, the EP serves as a love note to both the planet and the artist’s partner. Featuring thumping dance beats, soaring vocals, house piano melodies, and funky basslines, Apoidia dives into serious issues while uplifting listeners with its infectious rhythms. The three tracks within Apoidia each carry a distinct narrative. “Lifting My Soul” delivers a hopeful message about the profound impact a special someone can have during tough times. “World Keeps on Turning” confronts the neglect of the planet, addressing environmental concerns and the urgent need for change. Meanwhile, “Is This What You Wanted?” takes on an electro-pop vibe, challenging the actions of the UK government.

While the EP’s messages convey serious undertones, MARQelectronica ensures that the music remains an uplifting force. Apoidia becomes a beacon of hope and strength, skillfully produced by MARQ and masterfully mixed and mastered by local legend Harbourmaster Productions. This release signifies MARQ’s exciting collaboration with Buzzin Records, hinting at a promising musical journey ahead.

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Love Ghost, the artist synonymous with fusing the laid-back California vibe with the gritty reality of nightlife, has released a captivating new single titled “Hollywood Blvd.” This track not only encapsulates the essence of nights filled with excess and abandon on Hollywood Blvd but also showcases Love Ghost’s authenticity, symbolized by driving an old car and playing the guitar. The song portrays a resolute determination to tread one’s own path, irrespective of external opinions.

Love Ghost

Collaborating with Go Golden Junk adds intricate layers to the composition, delving into the complexities of being an artist. Beyond its seemingly nonchalant exterior, the song subtly hints at a profound connection with loneliness and the inevitable destinies that Hollywood often holds. Merging elements of pop and rap, the musical approach creates a fresh, carefree ambiance, perfect for those seeking an authentic experience in the city of dreams.

“Hollywood Blvd.” joins Love Ghost’s impressive catalog of singles that have garnered acclaim from Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, FLAUNT, Alternative Press, Lyrical Lemonade, Earmilk, and more. The artist has recently toured Europe, captivating audiences with performances at prestigious events like the Rockpalast festival in Germany and shows in Mexico City. Marked for release on December 1st, “Hollywood Blvd.” will be supported by a comprehensive marketing plan encompassing mass media, niche media, digital strategy, and offline activation. Love Ghost continues to push creative boundaries, with Finnegan Bell currently immersed in Mexico, collaborating with prominent Latin artists and producers, promising more exciting releases in the near future.

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