In the heartbeat of San Diego’s vibrant music scene, Sometimes Julie emerges once again, unleashing their fifth studio album, “Seven Wishes.” The brainchild of the powerhouse duo Monica Sorenson and Rick Walker, Sometimes Julie has carved its niche with a distinctive and original rock sound that reverberates with authenticity. Having made their mark with previous albums like “Head First,” “Bright Side of the Line,” “Breaking,” and the San Diego Music Award-nominated “Where Are You?,” Sometimes Julie now unveils a new chapter in their musical journey. “Seven Wishes” is more than an album; it’s an emotional tapestry woven with threads of love, healing, freedom, excitement, success, acceptance, and redemption. While rooted in their rock origins, Sometimes Julie fearlessly explores the expansive landscapes of pop, country, and blues throughout the album. The result is a sonic adventure that showcases the duo’s versatility and growth.

Sometimes Julie


“Wish on the Wild Side” Kicking off the album, this track is a sonic manifesto, blending robust rock with pop sensibilities. Monica Sorenson’s vocals lead the charge, infusing the song with raw passion and longing. “Burning to Be Free” A testament to their fusion prowess, this track embodies the fiery energy that is quintessentially Sometimes Julie. It’s a musical blaze, echoing the intense emotions embedded in its lyrics. “If I Said” Dipping into country-infused elements, “If I Said” introduces a new facet of Sometimes Julie’s repertoire. Sorenson’s emotive vocals bring unspoken feelings to life, enriching the album’s emotional spectrum. “Missed the Boat” Slowing the tempo, this track serves as a reflective interlude. “Missed the Boat” is a poignant exploration of lost opportunities, enveloped in a melancholic yet beautiful soundscape. “Don’t Take What’s Not Yours” Closing the album on a high note, this track fuses rock intensity with a message of empowerment. It’s a sonic anthem resonating with themes of self-respect and resilience, leaving an indelible mark.

Recorded at Pacific Beat Recording and BigRock Studios, “Seven Wishes” features a lineup of seasoned contributors, including Laura Chavez, Roger Friend, Larry Grano, Clair Allison, Yvonne Fuller, and Srdjan Popov. Notably, this album marks a milestone as Monica Sorenson takes on the role of both lead vocalist and instrumentalist, showcasing her newly acquired piano skills. “Seven Wishes” is not just an album release; it’s an invitation to embark on an emotional odyssey. As Sometimes Julie invites listeners to immerse themselves in the highs and lows of the human experience, the music resonates as a testament to the duo’s enduring commitment to evolving their sound while staying true to the authentic storytelling that defines Sometimes Julie.

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