In a musical landscape often characterized by predictability, Bones in Butter emerges as a refreshing anomaly with their debut album, ‘Songs For A Sane Society.’ The Serbian pop sensation defies conventions, crafting an auditory experience that challenges expectations and captivates the senses. This debut full-length album, a culmination of three years of meticulous work, introduces a comprehensive lineup: Milutin Krasevic on vocals, synths, samples, and songwriting; Luna Skopelja on vocals and synths; Todor Zivkovic on guitars and synths; Dejan Skopelja on bass; and Marcelo Effori on drums (later replaced by Tom Fedja Franklin). Mixed, mastered, and produced by Srdjan Popov at the HillRiver studio in Zemun, Belgrade, the album is a testament to the band’s commitment to sonic excellence.

Bones in Butter

Drawing influence from a diverse array of artists spanning the 70s and 80s, such as Lou Reed, Joy Division, and Electric Light Orchestra, Bones in Butter sidesteps conventional pop categorizations. While not a revivalist band, they strive to create a sound that is both contemporary and uniquely their own. The album’s standout single, “Stop Dancing Now!,” has already garnered acclaim, with lndie Chronique describing it as a “psychedelic world that will shake up your habits.” The track’s multi-colored rock elements showcase the band’s ability to innovate within the pop genre.

Other tracks on the album, such as “So Alone,” delve into themes of alienation, while “They Live!” seamlessly blends post-punk and pop influences. “A Dystopian Love Song” explores the complexities of love against a backdrop of dystopian sounds, showcasing the band’s lyrical and musical depth. Closing the album is the anthemic “Down But Not Out,” a powerful ode to resilience and hope. Milutin Krasevic’s vocals, complemented by Luna Skopelja, deliver a message that resonates deeply, backed by Tom Fedja Franklin’s compelling drumming. Bones in Butter successfully evades musical genres, offering a sonic journey that is equal parts innovative and evocative. ‘Songs For A Sane Society’ is not just an album; it’s a sonic manifesto, signaling the arrival of a band destined to redefine the pop music landscape.

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